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New XORDDoS, Kaiji DDoS botnet variants target Docker servers

Operators behind XORDDoS and Kaiji DDoS botnets recently started targeting Docker servers exposed online, Trend Micro warns. Trend Micro researchers reported that operators behind XORDDoS and Kaiji DDoS botnets recently started targeting Docker servers exposed online. XORDDoS, also known as XOR.DDoS, first appeared in the threat landscape in 2014 it is
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Stealthworker botnet targets Windows and Linux servers

Researchers uncovered a malware campaign that is targeting Windows and Linux servers with a Golang-based malicious code called Stealthworker. Akamai researchers uncovered a malware campaign spreading a Golang-based malicious code tracked as Stealthworker. The malware targets Windows and Linux servers running popular web services and platforms including (i
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Microsoft project proposed to aid Linux IoT code integrity

byJohn E DunnImagine a computer user from 2010 dreaming of a world in which Microsoft is not only an enthusiastic proponent of open source software but actively contributes to it with its own ideas.It would have sounded fanciful and yet a decade on and this is exactly the world a growing number of Microsoft’s in-house developers find themselves working towar
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Technology and the power of moral panic

Moral panic is a fascinating topic, and often finds itself tied up in the cutting edge-technology of the times once it works its way into the hands of younger generations. Music, games, movies—pretty much anything you can think of is liable to gatecrash the “won’t somebody think of the children?” party no matter how well-meaning or patently silly it is. Last
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Nvidia patches severe flaws affecting GeForce, Quadro NVS and Tesla

byJohn E DunnDenial of service, local escalation of privileges, and information disclosure are not security worries most computer users will associate with their racy graphics card or its drivers.And yet fixes for precisely these issues are part of February’s Nvidia GPU display update, all of which could compromise Windows or Linux PCs, allowing an attacker
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Experts discovered a new critical OpenSMTPD RCE flaw exploited in the wild

Experts discovered a new critical remote code execution vulnerability in the OpenSMTPD that could allow hacking email servers running BSD or Linux. A new critical remote code execution vulnerability was discovered in the OpenSMTPD that could be exploited by attackers to take complete control over email servers running BSD or Linux operating systems. O
Publish At:2020-02-25 12:23 | Read:535 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking hacking news information security news

Cybersecurity Research During the Coronavirus Outbreak and After

Virus outbreaks are always gruesome: people, animals or computer systems get infected within a short time. Of course, viruses spreading across our physical world always take priority over the virtual world. Nevertheless, everyone should keep doing their job, which includes all kinds of malware researchers, digital forensics experts and incident responders. A
Publish At:2020-02-20 08:02 | Read:636 | Comments:0 | Tags:Software digital forensics Linux Security technology Virus

Critical DoS messaging flaw fixed in December Android update

byJohn E DunnFor anyone lucky enough to get them, Android’s December 2019 updates arrived this week, patching a small list of system and Qualcomm flaws across the operating system’s two patch levels.In Google’s estimation, at the top of the urgent list on the 2019-12-01 patch level (see below for explanation) is CVE-2019-2232, a critical flaw affecting Andro
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Rootkit Umbreon / Umreon - x86, ARM samples

Pokémon-themed Umbreon Linux Rootkit Hits x86, ARM SystemsResearch: Trend MicroThere are two packagesone is 'found in the wild' full and a set of hashes from Trend Micro (all but one file are already in the full package)DownloadDownload Email me if you need the password  File informationPart one (full package)#File NameHash ValueFile Size (on
Publish At:2019-11-21 11:45 | Read:967 | Comments:0 | Tags:ARM Linux rootkit Umbreon x86

Linux/AirDropBot samples

Reference Malware Must Die:  MMD-0064-2019 - Linux/AirDropBotMirai variant targeting Linksys E-series - Remote Code ExecutiontmUnblock.cgi Download             Other malwareDownload. Email me if you need the password (see in my profile) HashesMD5SHA256SHA185a8aad8d938c44c3f3f51089a60ec161a756429764
Publish At:2019-11-21 11:45 | Read:1075 | Comments:0 | Tags:Linksys Linux Mirai

Amnesia / Radiation Linux botnet targeting Remote Code Execution in CCTV DVR samples

Reference Amnesia / Radiation botnet samples targeting Remote Code Execution in CCTV DVR 2017-04-06 Palo Alto Unit 42. New IoT/Linux Malware Targets DVRs, Forms Botnet2016-08-11 CyberX Radiation IoT Cybersecurity campaignDownload             Other malwareDownload. Email me if you need the password (see
Publish At:2019-11-21 11:45 | Read:1074 | Comments:0 | Tags:Botnet CCTV DVR Linux

Filesystem-Eating Bug Discovered in Linux 4.14

Recent news has reported that an urgent data corruption issued has destroyed file systems in Linux 4.14 and if you are using bcache to speed up your Linux 4.14 you are being urged to stop it immediately if you want your data to survive. Linux Compatibility Linux is an open-source technology and hundreds of programmers have been involved with adding softwar
Publish At:2019-10-18 04:40 | Read:1015 | Comments:0 | Tags:Articles News bcache filesytem kernbel linux

Useful Resources for Those Who Want to Know More About Linux

Guest post by Lucy Benton Linux is one of the most popular and versatile operating systems available. It can be used on a smartphone, computer and even a car. Linux has been around since the 1990s and is still one of the most widespread operating systems. Linux is actually used to run most of the Internet as it is considered to be rather stable compared to
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TSC Frequency For All: Better Profiling and Benchmarking

Have you ever tried using LLVM’s X-Ray profiling tools to make some flame graphs, but gotten obscure errors like: ==65892==Unable to determine CPU frequency for TSC accounting. ==65892==Unable to determine CPU frequency. Or worse, have you profiled every function in an application, only to find the sum of all function runtimes accounted for ~15 minutes of a
Publish At:2019-10-03 09:30 | Read:821 | Comments:0 | Tags:Containers Linux Research Practice

Skidmap Linux Malware Uses Rootkit Capabilities to Hide Cryptocurrency-Mining Payload

By Augusto Remillano II and Jakub Urbanec (Threat Analysts) Cryptocurrency-mining malware is still a prevalent threat, as illustrated by our detections of this threat in the first half of 2019. Cybercriminals, too, increasingly explored new platforms and ways to further cash in on their malware — from mobile devices and Unix and Unix-like systems to servers
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