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DarkUniverse – the mysterious APT framework #27

In April 2017, ShadowBrokers published their well-known ‘Lost in Translation’ leak, which, among other things, contained an interesting script that checked for traces of other APTs in the compromised system. In 2018, we found an APT described as the 27th function of this script, which we call ‘DarkUniverse’. This APT was active for a
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A week in security (September 30 – October 6)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, Malwarebytes renewed its pledge to fight stalkerware for National Cybersecurity Awareness (NCSA) and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We also looked into what security orchestration is and reported about partnering with security firm, HYAS, to determine the relationship between Magecart Group 4 and Cobalt, the infamous APT
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Analyzing an exploit for СVE-2017-11826

The latest Patch Tuesday (17 October) brought patches for 62 vulnerabilities, including one that fixed СVE-2017-11826 – a critical zero-day vulnerability used to launch targeted attacks – in all versions of Microsoft Office. The exploit for this vulnerability is an RTF document containing a DOCX document that exploits СVE-2017-11826 in the Office Open XML pa
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How Just Opening A Malicious PowerPoint File Could Compromise Your PC

A few months back we reported how opening a simple MS Word file could compromise your computer using a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Office.The Microsoft Office remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2017-0199) resided in the Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) interface for which a patch was issued in April this year, but threa
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Using Security Intelligence to Detect Insider Threats From Cloud-Based Applications

Microsoft Office 365 is popular — very popular. In 2016, Gartner reported that 78 percent of enterprises surveyed used or planned to use Office 365. With access to a range of user activity events from a variety of sources, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Azure Directory, how can Office 365 administrators correlate all this valuable data wit
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The Economist on the Cyber Security Industry

A recent copy of the Economist caught my eye with the front page headline of “Why computers will never be safe”. For a non-technical publication they have managed to give some great insight into the reasons why the security industry has a problem. The article calls out how profitable it is for hackers to exploit a vulnerability, and how high tech companies
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Zero-Day Vulnerability is a Zero-Sum Game

Late last week a new Microsoft Office vulnerability was discovered by McAfee; they discovered attacks exploiting this vulnerability back to late January 2017. This should raise substantial concern for anyone responsible for cyber security at their company or federal agency. Since January, every Windows-based MS Office machine was exposed to the worst type o
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The spammer who logged into my PC and installed Microsoft Office

It's Memorial Day, all Ars staff is off, and we're grateful for it (running a site remains tough work). But on a normal Monday, inevitably we'd continue to monitor the security world. Our Jon Brodkin willingly embraced a firsthand experience with low-grade scammers in April 2013, and we're resurfacing his piece for your holiday reading pleasure. It
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Threat Recap: Week of March 21st

A lot happens in the security world and many stories get lost in the mix. In an effort to keep our readers informed and updated, we present the Webroot Threat Recap, highlighting 5 major security news stories of the week. Microsoft Addresses Macro Malware Issue With macros being a major vulnerability point in Microsoft Office software, the 2016 version of th
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Macro-based Malware Increases Along with Spam Volume, Now Drops BARTALEX

Early this year Microsoft reported an increase in macro-related threats being used to spread malware via spam. Similarly, we’ve been seeing a drastic increase in spammed emails with attached Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that come with embedded macros. Macros are a set of commands or code that are meant to help automate certain ta
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Beware the “Insert and Link” Feature in Microsoft Office

Throughout course of my monitoring future and possible targeted attacks, I recently chanced upon a spear-phishing email sent to an undisclosed recipient that contains three seemingly harmless documents. I was curious about the attached documents so I first checked the one titled AlSajana Youth Center financial Report.docx. The so-called financial report turn
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Dridex Banking Trojan Spreading Via Macros in XML Files

Not long ago, criminals pushing the Dridex banking Trojan were using Microsoft Excel documents spiked with a malicious macro as a phishing lure to entice victims to load the malware onto their machines.Even though macros are disabled by default inside most organizations, the persistent hackers are still at it, this time using XML files as a lure. Research
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Gang Hacked ATMs from Inside Banks

An organized gang of hackers from Russia and Ukraine has broken into internal networks at dozens of financial institutions and installed malicious software that allowed the gang to drain bank ATMs of cash. While none of the victim institutions were in the United States or Western Europe, experts say the stealthy methods used by the attackers in these heists
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Directory Management for Office 365 Access

Early successes of directory management for Office 365 access, Microsoft’s cloud subscription suite for email and collaboration, were due in large part to its adoption among smaller companies. However, the solution is quickly scaling up among Microsoft’s enterprise customers, riding on numerous large Office 365 deployments among businesses, gover
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