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Attacking Diffie-Hellman protocol implementation in the Angler Exploit Kit

Exploit kit creators have been inventing increasingly interesting methods of masking their exploits, shellcodes, and payloads so that it is harder for analysts to define the type of the exploit and know what actions they may perform. Several days ago analysts found the usage of the Diffie-Hellman cryptographic protocol in the Angler Exploit Kit, which is one
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Microsoft Security Updates June 2015

Microsoft releases eight security bulletins today, updating a set of forty five software vulnerabilities. This month’s updates touch a smaller set of Microsoft software, but two of the Bulletins address kernel-level vulnerabilities and require a restart. Some are being exploited as a part of serious targeted attack activity: Windows Kernel, w
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Microsoft Security Updates May 2015

Microsoft released a set of thirteen Security Bulletins (MS015-043 through MS015-055) to start off May 2015, addressing 46 vulnerabilities in a wide set of Microsoft software technologies. Three of these are rated critical for RCE and the rest of the May 2015 Security Bulletins are rated Important. Two of the critical Bulletins (043 and 044) are es
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All Major Browsers Fall at Pwn2Own Day 2

Two researchers on Thursday took down the four major browsers, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari, as Pwn2Own, the annual hacking contest that runs in tandem at CanSecWest, wound down in Vancouver.The story of the day was Korean researcher Jung Hoon Lee, who worked alone under the name lokihardt and earned the singl
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Windows 10 Preview and Security

Microsoft presented a preview of their newest "experience", Windows 10, over a live stream this morning. The release is expected later this year. This isn't envisioned as just an OS for desktops, but it brings support as a truly broad computing platform. They claim to have built Windows 10 with "more personal computing" in mind, and it's an ambitious pu
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The echo of Stuxnet

 Full PDF version At Kaspersky Lab we regularly conduct threat studies dedicated to a particular type of cyber threat. This summer we decided to look closely at what versions of Windows Operating System are most popular among our users and also at what kind of vulnerabilities are used in cyber-attacks involving exploits. As a result we prepared a s
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