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How to disable Microsoft's new 'Meet Now' feature in Windows 10

Earlier this year, Microsoft added the Skype Meet Now feature to Windows 10 preview builds, and this same feature is now gradually rolling out to non-Insider (general public) users.When Meet Now is added to Windows 10, it will display a small button with a video camera icon on the system tray, which will launch Skype's Meet Now web conferencin
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TrickBot malware uses obfuscated Windows batch script to evade detection

With the 100th release of TrickBot, the malware came equipped with new and advanced evasive capabilities. One such capability is its use of an obfuscated batch script launcher to jumpstart malicious executables.The fact that batch scripts need no interpreter but Microsoft Windows' inbuilt command prompt makes this
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Hands on with Microsoft Edge's new Smart Copy feature

Microsoft Edge is now testing a new feature that lets you copy tabular data and groups of items into the Windows clipboard for easy pasting into other apps.For years, I have been using Chrome extensions to copy tabular data and paste them into Excel or other applications without losing columns.This ability is now coming to Microsoft Edge as a built-in featur
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Microsoft fixes Kerberos Authentication issues with an out-of-band Update

Microsoft released an out-of-band update for Windows to address authentication flaws related to a recently patched Kerberos vulnerability. Microsoft released an out-of-band update to address authentication issues in Windows related to a recently patched Kerberos vulnerability tracked as CVE-2020-17049. “An out-of-band optional update is now available o
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Hands on with Windows Terminal 1.5's upcoming features

Microsoft released Windows Terminal Preview v1.5 this week, and it comes with some useful improvements, including full support for clickable hyperlinks, command palette improvements, emoji icon support, and more.For those not familiar with Windows Terminal, it is an open-source multi-tab console application developed by Microsoft that allows users to ha
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How to boost your Windows 10 experience with PowerToys

Windows 10's PowerToys tool is a great way to customize your Windows experience. It comes with options to optimize app windows for big monitors and to preview new image types in File Explorer, and more.In this article, we're highlighting the key features of PowerToys that you should try to boost your Windows 10 experience.Image ResizerOne of the best feature
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Windows 10 Defrag TRIM bug still not fixed after six months

After the release of two Windows 10 feature updates and numerous cumulative updates, Microsoft has still not fixed a bug causing Windows Defrag to TRIM non-SSD drives.In May 2020, Microsoft released Windows 10 2004, the May 2020 Update, and introduced two bugs causing SSD drives to be defragged too often and for the TRIM operation to be attemp
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Best Microsoft tools created for Windows 10 power users

Over the past year, Microsoft has quietly released new built-in Windows 10 command-line applications and free Microsoft Store apps that enhance the functionality of the operating system.Microsoft did not officially announce these new tools in some cases, and they were discovered by users instead.In this article, we're going to highlight these new p
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Microsoft releases patching guidance for Kerberos security bug

Microsoft has released additional details on how to fully mitigate a security feature bypass vulnerability in Kerberos KDC (Key Distribution Center) patched during this month's Patch Tuesday.The remotely exploitable security bug tracked as CVE-2020-17049 exists in the way KDC decides if service tickets can be used for delegation via Kerberos Constrained Dele
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Windows 10 KB4586819 update fixes gaming and USB 3.0 issues

​Microsoft has released the KB4586819 non-security preview cumulative update for Windows 10 versions 1809, 1903, and 1909, with fixes for game crash issues and for USB 3.0 hubs causing connected devices to stop working.Windows 10 users who install the KB4586819 update may experience issues with system and user certificates getting lost when updating fr
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How to uninstall and downgrade Windows 10 20H2 to previous versions

If you are running into issues with Windows 10 20H2, otherwise known as the October 2020 Update, this guide will explain how to roll back to your previous version of the operating system.When upgrading to the Windows 10 20H2 feature update, one of two methods will be used depending on what version of Windows 10 is being upgraded.If users are upgrad
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Windows 10 Preview build 20262 released to Insiders

Microsoft has Windows 10 preview build 20262 (FE_RELEASE) to Insiders on the Dev channel with mostly bug fixes.Windows Insiders can download Build 20206 right now by going into Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update and then checking for new updates.Below are the new features in this release, an
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Microsoft fixes issue causing Windows 10 certificates to disappear

Microsoft has resolved a known issue leading to missing system and user certificates after updating managed Windows 10 systems using outdated installation media.The lost Windows 10 certificates issue impacts client (Windows 10 1903 or later) and server (Windows Server 1903 or later) platforms in managed environments.It occurs on devices upgraded us
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Office 365 phishing campaign uses redirector URLs and detects sandboxes to evade detection

Microsoft is tracking an ongoing Office 365 phishing campaign aimed at enterprises that is able to detect sandbox solutions and evade detection. Microsoft is tracking an ongoing Office 365 phishing campaign that is targeting enterprises, the attacks are able to detect sandbox solutions and evade detection. “We’re tracking an active credential phi
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Microsoft previews Linux endpoint detection and response capabilities

Microsoft has announced today the public preview of endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities on Linux servers running Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) — now known as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.The addition of EDR capabilities provides security analysts with the ability to spot attacks involving Linu
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