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[SANS ISC] Simple Blacklisting with MISP & pfSense

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “Simple Blacklisting with MISP & pfSense“: Here is an example of a simple but effective blacklist system that I’m using on my pfSense firewalls. pfSense is a very modular firewall that can be expanded with many packages. About blacklists, there is a well-known one called pfBlocklist. P
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MISP Summit 0x05 Wrap-Up

I’m in Luxembourg for a full week of infosec events. It started today with the MISP summit. It was already the fifth edition and, based on the number of attendees, the tool is getting more and more popularity. The event started with a recap of what happened since the last edition. It was a pretty busy year with many improvements, add-ons. More and mor
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Splunk Custom Search Command: Searching for MISP IOC’s

While you use a tool every day, you get more and more knowledge about it but you also have plenty of ideas to improve it. I’m using Splunk on a daily basis within many customers’ environments as well as for personal purposes. When you have a big database of events, it becomes quickly mandatory to deploy techniques to help you to extract juicy inf
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Quick Integration of MISP and Cuckoo

With the number of attacks that we are facing today, defenders are looking for more and more IOC’s (“Indicator of Compromise) to feed their security solutions (firewalls, IDS, …). It becomes impossible to manage all those IOC’s manually and automation is the key. There are two main problems with this amount of data: How to share them
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