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Microsoft Teams adds end-to-end encryption for one-to-one calls

Microsoft has announced the public preview roll-out of end-to-end encryption (E2EE) support for one-to-one Microsoft Teams calls.While Teams already encrypts data in transit and at rest, it also allows IT administrators to set up automatic recording and transcription of voice calls.Because of this, Teams calls are not suitable when sharing sensitive info tha
Publish At:2021-10-22 12:08 | Read:122 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Security

Microsoft: WizardUpdate Mac malware adds new evasion tactics

Microsoft says it found new variants of macOS malware known as WizardUpdate (also tracked as UpdateAgent or Vigram), updated to use new evasion and persistence tactics.As Microsoft security experts found, the latest variant — spotted earlier this month — is likely being distributed via drive-by downloads and it impersonates legitimate software, j
Publish At:2021-10-22 12:07 | Read:52 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Apple Microsoft

Microsoft: Windows 11 printing issues fixed in the KB5006746 update

Microsoft has fixed multiple known issues impacting printing on Windows 11 with the release of the optional KB5006746 cumulative update preview on Thursday.This update was released for customers who want to test fixes and performance improvements coming on November 9th, as part of next month's Patch Tuesday.To install KB5006746, you have to go
Publish At:2021-10-22 08:11 | Read:30 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Microsoft now defends nonprofits against nation-state attacks

Microsoft announced today a new security program for nonprofits to provide them with protection against nation-state attacks that have been increasingly targeting them in recent years.The company launched the program in response to the booming cybercrime industry impacting all industry sectors worldwide and nonprofits in particular because of their vulnerabi
Publish At:2021-10-21 16:02 | Read:184 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Security

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 21H2 in November

Microsoft is preparing Windows 10 21H2, the next Windows 10 version, for a November 2021 release and is now rolling it out to all Windows Insiders in the Release Preview Channel.The Windows 10 21H2 feature update is offered as an optional update through the "seeker" experience in Windows Update to Insiders who go to Settings > Update & Security > W
Publish At:2021-10-21 16:02 | Read:126 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Windows 11 KB5006746 update fixes gaming performance issues

Microsoft has released the optional KB5006746 cumulative update preview for Windows 11, fixing sixty-four issues, including AMD CPU performance and gaming issues.This cumulative update preview is part of Microsoft's scheduled October 2021 monthly "C" updates, allowing Windows 11 users to test the upcoming fixes being released on September 9th as part of
Publish At:2021-10-21 16:02 | Read:121 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Hands on with Microsoft's Android app support in Windows 11

Microsoft has released its first preview build of the Windows Subsystem for Android, allowing you to run Android apps directly on your desktop.Like the Windows Subsystem for Linux, the Windows Subsystem for Android allows you to run native Android apps in a virtualized environment with sound, graphics, and network connectivity.For the initial release, Micros
Publish At:2021-10-20 19:58 | Read:140 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft android

Windows 11 Subsystem for Android lets you sideload apps - Here's how

Microsoft has released the first preview version of the Windows Subsystem for Android for Windows 11 Insiders, and one of the more interesting features is that you can sideload Android apps.The Windows Subsystem for Android is a new feature of Windows 11 that allows you to run native Android apps directly from the desktop in a virtualized environment.These a
Publish At:2021-10-20 19:58 | Read:268 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft android

Microsoft: Old Windows updates now expire to improve speed, security

Microsoft says it regularly evaluates Windows updates for expiration to make the entire update process faster and safer by removing older releases that have already been superseded by newer packages.Installing updates is slower and their size gets incrementally bigger due to the long backlog caused by the two or more updates for each Windows platform release
Publish At:2021-10-20 16:02 | Read:193 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft security

Microsoft 365 will get enhanced insider risk management tools

Microsoft is updating Microsoft 365 to allow admins to better manage insider security threats in their environments with improvements to risky activity detection and visibility.Insider Risk Management enables Microsoft 365 cloud services platform customers to detect, investigate, and remediate insider security threats within their organization
Publish At:2021-10-20 12:06 | Read:127 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Security

Microsoft fixes Surface Pro 3 TPM bypass with public exploit code

Microsoft has patched a security feature bypass vulnerability impacting Surface Pro 3 tablets, enabling threat actors to introduce malicious devices within enterprise environments.The security flaw, dubbed TPM Carte Blanche by Google security researchers who discovered it, is tracked as CVE-2021-42299 and can be exploited in high complexity attacks
Publish At:2021-10-19 08:10 | Read:167 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Security exploit

Microsoft fixes Windows 10 auth issue impacting Remote Desktop

Microsoft has fixed a known Windows 10 issue causing smartcard authentication to fail when trying to connect using Remote Desktop after installing the cumulative updates released during last month's Patch Tuesday.As explained by the company, devices attempting to make Remote Desktop connections to devices in untrusted domains might be unable to connect.
Publish At:2021-10-18 12:06 | Read:212 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Microsoft asks admins to patch PowerShell to fix WDAC bypass

Microsoft has asked system administrators to patch PowerShell 7 against two vulnerabilities allowing attackers to bypass Windows Defender Application Control (WDAC) enforcements and gain access to plain text credentials.PowerShell is a cross-platform solution that provides a command-line shell, a framework, and a scripting language focused on autom
Publish At:2021-10-18 12:06 | Read:186 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Security

Microsoft: Windows 11 bug may only allow admins to print

Microsoft is working on a fix for a known issue impacting Windows 11 customers and causing a prompt for admin credentials before every attempt to print.According to Microsoft, this problem impacts Windows environments where the print clients and print servers are in different time zones."You might receive a prompt for administrative credentials every ti
Publish At:2021-10-18 12:06 | Read:161 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

How to unlock Windows 11's God Mode to access advanced settings

With Windows 11, Microsoft has finally redesigned the modern Settings app.The new Settings app uses a sidebar and breadcrumbs to help users easily navigate between different pages, and it also features new controls for customization, managing network, power usage, disk management, and more.The settings app has been significantly improved, but several Co
Publish At:2021-10-17 19:58 | Read:203 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software


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