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Microsoft: The new Windows 11 features from Build 2022

During the Build 2022 developer conference, Microsoft announced a number of new features for Windows 11, including an improved Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) and more.Microsoft is upgrading the Android OS within the subsystem to Android 12L and adding support for advanced networking, so your mobile apps can easily communicate with devices outside the vi
Publish At:2022-05-28 18:51 | Read:40 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software

Microsoft to force better security defaults for all Azure AD tenants

Microsoft has announced that it will automatically enable stricter secure default settings known as 'security defaults' on all existing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenants in late June 2022.First introduced in October 2019 only for new tenants, security defaults are a set of basic security mechanisms designed to introduce good identity security hygiene
Publish At:2022-05-27 14:53 | Read:154 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Security security

Microsoft finds severe bugs in Android apps from large mobile providers

Microsoft security researchers have found high severity vulnerabilities in a framework used by Android apps from multiple large international mobile service providers.The researchers found these vulnerabilities (tracked as CVE-2021-42598, CVE-2021-42599, CVE-2021-42600, and CVE-2021-42601) in a mobile framework owned by mce Systems&n
Publish At:2022-05-27 14:53 | Read:103 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Microsoft android

Windows 11 KB5014019 breaks Trend Micro ransomware protection

This week's Windows optional cumulative update previews have introduced a compatibility issue with some of Trend Micro's security products that breaks some of their capabilities, including the ransomware protection feature."The UMH component used by several Trend Micro endpoint and server protection products is responsible for some advanced feature
Publish At:2022-05-26 19:03 | Read:175 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Microsoft ransomware

Microsoft: Windows 11 22H2 has reached RTM with build 22621

Microsoft's Windows Hardware Compatibility Program has confirmed that Windows 11 22H2 build 22621 is the Released to Manufacturing (RTM) build, meaning that the development of Window's 11 next feature update is ready for release.Microsoft confirmed the build in a new post by the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program, listing new policies and devel
Publish At:2022-05-26 19:03 | Read:127 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Microsoft shares mitigation for Windows KrbRelayUp LPE attacks

Microsoft has shared guidance to help admins defend their Windows enterprise environments against KrbRelayUp attacks that enable attackers to gain SYSTEM privileges on Windows systems with default configurations.Attackers can launch this attack using the KrbRelayUp tool developed by security researcher Mor Davidovich as an open-source wrapper for Rubeus
Publish At:2022-05-26 15:04 | Read:214 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Microsoft

Microsoft adds support for WSL2 distros on Windows Server 2022

Microsoft has announced that Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL 2) distros are now supported on Windows Server 2022 after installing this week's cumulative update previews.To install the Windows Server 2022 KB5014021 update, you must go to Settings > Windows Update and manually 'Check for updates.' Windows will not install
Publish At:2022-05-25 18:51 | Read:192 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Microsoft adds Office subscriptions to Windows 11 account settings

Microsoft has improved the account settings in the latest Windows 11 preview build, a settings page that now lists Office subscriptions linked to the user's Microsoft 365 account.The Windows Insider team started rolling out a new 'Your Microsoft account' settings page within Windows 11's Settings in October 2021.The end goal is to provide users with all
Publish At:2022-05-25 14:53 | Read:185 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Massive increase in XorDDoS Linux malware in last six months

Microsoft says it’s recorded a massive increase in XorDDoS activity (254 percent) in the last six months. XorDDoS, a Linux Trojan known for its modularity and stealth, was first discovered in 2014 by the white hat research group, MalwareMustDie (MMD). MMD believed the Linux Trojan originated in China. Based on a case study in 2015, Akamai strengthen
Publish At:2022-05-25 12:59 | Read:190 | Comments:0 | Tags:Reports akamai china CrowdStrike Linux malware Linux Trojan

Windows 11 KB5014019 update fixes app crashes, slow copying

Microsoft has released optional cumulative update previews for Windows 11, Windows 10 version 1809, and Windows Server 2022, with fixes for Direct3D issues impacting client and server systems.The updates are part of Microsoft's scheduled April 2022 monthly "C" updates, allowing Windows users to test the fixes released on June 15th as part of next month's Pat
Publish At:2022-05-24 18:51 | Read:170 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Microsoft tests new Windows 11 Desktop search that only works with Edge

Microsoft is testing a new feature in the latest Windows 11 preview build that displays an Internet search box directly on the desktop. The problem is that it does not honor your default browser and only uses Bing and Microsoft Edge instead.This new feature is currently being tested with a small subset of Windows Insiders running the Windows 11 build 25120 o
Publish At:2022-05-22 14:53 | Read:215 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Emergency Windows 10 updates fix Microsoft Store app issues

Microsoft has released out-of-band (OOB) updates on Thursday evening to address a newly acknowledged issue impacting Microsoft Store apps.On affected systems, customers might have problems launching or installing Microsoft Store apps, in some cases also seeing 0xC002001B errors.This known issue affects devices running Windows 10 (versions 21H2, 21H1, and 20H
Publish At:2022-05-20 14:53 | Read:183 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Microsoft disables telemetry in Windows 11 Subsystem for Android by default

Microsoft has updated the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11 to make telemetry collection optional and announced an upgrade to Android 12.1.As the Windows Insider Program Team revealed in today's announcement, diagnostic data collection is now disabled by default."With this update, telemetry collection (optional diagnostic data setting in the Window
Publish At:2022-05-20 14:53 | Read:188 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft android

Microsoft emergency updates fix Windows AD authentication issues

Microsoft has released emergency out-of-band (OOB) updates to address Active Directory (AD) authentication issues after installing Windows Updates issued during the May 2022 Patch Tuesday on domain controllers.The company has been working on a fix for this known issue causing authentication failures for some Windows services since Ma
Publish At:2022-05-19 18:51 | Read:271 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft

Microsoft detects massive surge in Linux XorDDoS malware activity

A stealthy and modular malware used to hack into Linux devices and build a DDoS botnet has seen a massive 254% increase in activity during the last six months, as Microsoft revealed today.This malware (active since at least 2014) is known as XorDDoS (or XOR DDoS) due to its use of XOR-based encryption when communicating with command-and-control (C2) ser
Publish At:2022-05-19 14:53 | Read:319 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Linux Microsoft DDOS


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