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Linksys force password reset to prevent Router hijacking

Linksys has reset passwords for all its customers’ after learning on ongoing DNS hijacking attacks aimed at delivering malware. Crooks continue to launch Coronavirus-themed attacks, in the last weeks, experts observed hackers hijacking D-Link and Linksys routers to redirect users to COVID19-themed sites spreading malware. Hackers compromise D-Lin
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Linux/AirDropBot samples

Reference Malware Must Die:  MMD-0064-2019 - Linux/AirDropBotMirai variant targeting Linksys E-series - Remote Code ExecutiontmUnblock.cgi Download             Other malwareDownload. Email me if you need the password (see in my profile) HashesMD5SHA256SHA185a8aad8d938c44c3f3f51089a60ec161a756429764
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Vulnerabilities in Linksys routers allow attackers to hijack dozens of models

Cyber security experts disclosed the existence of 10 unpatched security flaws in dozens of Linksys routers widely used today. The IOActive senior security consultant Tao Sauvage and the independent security researcher Antide Petit have reported more than a dozen of unpatched security vulnerabilities affecting 25 different Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers models.
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Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities

By Tao SauvageLast year I acquired a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router, more specifically the EA3500 Series. I chose Linksys (previously owned by Cisco and currently owned by Belkin) due to its popularity and I thought that it would be interesting to have a look at a router heavily marketed outside of Asia, hoping to have different results than with my previous re
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IoT Devices as Proxies for Cybercrime

Multiple stories published here over the past few weeks have examined the disruptive power of hacked “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices such as routers, IP cameras and digital video recorders. This post looks at how crooks are using hacked IoT devices as proxies to hide their true location online as they engage in a variety of other types of cybe
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Two Linksys routers running SMART Wi-Fi Firmware are still vulnerable to remote attacks

Two models of Linksys routers running SMART Wi-Fi Firmware remain vulnerable to a pair of vulnerabilities recently patched by the company. Linksys EA2700 and EA3500 are the two routers running Linksys SMART Wi-Fi firmware that are still affected by a couple of vulnerabilities recently patched in different models of the Belkin-
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Linksys Patches (Most) Routers Running SMART Wi-Fi Firmware

Two versions of popular consumer and small office Linksys routers remain vulnerable to a pair of vulnerabilities recently patched in other models of the Belkin-owned networking gear.Linksys EA2700 and EA3500 routers running Linksys SMART Wi-Fi firmware have yet to be patched against vulnerabilities that put user credentials at risk, thus allowing outside acc
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DEFCON 22 Shines Light on More SOHO Security Woes

The SOHOpelessly competition marked the first of, hopefully, many consumer router hacking competitions that continue to apply pressure on vendors to get their security act together.Throughout the competition, with only a handful of hours and a few available routers for reference, I was able to find zero-day vulnerabilities in the majority of the track 0 R
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