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Microsoft Office Malware Captured in a Micro-VM on an Unpatched Computer

The Bromium Labs team was able to get their hands on some live malware exploiting the Microsoft office vulnerability. First and foremost, on an unpatched workstation Bromium did its job by hardware isolating the Microsoft Word document into a protected virtual machine so that the host workstation was never infected. Secondly, it shows the amazing analytics
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Zero-Day Vulnerability is a Zero-Sum Game

Late last week a new Microsoft Office vulnerability was discovered by McAfee; they discovered attacks exploiting this vulnerability back to late January 2017. This should raise substantial concern for anyone responsible for cyber security at their company or federal agency. Since January, every Windows-based MS Office machine was exposed to the worst type o
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AVG, McAfee, and Kaspersky antivirus were vulnerable to critical flaw

Experts at enSilo have found a critical security vulnerability in various antivirus (AV) software that could be exploited by attackers to turn the AntiVirus to an attack-enabler tool. Some of the most important security firms have had an ugly surprise, the security software they offer to their clints have been compromised by a
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This Week in Security: Health Insurer Breached, Attacks on DOE, McAfee for President

Our security roundup series covers the week’s trending topics in the world of InfoSec. In this quick-read compilation, we’ll let you know of the latest news and controversies that the industry has been talking about recently.Here’s what you don’t want to miss from the week of September 7, 2015:Source: GemaltoAccording to digital security firm Gemalto, its la
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Infosec Influencers: An Interview with Graham Cluley – Part 2

I am pleased to present Part 2 of my recent interview with Graham Cluley, an award-winning security blogger on grahamcluley.comDB: How do you feel the security industry has changed since you first started in the 1990s?GC: The industry has grown up enormously. Originally, it was just a cottage industry made up of little – often one-person – companies that ope
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Ransomware Nearly Doubled in Q1 2015, Reports McAfee Labs

According to a report issued by Intel Security Group’s McAfee Labs, ransomware has experienced a 165% increase in the first quarter of 2015.McAfee Labs Threats Report: May 2015 reveals that this increase has been fueled in part by the impression of underground criminals that victims in rich countries seem to be the most willing to make ransom payments.
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New Intel Security study shows that 97% of people can’t identify phishing emails

Intel Security published an a curious study to test consumer knowledge about phishing practice and measure the ability to detect phishing emails. For this study, Intel Security presented 10 emails where people were asked to identify which emails were phishing with the purpose of steal personal data, and which were legit, legal
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McAfee Labs Threat Report – many mobile apps still vulnerable

The McAfee Labs Threat Report: February 2015 analyzes security level of mobile apps and the evolution of principal cyber threats. Last year the Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) analyzed the level of security implemented by Android applications, in particular the experts focused their i
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Weekly Metasploit Wrapup

McAfee ePO Vulnerability DisclosureThis week, we have another delightful exploit from our dear friend Brandon Perry, which targets McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator. This bug was disclosed on the Full Disclosure mailing list on January 8, hit the Metasploit pull request queue on January 14, and was committed to the master branch of Metasploit Framework on Januar
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The Case for N. Korea’s Role in Sony Hack

There are still many unanswered questions about the recent attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, such as how the attackers broke in, how long they were inside Sony’s network, whether they had inside help, and how the attackers managed to steal terabytes of data without notice. To date, a sizable number of readers remain unconvinced about the one concl
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McAfee LiveSafe Wins Coveted PC Mag Award for 4th Year in a Row

The number of data breaches targeting consumers is on the rise, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. According to the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), the number of investigated breaches last year was the highest it had been in ten years—since the annual report’s inception. Malware samples, too, are increasing at an a
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New Zero-day in Microsoft OLE being exploited in targeted attacks

Security experts at Google and McAfee have discovered a new Zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft OLE being exploited in targeted attacks. Early this week,  Microsoft issued the security advisory 3010060 to warn its customer of a new Zero-Day vulnerability that affects all supported versions of Windows OS except, Windows Server
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clipcaptcha – CAPTCHA Service Impersonation Tool

clipcaptcha is an extensible and signature based CAPTCHA Provider impersonation tool based off Moxie Marlinspike’s sslstrip codebase, which we mentioned back in 2009 – SSLstrip – HTTPS Stripping Attack Tool.Depending on its mode of operation it may approve, reject or forward the CAPTCHA verification requests. It maintains an easy to edit XML conf
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