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HP's new privacy protecting laptop screen thwarts would-be spies

HP just introduced a new technology to fight back against the feeling that somebody’s watching you.HP’s EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840 laptops now have an option to add a new one-touch solution called SureView that combats what the company calls “visual hacking.” SureView was developed with 3M privacy technology, and HP first showed off the technology
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Laptops most often stolen from most unlikely place

The rise of mobile in the enterprise has led many CIOs to become concerned about the potential for data loss due to a lost or stolen device — phones, laptops and the like lost in taxis, restaurants and hotel rooms. But a new study has found that CIOs also need to spend more time focusing on the office itself.In July of this year, Kensington, a su
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20% off 3M Gold Privacy Filters - Prime Day Deal Alert

Discounted by 20% for Prime Day these 3M Privacy Filters for widescreen and standard LCD monitors are the perfect fit for people who want their private data to stay out of sight.  An unprotected screen can expose sensitive and private information, trade secrets and business plans. And the reality is, a visual hacker may only need one piece of val
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Laptop updaters riddled with security holes

A recent test of pre-installed updater software on 10 laptops showed that every single one had security problems."We went and bought about 10 laptops," said Darren Kemp, security researcher at Duo Security. "And every single vendor had their own piece of software to perform software updates, including the Microsoft Signature Editions, and they were all p
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Lenovo patches serious flaw in pre-installed support tool

Lenovo has fixed a vulnerability in its Lenovo Solution Center support tool that could allow attackers to execute code with system privileges and take over computers.The Lenovo Solution Center (LSC) is an application that comes pre-installed on many Lenovo laptops and desktops. It allows users to check their system’s virus and firewall status, update the
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If you return a tech gift this Christmas, make sure you erase all your data first

The first tip that something wasn’t quite right about the open-box tablet I had purchased from Fry’s Electronics was that fact that Marvel Contest of Champions appeared on the home screen.I had sought out the most run-down, crappiest tablet I could buy for our buying guide on productivity tablets, as an example of what not to buy during the holiday seaso
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Lenovo patches serious vulnerabilities in PC system update tool

For the third time in less than six months security issues have forced Lenovo to update one of the tools preloaded on its PCs.Last week, the company released version 5.07.0019 of Lenovo System Update, a tool that helps users keep their computers' drivers and BIOS up to date and which was previously called ThinkVantage System Update. The new version fixes
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Dell admits installing security hole on laptops, apologizes, offers fix

Dell acknowledges a root certificate it installed on its laptops was a bad idea and is pushing a patch to permanently remove it.In a blog post company spokesperson Laura Thomas says eDellRoot was installed as a support tool to make it faster and easier for customers to service the devices. But some of those customers discovered the certificate and recogn
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Dell installs self-signed root certificate on laptops, endangering users' privacy

Dell laptops are coming preloaded with a self-signed root digital certificate that lets attackers spy on traffic to any secure website.The reports first surfaced on Reddit and were soon confirmed by other users and security experts on Twitter and blogs. The root certificate, which has the power of a certificate authority on the laptops it's installed on,
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Lenovo hit with lawsuit over Superfish snafu

Lenovo admitted to pre-loading the Superfish adware on some consumer PCs, and unhappy customers are now dragging the company to court on the matter.A proposed class-action suit was filed late last week against Lenovo and Superfish, which charges both companies with “fraudulent” business practices and of making Lenovo PCs vulnerable to malware and malicious a
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With employee help, ID theft ring allegedly stole $700,000 in Apple gift cards

Apple products are some of the most expensive and desirable in tech so it makes sense that the company’s gift cards are proving an attractive currency for criminals.On Thursday, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said it has indicted five people for using personal information stolen from around 200 people to fund the purchase of hundreds of thousands o
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USB Armory is the Swiss army knife of security devices

“Where’s Andrea?” That was the question on the lips of attendees at this week’s No Such Con security conference.They were looking for Andrea Barisani, Chief Security Engineer of Italian security consultancy Inverse Path, and more precisely the prototype USB security device he was carrying.“http://inversepath.com/usbarmory.html”>USB Armory” looks like a fa
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