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How to Prevent a DDoS Attack in the Cloud

If you want to learn how to prevent a DDoS attack in your cloud environment by detecting the early signs of compromise associated with this threat, then this article should explain most of the best practices required to secure your cloud infrastructure. From January through July 2022, Sysdig Threat Research team implemented a global honeynet system that c
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Top 15 Kubectl plugins for security engineers

Let's dig deeper into this list of Kubectl plugins that we strongly feel will be very useful for anyone, especially security engineers. Kubernetes, by design, is incredibly customizable. Kubernetes supports custom configurations for specific use case scenarios. This eliminates the need to apply patches to underlying features. Plugins are the means to exte
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Kinsing malware targets Kubernetes environments via misconfigured PostgreSQL

Kinsing cryptojacking operators are exploiting misconfigured and exposed PostgreSQL servers to access Kubernetes environments. Researchers at Microsoft Defender for Cloud observed threat actors behind the Kinsing cryptojacking operation using two methods to gain initial access in Kubernetes environments: exploitation of weakly configured Postgre
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Our Journey Into Cutting Kubernetes Costs by 40%

As companies start their Kubernetes and cloud-native journey, cloud infrastructures and services grow at a rapid pace. This happens all too often as organizations shift left without thorough controls, which can lead to overallocating and overspending on their Kubernetes environments. Organizations running workloads in the cloud can put budgets at risk whe
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Exploring the New Container Checkpointing Feature

Kubernetes is a continuously evolving technology strongly supported by the open source community. In the last What’s new in Kubernetes 1.25, we mentioned the latest features that have been integrated. Among these, one may have great potential in future containerized environments because it can provide interesting forensics capabilities and container checkpoi
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Kubernetes Services: ClusterIP, Nodeport and LoadBalancer

Pods are ephemeral. And they are meant to be. They can be seamlessly destroyed and replaced if using a Deployment. Or they can be scaled at some point when using Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA). This means we can’t rely on the Pod IP address to connect with applications running in our containers internally or externally, as the Pod might not be there in
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Mitigate threats with the new threat matrix for Kubernetes

Today, we are glad to release the third version of the threat matrix for Kubernetes, an evolving knowledge base for security threats that target Kubernetes clusters. The matrix, first released by Microsoft in 2020, was the first attempt to systematically cover the attack landscape of Kubernetes. Since then, the project has received great attention and intere
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Comparing GuardDuty & Falco on EKS

Security in cloud providers like AWS is usually the highest priority. With EKS, unlike bring-your-own vanilla Kubernetes instances, you benefit from a data center and network architecture that is built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. To achieve this, one of the best ways is to use all the security layers we are capable
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Discovered new BYOF technique to cryptomining with PRoot

The Sysdig Threat Research Team (TRT) recently discovered threat actors leveraging an open source tool called PRoot to expand the scope of their operations to multiple Linux distributions and simplify their necessary efforts. Typically, the scope of an attack is limited by the varying configurations of each Linux distribution. Enter PRoot, an open source too
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Kubernetes 1.26 – What’s new?

Kubernetes 1.26 is about to be released, and it comes packed with novelties! Where do we begin? This release brings 37 enhancements, on par with the 40 in Kubernetes 1.25 and the 46 in Kubernetes 1.24. Of those 37 enhancements, 11 are graduating to Stable, 10 are existing features that keep improving, 16 are completely new, and one is a deprecated feature
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How the Russia-Ukraine conflict changed cyber attacks: More attacks, More DDoS

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine includes a cyberwarfare component with government-supported threat actors and civilian hacktivists taking sides. The goals of disrupting IT infrastructure and utilities have led to a 4-fold increase in DDoS attacks between 4Q21 and 1Q22. Over 150,000 volunteers have joined anti-Russian DDoS campaigns using container
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CSPM – Least privilege principle in practice

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) aims to automate the identification and remediation of risks across your entire cloud infrastructure. A core requirement of the CSPM framework is the need to enforce a principle of least privilege. There are certain overlaps with Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solutions. CIEM is a newer categori
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How to secure Helm

Helm is being used broadly to deploy Kubernetes applications as it is an easy way to publish and consume them via a couple of commands, as well as integrate them in your GitOps pipeline. But is Helm secure enough? Can you trust it blindly? This post explains the benefits of using Helm, the pitfalls, and offers a few recommendations for how to secure i
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Strengthen Cybersecurity with Shift-left and Shield-right Practices

Cyber attacks are an unfortunate reality in our interconnected world. The art of keeping up with malicious actors is challenging, but even more so with the move to cloud-native technologies. As a result, security is evolving. Developers, DevOps, and cloud teams must now learn a new set of best practices that balance shift-left and shield-right security app
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Three multi-tenant isolation boundaries of Kubernetes

Many of the benefits of running Kubernetes come from the efficiencies that you get when you share the cluster – and thus the underlying compute and network resources it manages – between multiple services and teams within your organization. Each of these major services or teams that share the cluster are tenants of the cluster – and thus
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