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Windows 10 now warns when apps are configured to run at startup

Microsoft has recently added a new automated alert in the latest Windows 10 builds to let users know when an app registers itself to automatically launch after system startup.This new Windows 10 feature is especially useful for apps that will run minimized without any user interface showing up on the screen or for those that only start a background task.At t
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Windows 10 Cumulative Updates KB4579311 & KB4577671 Released

Today is the second Tuesday of October 2020 and the first batch of security updates or 'B' updates are now available for all supported versions of Windows 10.If you want to grab these updates, check for updates in the Settings and the update will begin installing. If you don't want to grab these fixes, make sure that you hit the pause button.Like e
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Windows 10 now blocks some third-party drivers from installing

Microsoft says that Windows 10 and Windows Server users will be blocked from installing incorrectly formatted third-party drivers after deploying this month's cumulative updates."When installing a third-party driver, you might receive the error, 'Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software'," Microsoft says."You might also see the error,
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Microsoft on the counter­attack! Trickbot malware network takes a hit

byPaul DucklinGood news, for a while at least.Microsoft went to US District Court for the greater good of all of us and came away with a court order permitting it to take over a whole raft of internet servers.The company was authorised to take over a wide range of IP numbers, effectively ripping them out from under their existing users and repurposing them f
Publish At:2020-10-12 19:12 | Read:157 | Comments:0 | Tags:Malware Ransomware Microsoft ransomware Ryuk TrickBot

QBot uses Windows Defender Antivirus phishing bait to infect PCs

The Qbot botnet uses a new template for the distribution of their malware that uses a fake Windows Defender Antivirus theme to trick you into enabling Excel macros.Qbot, otherwise known as QakBot or QuakBot, is Windows malware that steals bank credentials, Windows domain credentials, and provides remote access to threat actors who install ransomware.Victims
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Windows Update can be abused to execute malicious files

The Windows Update client has just been added to the list of living-off-the-land binaries (LoLBins) attackers can use to execute malicious code on Windows systems.LoLBins are Microsoft-signed executables (pre-installed or downloaded) that can be abused by threat actors to evade detection while downloading, installing, or executing malicio
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Windows 10 upgrades blocked after installing KB4577062

Microsoft says that customers who install the optional KB4577062 update for Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909 will encounter issues upgrading to newer Windows 10 versions on some devices.KB4577062 was released on September 16, 2020, with the main highlight being that it enables an Internet Explorer 11 notification to inform users about Adobe F
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How to supercharge your Windows 10 experience with PowerToys

Microsoft is updating the open-source Windows 10 PowerToys toolset with new features (toys) every month to improve your desktop experience.Windows 10 PowerToys currently comes with utilities for optimizing app windows for big monitors, previewing new image types in File Explorer, resizing images, and more.In this article, we're highlighting the new key featu
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Enhance your Windows 10 experience with these Microsoft Store apps

The Microsoft Store is pre-installed on all Windows 10 device and it's a great way to install fresh apps on your device.Microsoft Store isn't as good as Google and Apple marketplace, but there are plenty of good and secure apps that you can try to improve your Windows experience.If you're looking for some great apps (both paid and free) for your Windows 10 d
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Windows 10 is getting hardware-accelerated AV1 video this fall

Microsoft and hardware partners are bringing hardware-accelerated AV1 video support to Windows 10 this fall.Windows 10 currently support AV1 videos but uses your CPU to decode the video stream. The problem is that CPU decoding can cause high CPU utilization, which creates more heat, increased battery drain, and lag when watching a video.With hardware-ac
Publish At:2020-10-10 12:12 | Read:179 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Microsoft Edge's new feature promotes Skype video conferencing

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature in Microsoft Edge that integrates Skype's Meet now video conferencing feature on the new tab page, also known as NTP. With this new feature, Microsoft aims to help consumers relying on video conferencing to get in touch with coworkers, friends, and relatives without creating a Skype or Microsoft account.Last month,
Publish At:2020-10-08 21:12 | Read:128 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software

New Windows 10 update forcibly enables HP Battery Health Manager

Source: Norebbo.comMicrosoft has released an update for all supported versions of Windows 10 that forcefully enable the Battery Health Manager option in the BIOS of supported HP business laptops.HP Battery Health Manager is a BIOS battery management feature in specific HP business laptops that modifies how a battery is charged to increase its longevity.
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Microsoft 365 outage takes down Outlook and Microsoft Teams again

Office 365 outage map (Image: DownDetector)Microsoft 365 is currently experiencing an outage affecting users on both coasts of the United States and preventing them from accessing multiple Office 365 services.Starting at approximately 2:30 PM EST today, Office 365 users all over the United States began having difficulty accessing their Outlook mail and
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Microsoft adds consent phishing protection to Office 365

Microsoft announced that consent phishing protections including OAuth app publisher verification and app consent policies are now generally available in Office 365.These protections are designed to defend Office 365 users from an application-based phishing attack variant known as consent phishing.In this type of phishing attack, targets are tricked into prov
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Microsoft to tailor Windows 10 setups based on how you use your PC

Microsoft will soon offer different installation experiences when setting up Windows 10 based on how you plan on using the computer.As people use Windows 10 in different ways, Microsoft is testing a new setup screen that asks you to indicate how you plan to use the computer to customize the options and tools offered during setup."Based on feedback, we’
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