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December 2016: The Month in Ransomware

Online extortionists closed 2016 with a spike in ransomware activity. The statistics for December were alarming: 32 new samples emerged and 33 existing strains got updated. The fact that security researchers released nine decryption tools is quite promising, but it is still a weak countervailing factor. The report below explores the ins and outs of the crypt
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Ransomware Offers Free Decryption if you Learn About Cybersecurity

In recent weeks there have been some peculiar new strains of ransomware spotted.Take the Popcorn Time ransomware, for instance, which lets you decrypt your files “the nasty way” by helping the blackmailers spread their attack further.If you can infect two other victims (and get them to pay up) Popcorn Time’s developers will allegedly send y
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Meet Jigsaw, the ransomware that taunts victims and offers live support

Further ReadingNew and improved CryptXXX ransomware rakes in $45,000 in 3 weeksLatest version fixes crypto flaws that allowed victims to recover data for free.The crypto ransomware racket is a booming business that generates lots of revenue, so it only makes sense that the scourge is growing. And with new titles entering the market on almost a weekly basis,
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