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Securing enterprise mobility is driving record growth at Lookout

2016 was the year mobile risk reduction became a necessity for global enterprises. Controlling mobile access to corporate data is now a top priority and proactive CISOs are selecting Lookout to accelerate secure mobility in the workplace. This increase in customer orders drove Lookout to triple our billings year over year in 2016 compared to 2015 for Mobile
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Lookout in Vanity Fair: The real story behind Pegasus and Trident

Smartphones today have more computing power than a Cray III supercomputer. However, many security professionals put about as much thought into securing their mobile ecosystems as they did into securing Motorola RAZRv3 flip phones back in the day. Vanity Fair interviewed my team to understand the story behind the discovery of Trident, the three zero-day vuln
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Secure your identity and your device in one app with expanded protection from Lookout Personal

Today, Lookout is adding two new tools to our Personal app for individuals who are concerned about the safety of their digital identity and financial data. In today’s mobile world our personal information is stored in many services on our devices and across the internet, which is a great thing for our daily digital lives. Criminals see value in this informa
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A new look for Lookout, designed by you

To the people whose data, devices, and digital lives we protect every day: Lookout has just released a brand new design for the Lookout app for Android, all based on your feedback. We recently completed a comprehensive customer-insights initiative with you, our users. In it, we learned that you need: Strong protection from the real threats to your devices
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Microsoft and Lookout: Securing all your endpoints begins today

Today, we are excited to announce that the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security integration with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is now generally available. This means that while enterprise employees more seriously consider mobile devices to be an invaluable tool in their everyday working lives, enterprise IT teams don’t have to struggle to secu
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Here’s what I told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce about mobile security

On Tuesday, I had the great pleasure to speak at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 5th Annual Cybersecurity Summit. This premiere event convenes public and private sector leaders around one of our most pressing national security concerns. My presentation focused on how U.S. Government CIOs and security professionals can secure the next frontier for cyber
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Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions – what you need to know

Gartner published its “Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions” a few weeks ago, and in my view it offers three key takeaways for security and IT leaders facing the challenge of securing mobility in your organizations. In the guide, Gartner establishes a clear definition for Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), outlines the market’s direction through 2018
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Introducing network protection for mobile man-in-the-middle attacks

Today we are excited to announce the availability of network protection, an automated on-device analysis of network connections that defends against man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks and ensures information is being securely transmitted. With every enterprise now shifting towards a mobile-first, cloud-first workplace, employees’ day-to-day work now happens
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Lookout and Microsoft: securing enterprise mobility together

Today, Lookout and Microsoft announced a new partnership that will integrate Lookout Mobile Threat Protection with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. Together, we’re improving how enterprises protect and manage the sensitive data that employees access through their mobile devices every day. “Lookout shares our belief that mobility should empower empl
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Can a phone be hacked? Watch Lookout on 60 Minutes

Tonight, 60 Minutes featured Lookout co-founder John Hering and a number of other well-known and respected security researchers demonstrating mobile attacks. This snippet of conversation from the segment, captures the reality of mobile security: 60 Minutes’ Sharyn Alfonsi: “Is everything hackable?” Hering: “Yes.” A: “Everything?” H: “Yes.” A: “If somebody
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CeBIT 2016: What hacking cars has to do with your business

This year at CeBIT, Lookout will be on the center stage, with Lookout’s CTO and co-founder, Kevin Mahaffey, sharing his talk, “Why I hacked Tesla and what it means for your business.” According to Mahaffey, what started as a car hack, turned into an investigation revealing many of the same challenges we see with traditional enterprise security. For example,
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Adversaries & ultrasound scanners: A Q&A with Lookout’s new VP of Security Research on his first day

We’re thrilled to announce Michael Murray, a security industry research veteran, has joined Lookout to head up our Security Research and Response looking to focus on novel research and making the most out of our machine intelligence to knock out commodity and advanced/targeted malware. Mike brings a huge wealth of security knowledge after serving as the dire
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Lookout commits to growth in Europe with new Netherlands office & partnerships

We’re pleased to announce the opening of Lookout’s Netherlands office, the company’s second in EMEA, serving as a hub for Lookout’s Northern Europe development. The team is already having great success in the region, as led by Lookout EMEA’s Dutch native and former President of Intel EMEA, Gert-Jan Schenk. With a focus on building out business and securing
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Employee Spotlight: Heinzel Factora on coordinating programs, people, and major products

In this series we’re highlighting some of our awesome employees and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll hear about our employees biggest wins, favorite moments, and reasons for doing what they do. Interested in starting a career at Lookout? Check out our open jobs. Heinzel Factora Staff Technical Program Manager What is one of your favorite projec
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Creating a culture of giving back

The team at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in 2015. It’s been almost two years since I moved from Boston to San Francisco to take on the CEO role here at Lookout. Of course, I expected some level of culture shock after spending the first 30 years of my career on the east coast. Still, I was unprepared for how different this city is. I quickly learned t
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