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Cisco Founders Forum: One creative way to keep & energize talent

The tech industry brims with examples of bright entrepreneurs who have struck it big by selling their startups and then hightailing it out of those larger companies once contractually eligible so that they can pursue their next venture.So what the heck is Matt Cutler still doing at Cisco three years after selling his mobile collaboration startup to the n
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Leadership: From dictator to enabler

Effective leadership isn’t what it used to be, because what it was doesn’t work any more.That declaration comes from one who ought to know – one of the US military’s most prominent and celebrated leaders of the past decade – retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal, former commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in Iraq and commander of US and in
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Enterprises continue to struggle to find cybersecurity talent, survey finds

As enterprises rapidly digitize more business processes with cloud computing, mobile, IoT, and data they are straining their ability to find the security talent they need to secure their systems.According to the Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) 2017 -- a worldwide study conducted by PwC, CIO and CSO released this month - skilled cybers
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IDG Contributor Network: 6 steps to creating a culture of security ownership

The state of corporate cybersecurity is anything but static. With the list of potential threats diversifying, the stakes are high for securing company systems and data. As the average cost of a data breach grows (currently estimated at $4 million), business leaders’ appetite for risk lessens. And yet fewer than half of information security professionals
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CIO security lessons: Dark thinking on IoT & exploding enterprise networks

“How many of you or your staff had trouble getting on the internet Friday?”That was how cybersecurity consultant Bryce Austin kicked off his talk Tuesday at SIMposium 2016, a big gathering of CIOs and IT execs at the Mohegan Sun resort in Connecticut, on the "Unintended Consequences of the Internet of Things."Uncomfortable laughter ensued.Austin, who the
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4 ways Cognizant customers can protect themselves amid corruption probe

Following Cognizant’s announcement late last week that it had launched an internal investigation into possible anti-corruption violations, there have been more questions than answers about what may have occurred at the Teaneck, N.J.-headquartered provider of offshore IT services. Particularly perplexing to some was the attendant news that the company’s l
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Business transformation proves to be a catalyst for cybersecurity spending

As enterprises accelerate their use of cloud computing, online services, and ready themselves for internet of things deployments, they are finding themselves strained to find the cybersecurity talent and security tools needed to secure these efforts. That’s one of the most important takeaways from the Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) 2
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Tech jobs that will get you the biggest raise next year

The biggest raises in 2017 will go to data scientists, who can expect a 6.4% boost in pay next year. That’s well above the average 3.8% increase that’s predicted for tech workers, according to new data from Robert Half Technology.The recruiting and staffing specialist recently released its annual guide to U.S. tech salaries, which finds IT workers will b
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Mergers create greater security risk

Corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be fraught with risks related to financial matters, company culture, personnel, IT systems integration and other areas.Security risks, both cyber and physical, certainly belong on the list of concerns. And with the ongoing shortage of professionals who are expert in various aspects of data protection—coupl
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Is your security awareness training program working?

Employees at Axe Investment, the fictional firm of biollionaire Bobby Axelrod in Showtimes new series, Billions, were downright angry when they learned that surprise SEC raid was only a test. Axelrod, though, found the mock raid fruitful as it revealed the internal weak links of his organization.These are metrics that enterprises should be using to evalu
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IDG Contributor Network: Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep cyber attackers from gettin’ to you

The classic R&B hit “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” could be the theme song for the age of cybersecurity. The tune recounts a young couple’s pledge that nothing will keep them apart. Cyber criminals take a similarly passionate stance when approaching your data: higher mountains and lower valleys won’t keep them away.It’s no wonder keeping sys
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Why a security team embraces shadow IT

When you hear the phrase "getting ahead of shadow IT," it typically comes from a CIO who is implementing new technologies so that employs won’t take it upon themselves to purchase tools. But you don't expect such proactive practices from an enterprise's information security team, which a CIO often enlists to place a moat around corporate assets.
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IDG Contributor Network: Making cybersecurity a priority in mergers and acquisitions: integration

The change inevitable in a post-deal situation makes the new company a ripe target for cyber criminals, who often capitalize on the security vulnerabilities that can arise during system implementations, lack of clarity or governance, and employees who may be anxious about losing their jobs. How does a smart, strategic CIO circle the wagons and fo
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IDG Contributor Network: Making cybersecurity a priority in mergers and acquisitions: due diligence

Let’s say Company X wants to purchase Company Y. If Company X is smart, it will not only be looking at Company Y’s financials, structure, culture and more to determine value and strategic fit. Company X will also be taking a long, hard look at Company Y’s cybersecurity posture.How often do the Company Xs of the world — the buyers — take that long
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How to train new grads on corporate security

Millennials bring a lot to the workplace, whether they're pushing the boundaries of company culture or forcing companies to modernize. But there are a few risks associated with hiring recent grads -- especially if it's their first job in the industry -- and one of those risks is data security. In a recent study from the Ponemon Institute in partn
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