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A week in security (July 25 – July 31)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Update Google Chrome now! New version includes 11 important security patchesLightning Framework, modular Linux malwareMalware spent months hoovering up credit card details from 300 US restaurantsLock down your Neopets account: Data breach being investigatedDemo: Your data has been encrypted! Stopping ransomware attacks with
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Lightning Framework, modular Linux malware

Researchers at Intezer have published a technical analysis of Lightning Framework, a previously undocumented and undetected Linux threat. Lightning is a modular framework that is very versatile and something we don’t see very often in the Linux space. The old argument that Linux systems (or Macs for that matter) don’t get malware has never been true. Linu
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A week in security (June 13 – June 19)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Serious vulnerabilities found in ITarian software, patches available for SaaS productsUpdate Chrome now: Four high risk vulnerabilities foundTaking down the IP2Scam tech support campaignDon’t panic! “Unpatchable” Mac vulnerability discoveredIntroducing Malwarebytes Vulnerability Assessment for OneView: How to check for Comm
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Stealthy Symbiote Linux malware is after financial institutions

Symbiote, a new “nearly impossible to detect” Linux malware, targeted financial sectors in Latin America—and the threat actors behind it might have links to Brazil. These findings were revealed in a recent report, a joint effort between the Blackberry Research Team and Dr. Joakim Kennedy, a security researcher with Intezer. Despite its name, t
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A week in security (June 6 – June 12)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: FBI warns of scammers soliciting donations for UkraineMicrosoft autopatch is here…but can you use it?Prometheus ransomware’s flaws inspired researchers to try to build a near-universal decryption toolRotten apples banned from App storeHackers can take over accounts you haven’t even created yetRansomware Ta
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5 Linux malware families SMBs should protect themselves against

There’s no shortage of reasons why an SMB might use Linux to run their business: There are plenty of distros to choose from, it’s (generally) free, and perhaps above all — it’s secure. The common wisdom goes that Linux malware is rare, and for the most part this is true. Thanks to its built-in security defenses, strict user privilege model, and transparen
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Massive increase in XorDDoS Linux malware in last six months

Microsoft says it’s recorded a massive increase in XorDDoS activity (254 percent) in the last six months. XorDDoS, a Linux Trojan known for its modularity and stealth, was first discovered in 2014 by the white hat research group, MalwareMustDie (MMD). MMD believed the Linux Trojan originated in China. Based on a case study in 2015, Akamai strengthen
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Previously undetected FontOnLake Linux malware used in targeted attacks

ESET researchers spotted a previously unknown, modular Linux malware, dubbed FontOnLake, that has been employed in targeted attacks. ESET researchers spotted a previously unknown, modular Linux malware, dubbed FontOnLake, that was employed in targeted attacks on organizations in Southeast Asia. According to the experts, modules of this malware family are
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Ezuri memory loader used in Linux and Windows malware

Multiple threat actors have recently started using the Ezuri memory loader as a loader to executes malware directly into the victims’ memory. According to researchers from AT&T’s Alien Labs, malware authors are choosing the Ezuri memory loader for their malicious codes. The Ezuri memory loader tool allows to load and execute a payload directl
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Grouping Linux IoT Malware Samples With Trend Micro ELF Hash

  The internet of things (IoT) has swiftly become a seemingly indispensable part of our daily lives. The IoT devices in pockets, homes, offices, cars, factories, and cities make people’s lives more efficient and convenient. It is little wonder, then, that IoT adoption continues to increase. In 2019, the number of publicly known IoT platforms grew to 62
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Crooks using Linux.ProxyM IoT botnet to send spam messages

Experts at security firm Doctor Web discovered a new botnet of IoT devices leveraging the Linux.ProxyM, that is used by crooks for mass spam mailings. The most popular thingbot since now is the Mirai, but it isn’t the only one targeting Linux-based internet-of-things (IoT) devices. Researchers with security firm Doctor Web discovered a new botnet of Io
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A new Linux Malware targets Raspberry Pi devices to mine Cryptocurrency

Security researchers at Dr. Web discovered two new Linux Malware, one of them mines for cryptocurrency using Raspberry Pi Devices. Malware researchers at the Russian antivirus maker Dr.Web have discovered a new Linux trojan, tracked as Kinux.MulDrop.14, that is infecting Raspberry Pi devices with the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. According to the Russian
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ELF_IMEIJ, a new Linux malware is spreading in the wild

Security experts from Trend Micro discovered a new family of Linux malware, tracked as ELF_IMEIJ, targeting AVTech surveillance devices. Security experts from Trend Micro discovered a new family of Linux malware that is targeting products from surveillance technology company AVTech exploiting a CGI vulnerability that was disclosed in 2016. According to Trend
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New Linux Malware Exploits CGI Vulnerability

by Jeanne Jocson and Jennifer Gumban Linux has long been the preferred operating system for enterprise platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers. Linux-based devices are continually being deployed in smart systems across many different industries, with IoT gateways facilitating connected solutions and services central to different businesses. In c
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Powerful Linux Trojan 'Turla' Infected Large Number of Victims

Security researchers have discovered a highly nasty Linux trojan that has been used by cybercriminals in state sponsored attack in order to steal personal, confidential information from government institutions, military and pharmaceutical companies around the world.A previously unknown piece of a larger puzzle called "Turla," one of the most complex Advanced
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