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Documents encrypted by Bad Rabbit ransomware could be recovered without paying ransom

Files Encrypted by Bad Rabbit Recoverable Without Paying Ransom. Some victims of the recent Bad Rabbit attack may be able to recover their files encrypted by the ransomware without paying the ransom. The discovery was made by researchers at Kaspersky Lab that analyzed the encryption functionality implemented by the ransomware. Once the ransomware infects a
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Digging the Middle East and North African cybercrime underground market

Security experts from Trend Micro have published an interesting report on the Middle East and North African cybercrime underground market, enjoy it! We explained several times that criminal communities adopt different tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) depending on the location they operate. Experts at Trend Micro have highlighted the differences be
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Bad Rabbit Ransomware leverages the NSA Exploit for lateral movements

Malware researchers at Cisco Talos team discovered the Bad Rabbit Ransomware leverages EternalRomance to propagate in the network. New precious details emerge from the analysis of malware researchers at Cisco Talos and F-Secure who respectively discovered and confirmed the presence an NSA exploit in the Bad Rabbit ransomware. On October 24, hundreds of organ
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UK Government links the WannaCry attack that crippled NHS to North Korea

UK Government blamed North Korea for the WannaCry attack that affected a third of English hospitals. “This attack, we believe quite strongly that it came from a foreign state,” Ben Wallace, a junior minister for security, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “North Korea was the state that we believe was involved in this worldwide atta
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Kaspersky: Hackers used backdoored MS Office key-gen to steal NSA exploits

According to Kaspersky, the PC was hacked after the NSA employee installed a backdoored key generator for a pirated copy of Microsoft Office. More details emerge from the story of the hack of the Kaspersky antivirus that allowed Russian intelligence to stole secret exploits from the personal PC of the NSA staffer. The PC was hacked after the NSA employee ins
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Krebs reported that Dell lost Control of dellbackupandrecoverycloudstorage Domain in June 2017

The popular investigator Brian Krebs reported that the tech giant Dell lost the control of dellbackupandrecoverycloudstorage domain in June 2017. It is really embarrassing, Dell forgot to renew the domain www.dellbackupandrecoverycloudstorage.com name that was used by the tech giant to install operating systems on the PC it has sold. The incident was discove
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Ursnif Campaign Waves Breaking on Japanese Shores

According to IBM X-Force data on the activity of financial malware operated by organized cybercrime groups, the Ursnif (aka Gozi) banking Trojan was the most active malware code in the financial sector in 2016 and has maintained its dominance through 2017 to date. Ursnif’s activity is marked by both frequent code modifications and campaign activity in
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CSE Malware ZLab – Preliminary analysis of Bad Rabbit attack

We at the CSE Cybsec ZLab have conducted a preliminary analysis of the Bad Rabbit ransomware discovering an interesting aspect of the attack. This is just the beginning of a complete report that we will release in the net days, but we believe our findings can be useful for the security community. This malware remembers the notorious NotPetya basically for tw
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Threat Intelligence: A Tear-Free Solution to Help SOC Analysts Prepare for the Next WannaCry

It’s been nearly six months since the WannaCry ransomware stole global headlines and thousands of security practitioners flocked to threat intelligence feeds to help streamline their investigations. While the security community has learned many valuable lessons from the attack, it’s impossible to say that a strike of this magnitude won’t ha
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Bad Rabbit Ransomware Attacks Highlight Risk of Propagating Malware Outbreaks

On Tuesday morning, Oct. 24, 2017, organizations in Russia and Ukraine reported being hit with a ransomware outbreak that paralyzed their operations. Sporadic cases were also recorded in Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria and Japan, according to reports from different sources. The malware, self-titled Bad Rabbit, is a ransomware code designed to encrypt and lock file
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Bad Rabbit ransomware rapidly spreads, Ukraine and Russia most targeted countries

A new strain of malware dubbed Bad Rabbit ransomware has been found rapidly spreading in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere. A new massive ransomware campaign is rapidly spreading around Europe, the malware dubbed Bad Rabbit has already affected over 200 major organizations mainly in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Japan, and Turkey in a few hours. The Bad Rabbit ran
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Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spreads via Network, Hits Ukraine and Russia

A ransomware campaign is currently ongoing, hitting Eastern European countries with what seems to be a variant of the Petya ransomware dubbed Bad Rabbit (which we detect as RANSOM_BADRABBIT.A). Users of Trend Micro products with XGen Security detect this ransomware as TROJ.Win32.TRX.XXPE002FF019. The attack comes a few months after the previous Petya outbrea
Publish At:2017-10-24 19:45 | Read:1957 | Comments:0 | Tags:Malware Ransomware Bad Rabbit

Latest Russia-linked APT28 campaign targeting security experts

Russian cyber espionage group APT28 targeted individuals with spear-phishing messages using documents referencing a NATO cybersecurity conference. Researchers with Cisco Talos have spotted a Russian cyber espionage group targeting individuals with spear-phishing messages using documents referencing a NATO cybersecurity conference. Experts attributed the atta
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AhMyth Android RAT, another open source Android RAT Tool available on GitHub

The source code of a new Android Remote Administration Tool is available on GitHub, it is dubbed AhMyth Android RAT. You just have to download and test it. The source code of a new Android Remote Administration Tool is available on GitHub, it is dubbed AhMyth Android RAT. The malicious code is still in beta version, the AhMyth Android RAT consists of two par
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Exclusive – CSE ZLab experts spotted a new Wonder botnet in the wild

The CSE CybSec Z-Lab Malware Lab spotted a new botnet, dubbed Wonder botnet, while it was investigating malicious code in the dark web. While investigating the malicious code in the dark web, ZLab experts discovered a “NetflixAccountGenerator.exe” that promises to generate a premium account for Netflix services for free. Unfortunately, the software downloade
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