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New Trials in England for Troubled Virus Tracing App

A previously misfiring smartphone app to help track transmission of the coronavirus will be trialled again in parts of England following two months of troubleshooting, the government said on Thursday.The updated version of the tracing app will undergo renewed trials on the Isle of Wight, off the southern English coast, and among health volunteers nationwide,
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Windows Defender Detected Citrix Services as Malware

Windows Defender has caused problems for some Citrix customers after deleting two services incorrectly detected as malware.The problem appears to be caused by the KB2267602 update. Windows Defender users who installed the update may have had their Citrix Broker and HighAvailability services on Delivery Controllers and Cloud Connectors deleted after they were
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Facebook, Google Step Up Election Protection Efforts

Facebook on Thursday launched its voting information center as internet platforms unveiled fresh moves to protect the November US election from manipulation and interference.The hub was described as central to defending against deception and confusion in what promises to be an election roiled by the pandemic and efforts to dupe voters.The move comes amid a c
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Adaptive Shield Emerges From Stealth to Secure SaaS Applications

With $4 million in seed funding, Adaptive Shield this week emerged from stealth mode to automate the security of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.The Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup seeks to tackle the issue of incorrect configuration of SaaS applications, which can expose them to cyberattacks, data leaks, and other risks.SaaS security configuration
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Google to Run Experiment in Fight Against URL Spoofing in Chrome

Google announced on Wednesday that it’s preparing to run an experiment in Chrome 86 as part of its fight against URL spoofing.Malicious actors often manipulate URLs as part of their phishing attacks, social engineering, and scams. Research conducted recently by Google and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed that 60 percent of users were tri
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Stick With The Plan Until It Not Longer Makes Sense

There Are Times When a Given Plan May No Longer be Appropriate or EffectiveIn the movie Road House (1989), the character Dalton, played by Patrick Swayze, has a famous line: “I want you to be nice until it's time to not be nice.”  From this line, we can learn an important information security lesson.  More specifically, we can learn when to follow
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FireEye Launches Public Bug Bounty Program on Bugcrowd

FireEye this week announced that its Bugcrowd-powered bug bounty program has become public, for all registered researchers to participate.The program, which has been running privately on the crowd-sourced bug hunting platform for a while, welcomes all Bugcrowd researchers interested in identifying vulnerabilities in a broad range of FireEye websites, includi
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SASE Provider Perimeter 81 Raises $40 Million

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions provider Perimeter 81 has closed a $40 million Series B funding round that brings the total raised by the company to $65 million.Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, the startup provides a cloud-based Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that aims to secure access
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SANS Institute Says 28,000 User Records Exposed in Email Breach

The SANS Institute has disclosed a security incident which resulted in 28,000 records of personally identifiable information (PII) being forwarded to an unknown email address.The breach was discovered on August 6, during the review of email configuration and rules, according to the U.S.-based organization, which specializes in cybersecurity training, certifi
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Mozilla Cybersecurity Staff Hit by Layoffs

Mitchell Baker, the CEO of Mozilla Corporation and chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation, announced on Tuesday that the company has laid off roughly 250 people, and former employees say the list includes cybersecurity staff.Baker, who took on the role of CEO in April, announced the reduction of the company’s workforce in what she described as “a significant r
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PepsiCo CISO Joins FireEye Board

Sara Andrews, Chief Information Security Officer at PepsiCo, Joins FireEye Board of DirectorsFireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE) on Tuesday announced that Sara Andrews, SVP and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at PepsiCo, has been appointed to the FireEye board of directors. Prior to PepsiCo, Andrews served as Verizon’s Chief Network Security Officer (CNSO)
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Boom Goes the Cyber Security Toolbox

More Cyber Security Tools Can Increase Cost, Increase Complexity, and Reduce an Organization's Ability to be EffectiveI recently had an occasion to go through my father's workbench at his home, where he's been collecting tools and doing fixing, building, and God knows what else for the past 25+ years. There were drawers, cabinets, hanging things, and boxes e
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Data Security Company Symmetry Systems Emerges From Stealth

Symmetry Systems, a provider of data store and object security (DSOS) solutions, emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday with $3 million in seed funding from ForgePoint Capital and Prefix Capital.Symmetry Systems was founded by Mohit Tiwari, a former cybersecurity professor at the University of Texas, and Casen Hunger, one of Tiwari’s former students. The compa
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Facebook Open Sources Analysis Tool for Python Code

Facebook has announced the availability of Pysa (Python Static Analyzer), an open-source tool designed for the static analysis of Python code.The security-focused tool relies on Pyre, Facebook’s type checker for Python, and allows for the analysis of how data flows through code. It can be used to identify issues related to the protection of user data, as wel
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Trump Moves on China Apps May Create New Internet 'Firewall'

A ban by President Donald Trump's administration on Chinese mobile apps such as TikTok and WeChat risks fragmenting an already fragile global internet and creating an American version of China's "Great Firewall."Fears about the global internet ecosystem intensified this week with Trump's executive orders banning the popular video app TikTok and Chinese socia
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