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CISA Passes Senate, criticism about privacy and security

The CISA cyber security bill passes US Senate despite tech giants, privacy advocates, and civil liberties groups express their disappointment. The US Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass a version of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), a bill that has been debated for a long because it will authorize government pe
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Is protection against self-incrimination dead in the digital era? (Poll)

How to balance between privacy and crime fighting? That’s one of the big questions now when we are entering the digitally connected era. Our western democracies have a set of well-established and widely accepted rules that control what authorities can and can’t do. One aspect of this has been in the headlines lately. That’s your right to “plead the Fifth”, a
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National Encryption Policy draft, everyone is under strict surveillance

The Indian Government plans to release the new National Encryption Policy, a law that seems to be one of the big threat to the Internet freedom. A new problem is worrying the Indian friends, the Government plans to release a new policy, National Encryption Policy’ that seems to presage disappointments for users. Among ugly a
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New Zealand approves Harmful Digital Communications Bill against cyberbullying

The New Zealand’s Government passed the Harmful Digital Communications Bill, which declares war to cyberbullying and other abuses of Digital Communications. The Government of New Zealand has passed the Harmful Digital Communications Bill that would implement the Government’s decisions on addressing harmful digital commun
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Electronic Frontier Foundation – WhatsApp ranked as the worst at protecting users’ privacy

The Electronic Frontier Foundation published the “Who Has Your Back? 2015″ report that ranked WhatsApp ranked as the worst in protecting users’ privacy. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published its annual report “Who Has Your Back? 2015: Protecting Your Data From Government Requests” th
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A report shows that the NSA is in a search for hackers

The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama approved the law to give to NSA wider powers, what does it means for Americans? The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama approved the law to give to NSA wider powers, where the NSA is able to spy internet traffic in search of hackers, responsible of
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The FBI is not able to monitor ISIS’s encrypted communications

The FBI warned lawmakers there was no way to monitor encrypted online communications among sympathizers of the ISIS, it urges a law to give them more powers. The FBI warned lawmakers there was no way to monitor encrypted online communications exploited by Islamic State militants and sympathizers. The law enforcement urges IT g
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Sunset for section 215, but is the world better now?

Section 215 of the US Patriot Act has been in the headlines a lot lately. This controversial section was used by the US intelligence agencies to scoop up large quantities of US phone records, among other things. The section had a sunset clause and needed to be renewed periodically, with the latest deadline at midnight May 31st 2015. The renewal has previousl
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MI5 to Google and Whatsapp, hand me your messages

The Conservatives are planning new laws to give MI5 the power to force IT giants to hand over encrypted messages from terror suspects. Potential global terrorism threats are persuading to Conservatives in UK to move the pieces of chess by law; in advance of the world’s biggest internet companies, such as Google, Apple and Face
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No restrictions for the GCHQ. UK government rewrites its hacking law ‘quietly’

The UK Government is giving GCHQ, Intelligence services and law enforcement full hacking powers. People are scared by a law that gives GCHQ the immunity. New legislation exempting police, GCHQ and other officers from intelligence department from prosecution in a connection to mobile and computer hacking by the said government
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Interview with Steven Fox: Privacy and Its Challenges for the Future

We at Tripwire are very excited that RSA Conference 2015 is finally upon us. Not only are we looking forward to all of the attendees who will join us at Booth 3301 over the course of RSA, but we are also eager to hear all of the keynote speakers. Acknowledging this excitement, we decided to sit down with Steven Fox, one of the conference’s keynote speakers,
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Lawyer Finds Hard Drive Sent Over by Police to Be Infected with Trojan for Spying

A lawyer who has been dealing with a whistleblower case has claimed that a hard drive used as evidence and sent by the police has infected with spying Trojan. A lawyer from Arkansas is now representing three police officers from Fort Smith at a case of whistleblowers and has now found himself in the middle of a surveillance at
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US Government proposed an amendment to fight botnets

Obama Administration proposes giving courts more power to issue botnet injunctions, a measure necessary to fight the diffusion of malicious infrastructures. The US Government has proposed an amendment that would enable the Department of Justice to seek an injunction to prevent the diffusion of botnets. The Obama’s Admini
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Facebook Policies and New Terms of Use Have Been under Scrutiny in Europe

A recent report about the privacy policy of Facebook has shed light to potential problems and disagreements with legal concerns in the EU. There is a recent report from Belgium focusing on the revised terms of use that have to do with Facebook. Due to its enormous popularity even apart from the fact that it’s blocked in some c
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Terrorism and the Law: cause and effect or effect and cause?

Terrorism and the Law: cause and effect or effect and cause? Many years ago towards the end of the First Crypto War a Home Office advocate who patrolled one of the crypto mailing lists wrote that it would only take one terrorist spectacular for the people to demand that the government
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