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Coronavirus scams, found and explained

Coronavirus has changed the face of the world, restricting countless individuals from dining at restaurants, working from cafes, and visiting their loved ones. But for cybercriminals, this global pandemic is expanding their horizons. In the past week, Malwarebytes discovered multiple email scams that prey on the fear, uncertainty, and confusion regarding
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Party like it’s 1999: Comeback of VBA Malware Downloaders [Part 3]

Authored by:  Clemens Kolbitsch, Alexander Sevtsov, and Arunpreet SinghFind more details on this series in Part 1 and Part 2.Evasive scripts continue to be on the rise - whether it’s in the form of VBA macros in Microsoft Office documents or in the form of JScript scripts, malware authors are equipping their campai
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Party like it’s 1999: Comeback of VBA Malware Downloaders [Part 2]

Authored by: Alexander Sevtsov and Arunpreet SinghRead Part 1 here.The use of malicious macro code in Microsoft Office documents is seeing a big comeback in recent weeks. As we already discussed in the first part of this blog-post series, this malicious code gives attackers a very simple but powerful means to attack users. At the same time
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Party like it’s 1999: Comeback of VBA Malware Downloaders [Part 1]

Authored by: Alexander Sevtsov and Arunpreet SinghMacro malware, introduced back in the 90’s, which lives inside Microsoft Office documents, is currently making a somewhat unexpected, but nonetheless frighteningly, successful comeback.The idea of infecting Internet users through documents is effective and incredibly simple, because all tha
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DarkHotel APT Employs Just-in-Time Decryption of Strings to Evade Detection

For decades, the field of computer security has evolved as a cat-and-mouse game between security researchers and malware authors. When the former devises new methods to detect malicious programs, the latter incorporates into their software dormant functionality scenarios and a variety of other evasive techniques – four of which are now particularly common am
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Four Common Scenarios for Dormant Functionality in Malware

Malware is continually evolving to meet the challenges posed by security researchers and antivirus software. Recently, malicious programs have begun to incorporate evasive behaviors, which include four of the most common anti-detection techniques: 1) environmental awareness, 2) confusing automated tools, 3) timing-based evasion, and 4) obfuscating internal d
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4 Elements of a Stealthy Sandbox

Sandboxes (or automated, dynamic malware analysis systems) are one of the most advanced threat detection tools available to security professionals, and are quickly being adopted by forward-thinking enterprise and mid-market organizations globally.These systems use behavioral analysis methods to monitor unknown malware programs in a simulated environment for
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