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Third Time’s The Charm: Third attempt and I finally got into SecureLayer7

Let’s Start with Who am I. Myself Barunesh Kumar Singh Graduated in 2020 in CSE from PESIT Bangalore, and I came across SecureLayer7 through a security consultant job post on Twitter. Before getting selected for an Internship as a Security Consultant in Securelayer7, I applied twice for some cybersecurity jobs but got rejected for at that time I wa
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Transforming Dreams Into Actions… My Journey at Securelayer7

MY JOURNEY AT SECURELAYER7… Bidding farewell to your fellow colleagues can be really hard. It is one of those emotional moments in an organization where you have to let go. But before letting go, a peek at my journey in few words.. A walk down the memory lane, from my perspective… This is Parul, and this is my dream transformed into actions
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