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Mac adware is more sophisticated and dangerous than traditional Mac malware

As the data revealed in our State of Malware report showed, Mac threats are on the rise, but they are not the same type of threats experienced by Windows users. Most notably, more traditional forms of malware, such as ransomware, spyware, and backdoors account for over 27 percent of all Windows threats. That figure is less than 1 percent for Macs. Furthe
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Mac Malware Becomes More Common – Are You A Victim?

Behind the fancy interface and icons, the MacOS operating system which powers Apple computers is significantly different to alternatives like Microsoft Windows. The system has been built from the ground up to increase security and protect users. This design has been incredibly successful, allowing Apple to create the impression that iMacs and MacBooks are in
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Malwarebytes Labs releases 2020 State of Malware Report

Malwarebytes Labs today released the results of our annual study on the state of malware—the 2020 State of Malware Report—and as usual, it’s a doozy. From an increase in enterprise-focused threats to the diversification of sophisticated hacking and stealth techniques, the 2019 threat landscape was shaped by a cybercrime industry that aimed to show i
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Mac threat detections on the rise in 2019

Conventional wisdom has been that, although not invulnerable to cyberthreats (as some old Apple ads would have you believe), Macs are afflicted with considerably fewer infections than Windows PCs. However, when reviewing our 2019 Mac detection telemetry, we noticed a startling upward trend. Indeed, the times, they are a-changin’. To get a sense of h
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New iOS exploit checkm8 allows permanent compromise of iPhones

UPDATE 9/27, 11:00am: Updated for the misconception that the bootrom was actually being modified. Apparently, the “permanent” only refers to the fact that the bug is in the bootrom, where it cannot be patched. UPDATE 9/27, 12:15am: After speaking with @axi0m8, clarified a few other points, including the fact that this cannot be exploited remot
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Mac Malware that Spoofs Trading App Steals User Information, Uploads it to Website

by Luis Magisa Unlike in the pre-internet era, when trading in the stock or commodities market involved a phone call to a broker — a move which often meant additional fees for would-be traders — the rise of trading apps placed the ability to trade in the hands of ordinary users. However, their popularity has led to their abuse by cybercriminals who create fa
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Proton malware spreading through supply-chain attack, victims should wipe their Macs

The dreaded Proton malware was spreading through a new supply-chain attack that involved the Elmedia apps, victims should wipe their Macs Bad news for Mac users, a new malware is threatening them of a complete system wipe and reinstall. Crooks are distributing the malware in legitimate applications, the popular Elmedia Player and download manager Folx develo
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MUGHTHESEC, a signed Mac adware that hijacks the victim’s browser for profit

Experts spotted a new signed Mac adware dubbed MUGHTHESEC that hijacks victim’s browser for profit and can be removed only reinstalling the OS. According to the expert Patrick Wardle, Director of Research at Synack, a new strain of Mac adware is threatening Mac users, once infected a machine the only way to remove it is to reinstall the macOS. The rese
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Wikileaks Vault 7 – Imperial projects revealed the 3 hacking tools Achilles, SeaPea and Aeris

Wikileaks published another batch of classified documents from the CIA Vault 7 leak, it includes details of the Imperial project. Today another batch of classified documents from the CIA Vault 7 leak was published by Wikileaks. The documents are related to a CIA project codenamed ‘Imperial,’ they include details of three CIA hacking tools and im
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Vault7 Dark Matter batch – CIA has been targeting the iPhone supply chain since at least 2008

Wikileaks released the second bash of CIA’s Vault 7 dump, it contains other precious documents to understand the way CIA was hacking systems worldwide. The Wikileaks Vault 7 dump will make for a long time the headlines, the organization has just released another lot of classified documents related the hacking tools and techniques and exploit codes used
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Flaws in MAC address randomization implemented by vendors allow mobile tracking

Researchers devised a new attack method that can be leveraged to track mobile devices that rely on MAC address randomization mechanism. The MAC address is a unique and an hardcoded identifier assigned to a device’s network interface. This characteristic makes it an excellent tool for the tracking of the devices. A group of researchers from the U.S. Naval Aca
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Unix: A Game Changer in the Ransomware Landscape?

by Joachim Suico (Threat Research Engineer) 2016 was the year when ransomware reigned. Bad guys further weaponized extortion into malware, turning enterprises and end users into their cash cows by taking their crown jewels hostage. With 146 families discovered last year compared to 29 in 2015, the rapid expansion and development of ransomware is projected to
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What You Need To Know About The iMessage Security Flaw

With everything that’s gone down in 2016 it’s easy to forget Tim Cook’s and Apple’s battle with the FBI over data encryption laws. Apple took a strong stance though, and other tech giants followed suite leading to a victory of sorts for (the little guy in) online privacy. In this era of web exposure, it was a step in the right direction for those who feel ou
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Hacking Apple Mac encryption password in Just 30 Seconds with PCILeech device

A hacker devised a $300 device, dubbed PCILeech, that could be exploited by an attacker to gain full control of a Mac or MacBook. The Swedish hacker and penetration tester Ulf Frisk has devised a $300 device, dubbed PCILeech, that could be exploited by an attacker to gain full control of a Mac or MacBook. The device is able to steal the password from virtual
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Experts spotted a Skype backdoor for Mac, it could be a coding bug

Experts from Trustwave discovered an authentication bypass vulnerability affecting the Mac version of Skype, experts classified it as a Skype backdoor. Security experts from Trustwave have discovered a backdoor in the Mac version of Skype. The flaw, aAn authentication bypass vulnerability, affects the Desktop API that could be used by third-party apps to imp
Publish At:2016-12-14 14:15 | Read:4785 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking backdoor coding Mac Skype


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