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Second Wave of Shamoon 2: Disttrack Can Now Wipe Organizations’ VDI Snapshots

On November 17, 2016, the security community witnessed the resurgence of a familiar enemy. That’s the day when Shamoon 2, the successor of an attack campaign which first emerged in 2012, delivered Disttrack wiper malware to an organization based in Saudi Arabia.True to its design, Disttrack spread through the company’s network and overwrote the M
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Persistent Financial Malware ‘Nemesis’ Targets Boot Record

A group of attackers are behind a strain of payment card malware that has bootkit functionality, something that makes it very difficult to detect, much less remove.“FIN1,” the group behind the malware, appears to be based in Russia, according to researchers at both FireEye and Mandiant who described the group on Monday. The two firms uncovered th
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New Rombertik Sample has originated in Nigeria

ThreatConnect has conducted further investigations on the Rombertik malware and traced a malicious sample they analyzed to a Nigeria-based man. Lately Rombertik have been making the headlines of security related news, I wrote on SecurityAffairs about the malware a few weeks ago, last update from security researchers at ThreatC
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DarkSeoul - Jokra - MBR wiper samples

If all you needed for happiness is to destroy a few virtual machines, here are the samples for today's headline maker.The malware overwrites master boot record (MBR) as described here:* Trojan.Jokra - Symantec* DarkSeoul: SophosLabs identifies malware used in South Korean internet attack* South Korean Banks, Media Companies Targeted by Destruc
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