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Coronavirus campaigns lead to surge in malware threats, Labs report finds

In the first three months of 2020, as the world clamped down to limit coronavirus, cyber threats ramped up. Our latest, special edition for our quarterly CTNT report focuses on recent, increased malware threats which all have one, big thing in common—using coronavirus as a lure. Our report, “Cybercrime tactics and techniques: Attack on home base,” analyze
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Coalition Against Stalkerware bulks up global membership

Today, the Coalition Against Stalkerware brought aboard 11 new organizations to address the potentially dangerous capabilities of stalkerware, an invasive, digital threat that can rob individuals of their expectation of, and right to, privacy. These types of apps can provide domestic abusers with a new avenue of control over their survivors’ lives, granting
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Fake Malwarebytes Site Used by Malvertising Attack to Spread Raccoon

A malvertising campaign used a copycat website for anti-malware software provider Malwarebytes to distribute the Raccoon infostealer.Malwarebytes learned of the campaign when someone notified the security firm that someone was abusing its brand using the lookalike domain “malwarebytes-free[.]com.” Registered on March 29 via REGISTRAR OF DOMAIN NA
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Copycat criminals abuse Malwarebytes brand in malvertising campaign

While exploit kit activity has been fairly quiet for some time now, we recently discovered a threat actor creating a copycat—fake—Malwarebytes website that was used as a gate to the Fallout EK, which distributes the Raccoon stealer. The few malvertising campaigns that remain are often found on second- and third-tier adult sites, leading to the Fallout or
Publish At:2020-04-07 14:49 | Read:665 | Comments:0 | Tags:Exploits and vulnerabilities copycat criminals copycat sites

Crafty Web Skimming Domain Spoofs “https”

Earlier today, KrebsOnSecurity alerted the 10th largest food distributor in the United States that one of its Web sites had been hacked and retrofitted with code that steals credit card and login data. While such Web site card skimming attacks are not new, this intrusion leveraged a sneaky new domain that hides quite easily in a hacked site’s source co
Publish At:2020-03-11 22:15 | Read:503 | Comments:0 | Tags:A Little Sunshine The Coming Storm Web Fraud 2.0 .ps Akamai

Threat spotlight: RobbinHood ransomware takes the driver’s seat

Despite their name, the RobbinHood cybercriminal gang is not stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Instead, these ransomware developers are more like big game hunters—attacking enterprise organizations and critical infrastructure and keeping all the spoils for themselves. In 2019, the RobbinHood ransomware creators successfully attacked and receive
Publish At:2020-02-20 17:07 | Read:611 | Comments:0 | Tags:Threat spotlight .enc_robbinhood Anti-Ransomware baltimore b

Would ‘Medicare for All’ help secure health data?

DISCLAIMER: This post is not partisan, but rather focuses on risk assessment based on history and what threats we are facing in the future. We do not endorse any healthcare plan style in any way, outside of examining its data security risk. For many folks, the term ‘Healthcare for All’ brings up an array of emotions ranging from concern to happiness, and
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Malwarebytes teams up with security vendors and advocacy groups to launch Coalition Against Stalkerware

Today, Malwarebytes is announcing its participation in a joint effort to stop invasive digital surveillance: the Coalition Against Stalkerware. For years, Malwarebytes has detected and warned users about the potentially dangerous capabilities of stalkerware, an invasive threat that can rob individuals of their expectation of, and right to, privacy. Just
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Browser Guard combats privacy abuse, tracking, clickbait, and scammers

In July 2018, we introduced the Malwarebytes Browser Extension, a beta plugin for Firefox and Chrome aimed at delivering a safer, faster, and more private browsing experience. Our extension blocked tech support scams, hijackers, pop-up ads, trackers, and more to keep users secure and free from online harassment. And thanks to our loyal Malwarebytes commu
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Scammers Barge in on Customer Support Twitter Talks with Phishing Links

Scammers are inserting themselves into customer support conversations on Twitter and “assisting” users by directing them to click on phishing links.The scam, which was first detected by Techhelplist, is a classic example of a social engineering attack. To pull it off, an actor just needs to set up an imitation account that looks and sounds like a
Publish At:2016-08-12 16:35 | Read:3730 | Comments:0 | Tags:Latest Security News customer support Malwarebytes Phishing

New Mac OS X Remediation Offering and Forensics Capabilities for Enterprise

At Malwarebytes, our mission is to protect consumers and businesses from the most dangerous cyber threats. Today, we announced a new solution that will dramatically change endpoint detection and response (EDR) for Mac users – a growing target area for hackers. The fact that Mac users are safe from cyber threats is a common misconception. While it’s true that
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Tech Support Scammers using Winlogon

As we’ve seen in other recent examples [1], [2],[3] Tech Support Scammers are using every trick in the malware authors book to get new “customers”. Here is one that takes over the victims’ Windows system after a reboot by using the Winlogon-Shell registry value. Shell registry value Under default circumstances the registry value looks like this: [HKEY_LOCAL_
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FBI Announcement: Paying The Ransom is a Bad Idea

Hey Folks! So late last year a quote was going around about a comment for the Special Agent in charge of the Cyber Intelligence program for a Boston branch of the FBI that mentioned how they advise users to just pay ransomware criminals because in many cases, getting the files back by any other method would have been impossible. Now the FBI itself never offi
Publish At:2016-05-03 22:35 | Read:3596 | Comments:0 | Tags:Government Security world decrypting fbi Malwarebytes paying

AdLoad: an advertisement bombarder

While looking into an infection associated with a “system optimizer”—Didn’t we say they’re digital snake oil?—we identified a multi-functional installer called FAsetup1.exe (md5 902e30fa3dc4bf543b523b4a41eb8acd) as the source. This file offers a variety of different bundlers and scams that are usually different every time you run the
Publish At:2016-04-06 21:35 | Read:5046 | Comments:0 | Tags:PUPs Threat analysis adload advertisement fake alert Malware

TopFlix: a DNS Unlocker variant

Author’s Note: We at Malwarebytes continue to do our part in educating our product users and constant blog readers about day-to-day online threats and how they can avoid falling prey to them. “PUP Friday”, our latest attempt at getting users acquainted with files they may need to watch out for in the Wild Web, offers an in-depth look at some interesting and
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