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The Power and Versatility of Pervasive Encryption

As cyberthreats make headlines, companies across the globe are working hard to develop efficient IT infrastructures capable of protecting sensitive data and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. Although it checks both of these boxes, many organizations have been hesitant to adopt encryption due to cost, operational impact, the complexity of key m
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The Power of Pervasive Encryption

The new z14 mainframe computer offers a chance to re-evaluate what a mainframe can do for an organization. Gone are the days when the mainframe was the only way to do computing. Today, there are new and different choices, and the z14 can make those choices practical. The z14 features standard improvements that users have come to expect, such as faster, mor
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Pervasive Encryption Simplifies Mainframe Security

On July 17, IBM unveiled its z14 mainframe server, which combines the traditional mainframe hardware with new capabilities in areas such as cloud, cognitive, analytics, application management, blockchain, machine learning and more. Most importantly, z14 includes enhanced security features — namely, pervasive encryption — to help clients stay one step ahead
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Mainframe Data Is Your Secret Sauce: A Recipe for Data Protection

We in the security field like to use metaphors to help illustrate the significance of data in the enterprise. I’m a big fan of cooking, so I’ll use the metaphor of a secret sauce. Think about it: Each transaction basically reflects your organization’s unique relationship with a customer, supplier or partner. By sheer quantity alone, mainfra
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Achieve the Ultimate Data Protection for Your Trusted Digital Experience

The industry just gained another ally in the global fight against cybercrime with the launch of the new IBM z14 mainframe. With close to 70 percent of the world’s largest businesses — including those in banking, health care, insurance and retail — running on mainframes, IBM z not only increases power and speed to handle enormous transactions, but also
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Industry 4.0 Drives a New Era of Mainframe Security

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last year, Industry 4.0 was the main topic of discussion. It was dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, a new technological vision for the entire IT world in which mainframe security plays a crucial role. In this world, the mainframe contains roughly 75 percent of enterprise data and 65 percent of act
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Mainframe Insecuritites or Hack the Gibson. No, Really!

You can hack a toaster, a TV and a car… but a mainframe? Isn’t everything on Windows and Linux? Who still uses mainframes (specifically IBM’s flagship System Z running Z/OS)?They’re obsolete, specialized and cumbersome, just like the stuff that runs on them: TSO, JES, Walker, CICS, VTAM, MVS, IMS. And they’re pretty much sequestered from all the fun an
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