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IDG Contributor Network: Beyond Acronyms: Humanizing Big Data and Information Governance through Mindful Storytelling

“Data governance applies to everything that we do,” shared Janice Haith, Department of Navy’s Deputy CIO. And, being responsible for complex, mission-critical initiatives such as enterprise architecture, software licensing, information assurance, data and help desk consolidation, and compliance, to name a few – means there is a lot of data to be dealt wi
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Tech jobs report: Security, devops, and big data stay hot

If you're wondering what IT skill sets to acquire, security and devops are doing well in the job market. Pay for cloud skills, however, is eroding.Research firm Foote Partners' latest quarterly IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index determined that the market value for 404 of the 450 IT certifications it tracks had increased for 12 consecutive quarters.
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IDG Contributor Network: CIOs step inside the mind of a security hacker

Does your board question the company's approach to security? It should. Understanding your opponents can help break the cyber kill chain. Think like your opponent in this multi-player game. Begin with a framework that covers policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to ensure consistency – earn trust.Medical and healthcare breachesThe cost of a dat
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Gartner: How to make a digital risk plan and sell it to the board

It’s not enough for security pros to figure out how to protect digital enterprises from risks that can ruin the business, they must effectively sell it to corporate boards whose blessing is needed to authorize the plan, Gartner analysts told attendees at their Security and Risk Management Summit.With that in mind, three Gartner security specialists walke
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IDG Contributor Network: 2016 digital consumer trends

Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers better known as KPCB focuses on early-stage ventures. They released the Internet Trends 2016 report on June 1, 2016. This report highlights global and macro business trends. KPCB identified five major growth drivers over the past two decades. First connectivity growth is slowing (internet users rose to 3 billion from 25 mil
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‘Vendor overload’ adds to CISO burnout

There are multiple reasons for the relatively rapid burnout of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO).They include a combination of pressure and the unrealistic expectation that the CISO should not just lower the risk of major breaches, but prevent them altogether.The modern CISO is also expected to have skills that go well beyond being a technology
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CDM Smith CIO on how tech can transform construction

LinkedInDave Neitz, CIO of $1.3 billion construction and engineering firm CDM Smith, thinks the time has come for his industry, traditionally a late adopter of technology, to transform itself through digital tech. In a recent interview with executive recruiter and CIO.com blogger Martha Heller, Neitz explained how digital transformation can help solve t
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Networks need automation -- just ask the U.S. military

IT professionals are looking to software-defined networking to automate what are still complex and vulnerable systems controlled by human engineers. Major General Sarah Zabel knows where they’re coming from.Zabel is the vice director of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), which provides IT support for all U.S. combat operations. Soldiers, offi
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IT leaders pick productivity over security

Results from two recent studies suggest that cybersecurity needs an overhaul at most companies with root causes of the problem including poor communication, a lack of employee awareness, slowed productivity and a lack of budget.In its 2016 Cybersecurity Confidence Report, Barkly, an endpoint security company, surveyed 350 IT pros to determine the top sec
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CIO/CISO takes unorthodox route to the C-suite

Most seasoned CIOs and CISOs looking for an exit have the luxury of hiring executive search firms to find them a landing spot. But sometimes chaotic business environments force IT leaders to take matters into their own hands.Such was the case for former Time Warner Cable CISO Tammy Moskites, who along with other members of the cable company's C-suite fou
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Obama taps former NSA CEO to head up cybersecurity

In the waning months of the Obama administration, the White House is racing to lay the groundwork for an enduring plan to shore up the nation's critical digital infrastructure.Yesterday, President Obama described the digital age as a sort of double-edged sword, at once delivering "incredible opportunity, incredible wealth," while also presenting a new se
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Security policy samples, templates and tools

“If you can’t translate your requirements into effective policy, then you’ve little hope of your requirements being met in an enforceable way," says Rob McMillan, research director at Gartner. "But if you get it right, it will make a big difference in your organization’s ability to reduce risk.”Not only that, getting your security policies right will als
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6 analytics trends that will shape business in 2016

In its recently released Analytics Trends 2016 report, consulting firm Deloitte predicts six major trends will significantly shape business in 2016."Business leaders continue to face many varying challenges and opportunities, and staying ahead of these trends will have a lasting impact on how their organizations will operate in the future," says John Luc
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IDG Contributor Network: Cloud is now a core strategy — are you onboard?

What are clouds?That's a question a child might ask, but for CIOs today, the answer centers on a completely different meaning. Top tech chiefs and company executives are trying to figure out how to use cloud technology and to what degree it should be part of their company strategy.Without a doubt, statistics show the cloud can no longer be ignored:Accord
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IDG Contributor Network: What the board needs to know about cybersecurity compliance

Board members are now facing lawsuits after large-scale cybersecurity breaches because the security breakdowns are considered a failure to uphold fiduciary duties. The Department of Justice has recently provided guidelines for cybersecurity awareness for board members. The CIO now has a responsibility to communicate the cybersecurity strategy to board me
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