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Adobe, Microsoft Plug Critical Security Holes

Adobe and Microsoft both on Tuesday released patches to plug critical security vulnerabilities in their products. Microsoft’s patch bundles fix close to 80 separate security problems in various versions of its Windows operating system and related software — including two vulnerabilities that already are being exploited in active attacks. Adobe
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Crooks hacked Microsoft servers to mine Monero, they earned $63K in 3 months

Experts from security firm ESET discovered cyber criminals exploiting Microsoft Servers to mine Monero and already earned $63,000 in 3 Months. Mining cryptocurrencies is a profitable business, but it is also expensive because it needs significant investment in computing power. Crooks are using malicious code that steals computing resources of victims’
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Bashware attack, how to run Linux malware on Windows systems

Experts found a new alarming method dubbed Bashware attack that allows attackers to silently run malware to bypass even the most common security solutions, The new Windows 10 feature Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that implements the Linux bash terminal in Microsoft operating system could be exploited by malware to run undetected. The feature was recently
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Microsoft confirmed it won’t fix kernel issue that could be exploited to evade antivirus

A design flaw within the Windows kernel could be exploited by attackers to evade antivirus and stop them from recognizing malware. A design flaw within the Windows kernel is the root cause for antivirus stopping from recognizing malware, and the bad news is that Microsoft won’t fix it because the tech giant doesn’t consider it as a security issue
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ShadowBrokers are back demanding nearly $4m and offering 2 dumps per month

The dreaded hacking group ShadowBrokers posted a new message, promising to deliver two data dumps a month as part its monthly dumps. The notorious group ShadowBrokers is back with announcing new interesting changes to their Dump Service. The hackers published a new message on the Steemit platform announcing new changed to their service. “Missing theshadowbro
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How Just Opening A Malicious PowerPoint File Could Compromise Your PC

A few months back we reported how opening a simple MS Word file could compromise your computer using a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Office.The Microsoft Office remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2017-0199) resided in the Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) interface for which a patch was issued in April this year, but threa
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Microsoft Attempts To Fix Stuxnet For The Third Time

Microsoft released a new security update on June 17th in an attempt to patch a vulnerability which allowed the Stuxnet Virus to exploit Windows systems. The Stuxnet Virus which attacks Industrial Control Systems was first discovered in 2010 when it infected Iranian Programmable Logic Controllers.  Stuxnet compromises controllers by first targeting Windows op
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Flash Player is Dead, Long Live Flash Player!

Adobe last week detailed plans to retire its Flash Player software, a cross-platform browser plugin so powerful and so packed with security holes that it has become the favorite target of malware developers. To help eradicate this ubiquitous liability, Adobe is enlisting the help of Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. But don’t break out th
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Microsoft sued Fancy Bear to gain control of the domains used in the cyber espionage campaigns

Microsoft used the lawsuit to disrupt a large number of cyber espionage campaigns conducted by infamous Fancy Bear APT hacking group We have discussed several times about hacking back and the case we are going to analyze is a good example of an alternative approach to hit back an APT group. Microsoft used the lawsuit to disrupt a large number of cyber espio
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Ubuntu Linux distro is now available for Windows 10

Microsoft announced that Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux Distro is now available in the Windows Store and can be installed on any Windows Insider build=>#16215. Windows and Linux always closer. During the Microsoft Build developer conference held in Seattle in May the company announced that three free Linux distro will be included in its official app store, all
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MS Patch Tuesday fixes 19 critical issues, including two NTLM zero-day flaws

As part of the Microsoft Patch Tuesday, the tech giant fixed two critical flaws in Windows NTLM Security Protocol. Users must apply the patch asap. As part of the July Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has released security patches for a serious privilege escalation flaw affecting all Windows operating system versions for enterprises released since 2007. Experts at
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Microsoft issued Security fix for important flaw in Azure Active Directory Connect

Microsoft is warning sysadmins to check their Azure Active Directory Connect installs and patch them against an important Privilege Escalation flaw. Microsoft fixed an important privilege escalation vulnerability in Azure Active Directory (AD) Connect, tracked as CVE-2017-8613, that can be exploited by attackers to hijack the accounts of privileged users. A
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Shadow Brokers sent out first round of exploits and threaten to dox former NSA hacker

Shadow Brokers has sent out the first round of exploits to the subscribers of its service, the hackers also threaten to dox former NSA hacker. In May the notorious Shadow Brokers group announced the launch of a monthly subscription model for its data dumps, 0-Day Exploit Subscriptions goes for $21,000 per month. The group claimed to have exploit codes for al
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Petya Weren’t Expecting This: Ransomware Takes Systems Hostage Across the Globe

Early on Tuesday, June 27, reports began to circulate that organizations in the Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe were suffering ransomware attacks. It quickly became clear that this Petya attack could equal or surpass the May WannaCry attack. WannaCry’s spread was so successful because it was powered by a flaw in Windows, and although Microsoft had rele
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Google Hacker found a new way to bypass Microsoft Windows Defender

The Google Project Zero expert Tavis Ormandy has found a flaw in Windows Defender that allow attackers to bypass the Microsoft anti-virus tool. The popular Google Project Zero hacker Tavis Ormandy has discovered a new bug in Windows Defender that allow attackers to circumvent the Microsoft anti-virus tool. Ormandy publicly disclosed the news of the vulnerabi
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