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Decryption Keys Released by Developer of HildaCrypt Ransomware

The developer of HildaCrypt has released the master decryption keys that would allow potential victims of the ransomware to recover their data for free.On October 4, a security researcher who goes by the name “GrujaRS” posted about the discovery of a new variant of STOP, a well–known ransomware family.New #Stop (Djvu) #Ransomware extension
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Instagram Launches New Feature to Help Users Identify Phishing Emails

Instagram announced the release of a new feature that’s designed to help its users identify phishing emails impersonating the social media platform.On October 7, Instagram tweeted out about the new capability and said that users can leverage it to verify whether an email claiming to originate from the social network is legitimate.Heads up: Today, we’re
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New Sextortion Scam Uses Alternative Cryptocurrencies to Evade Detection

A new sextortion scam variant is using a wallet for a cryptocurrency other than bitcoin in an attempt to evade detection.On October 8, Cofense revealed it had detected a modified sextortion scam that was using a wallet address for Litecoin instead of bitcoin.The variant thereby differentiated itself from earlier sextortion campaigns detected by the anti-phis
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Phishing Attack Possibly Affected 68K Patients of The Methodist Hospitals

The Methodist Hospitals, Inc. revealed that a phishing attack potentially affected the information of approximately 68,000 patients.According to its Notice of Data Incident, the non-profit healthcare system located in Gary, Indiana detected unusual activity involving an employee’s email account back in June 2019. The Methodist Hospitals (‘Methodi
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Critical Security Vulnerability Disclosed in iTerm2 App

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in the popular iTerm2 application, an open source terminal emulator program designed to replace the default Apple Terminal in macOS.iTerm2 often finds its way into lists of some of the best software to install on a Mac. It is especially popular with power users as a result of its many features and highly customiza
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Scammers Using Hacked Servers, Bogus Links to Target LinkedIn Users

Digital fraudsters are using compromised servers and bogus links in an ongoing effort to target LinkedIn members with scams.The scam began when a Sophos employee received what it appeared to be an unexceptional email from someone they know in real life and with whom they keep in touch on LinkedIn. The body of the LinkedIn message informed the recipient that
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Graboid Cryptojacking Worm Has Struck Over 2K Unsecured Docker Hosts

Researchers discovered a new cryptojacking worm called “Graboid” that has spread to more than 2,000 unsecured Docker hosts.In its research, Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 team noted that it’s the first time it’s discovered a cryptojacking worm specifically using containers in the Docker Engine for distribution. (It’s not the
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Phishing Campaign Uses Clever Tricks to Steal Stripe Credentials

Researchers have detected a new phishing campaign that uses some clever tricks in order to steal users’ Stripe credentials.Cofense discovered the campaign when it came across an attack email that pretended to originate from “Stripe Support.” The message informed recipients that their account contained invalid details and that it was therefo
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Malspam Campaign Personalizes Emails with Recipient’s Name and Address

A spam campaign is personalizing its emails with the recipient’s name and address so that more people will feel inclined to open the malicious attachment.Sophos Labs has seen several versions of this scam pop up in recent weeks. But although the text differs across samples, all the emails generally follow the same format. The scam email includes the re
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Russian Man Pleads Guilty to Orchestrating Ebury Botnet Conspiracy

A Russian man has pleaded guilty to helping to create and operate a botnet of tens of thousands of machines infected with Ebury malware.On 28 March 2017, Maxim Senakh, 41, of Velikii Novgorod, Russia pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Law enforcement originally indicted Senakh on 13
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Texas Specialty Practice Warns 200K Patients of Ransomware Attack

A specialty practice in Texas has notified more than 200,000 patients of a ransomware attack that might have exposed their personal information.On 24 March, Urology Austin sent out notification letters to 279,663 patients informing them of an incident that occurred back in January. As quoted by DataBreaches.net:“On January 22, 2017, Urology Austin was
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Attackers Targeting FTP Servers to Access Patient Health Data, Warns FBI

The FBI issued an alert to the healthcare industry warning of criminal actors actively targeting anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers to access protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII).According to the FBI’s Cyber Division, attackers are compromising such information from medical and dental entities in order
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Over 70% of Android Devices Don’t Have Latest Security Patch Installed

According to recent research, the majority of Android devices are running security patches that are months old, leaving users vulnerable to attacks.Mobile security company Skycure released the findings of its Q4 2016 Mobile Threat Intelligence Report, revealing that over 70 percent of Android phones lack the latest security patches.The company evaluated Andr
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Pastry Crimper Accused of Swindling Retiree Out of £35,000 in Dating Scam

A pastry crimper is accused of swindling a retired divorcee out of £35,000 as part of a dating scam.Aysha Begum arriving outside Truro Crown Court. (Source: Cornwall Live)Authorities have accused 27-year-old Aysha Begum, of Hendra Road, St Dennis, St Austell of having spent £35,126.19 knowing that the money came from criminal conduct. Originally, the woman w
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Cerber Ransomware Infecting Users via “Blank Slate” Malspam Emails

Cerber ransomware is infecting unsuspecting users via malspam emails sent out by the “Blank Slate” attack campaign.Blank Slate is known for sending out attack emails with two defining characteristics. First, the emails don’t come with any message text. Second, they don’t contain any information that gives away the nature of their atta
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