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Linux Paranoia

If you’re the paranoid type, you don’t deny people are watching – you know they are. You encrypt your drives, use SSL-VPN, tor, proxies, and run tails. If not, then you at least care about privacy or have something to hide. This post is for you people. In the following example, it’s a bit extreme, but it works well. What I want to go
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Backdooring a DLL part 4

Here we are finally at the last part of my series on backdooring dll files. I wanted to cover again detours as a means of backdooring dll files and executables. A fellow 2600 member I spoke to asked me the other day about what it would take to modify an exe without changing it on disk. For that I say detours! That’s what I’m going to do this in e
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Joecrypter finally released

Finally, I’m done with this my crypter. I’ve written the entire thing in a mish mash of C#, C, and assembly. The crypter I made modifies exes, packs them, and adds AV / VM / Sandbox / debugging evasions inside of a wrapper. I’m employing a basic process hollowing technique for the payload that is only run after all evasions are satisfied.
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