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February Patch Tuesday: Fixes for Critical LNK, RDP, Trident Vulnerabilities

The first Patch Tuesday of 2020 in January brought an unusually long list of patches, but February brings an even wider range of fixes that address a total of 99 vulnerabilities — including 12 classified as Critical, with the remaining 99 deemed Important. Only five of the vulnerabilities were made public before the patches were released; one of these was ra
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Information Stealer Found Hitting Israeli Hospitals

The abuse of shortcut (LNK) files is steadily gaining traction among cybercriminals. We’ve seen a plethora of threats that leverage malicious LNK files: from well-known ransomware families, backdoors typically deployed in targeted attacks, and banking Trojans to spam emails, even an exploit to a LNK vulnerability itself. These threats are usually exacerbated
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A Rising Trend: How Attackers are Using LNK Files to Download Malware

PowerShell is a versatile command-line and shell scripting language from Microsoft that can integrate and interact with a wide array of technologies. It runs discreetly in the background, and can be used to obtain system information without an executable file. All told, it makes an attractive tool for threat actors. There were a few notable instances where c
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