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Fake Facebook Phishing Email Leads to Asprox Malware

New malicious scam that is targeting Facebook user is now circulating and have been spotted by hoax-slayer. the email claims to be sourced from Facebook and inform user that the account password has been reset due to suspicious activities.  obviously the email is just a spoofed message that include a malicious link.The email have a link to compromised websi
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CoinVault another ransomware variant

Ransomware a malicious program which infects your equipment and provides cybercriminals the ability to remotely lock your PC and encrypt your files, control all information stored on users machine. it will also display a pop-up window to instruct how to pay attacker and remove the virus.Any malware may include several variants that adds functionality or new
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Password protected document spreads banking malware

New malware have been uncovered by TrendMicro that is targeting users to grab bank credentials. Today most people use the online banking services to pay for any product and this makes such malware very dangerous and will allow cybercrminals to control victim bank account.The malware is called ROVNIX which is a rootkit drivers that will hide itself in the a
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Trojan SMS Shared via Google Store

Google play is a shared platform that can be used by android system to install application , games for free. this platform can be used by company to host their product and on the other hand it can be used by cybercriminal to share malicious applications that will infect smartphone devices.Over this week malwarebytes researchers are alerting of an applicatio
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Compromised Tech Support Website Infecting Users

Online Technical support websites are useful for providing assistance to customers. this make user connect to the support website next he will open a support session to resolve his issue with the support engineer. this is the standard way for usage but this also may contain security issues.Malwarebytes security researchers have spotted a compromised support
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Wirelurker – New Trojan that infect iOS and OS X

Wirelurker is a new Trojan that runs under OS X systems to infect mobile phones including iPhone and tablet iPad. this new type of maware is originated from China and was discovered by  Palo Alto Networks.The malware is the first program that generates iOS application, using the replacement binary files and it is the first Trojan that takes the form of trad
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Compromised spin.com serving malware

One of the widely used technique by cyber criminal to promote thier malwares is by compromising a popular website that have a large number of visitor and host a malicious code on the webpage to make it infecting users. this is not good for the company reputation and will make the botnet circulate further.New case have been reported today by Symantec securit
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A Man Jumped on the Mall is Facebook video scam

Facebook users should be careful with a new scam that aims to spread malwares, the scam is a fake video hosted on malicious URL. when victim will open the malicious link he will be invited to install an executable file that allows cybercriminal to hook/ hijack browser activities and promoting certain advertising links.11 security software identify the exe f
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Scammers exploit Ebola virus to spread malwares

We  notice that all news are used by cyber-criminal to promote their malwares as this allow them to target the largest audience possible. Symantec have reported over this week that online scammers are taking advantage of Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa. there are four cases that were spotted with different technique.The first is an email that attach a r
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‘FNBO Account Application’ is nothing but a zipped Malware

New malicious spam have been reported by Brett M. Christensen on Hoax-Slayer that is targeting First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) customers. the email claims to be a confirmation for a new account with the bank but it obviously just a spoofed message that attach a zipped file allows attacker to install a malware.The attachment file containing an executable
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Twitch Chat Spreading Eskimo Malware

Online gaming are becoming popular website that can be used by attackers to promote malicious software. New case have been reported by F-secure in Twitch.tv that have more then 50 million visitors. The attack starts by adding an advertisement banner on chat page that invite users to participate in a raffle to win a counter strike prizes.The link leads to ja
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“M & M Kitchen Appliances – INV211457″ Malicious Spam that spread Zbot

Malwarebytes recently reported a new spamming campaign. the malicious email is using an invoice template for Kitchen Appliance company. Today most users relay on online payment for purchasing any product including kitchen appliances this makes similar spams to be a good trick to promote viruses. On this case attackers pretend to attach an invoice and invite
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Facebook accounts hijacked by malicious Chrome Extesion

Google chrome extensions continue to be among the topics covered by TrenMicro, Another malicious application have been reported over this week that is targeting facebook users. cybercriminals are using the social network to share a malicious link claim to be a YouTube video for a drunk girl.The shared video will not be directly displayed but user needs to i
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“Facebook Secrets” Malicious Chrome Extension

Google have made many security measures to increase the security of chrome extensions. This by adding patches to fix critical security vulnerabilities and enforcing a policy to allow users install extensions only from Chrome Web Store.  TrendMicro security researchers uncovered another malicious attack that are targeting chrome users.The attack starts by sh
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Fake Evernote Extension found in Google chrome store

Security researchers at Malwarebytes are alerting of a new evernote fake application that infect users and install trojan on the operating system. the plugin will add a web extension on Google chrome , Torch, and Comodo Dragon browsers. usually any user can search for extensions in the chrome store and he will find the application he needs for adding more f
Publish At:2014-08-24 16:20 | Read:3746 | Comments:0 | Tags:Malwares Adware Evernote Fake browser extension Google chrom


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