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Activity wrap-up including polyglots, RIPS, UploadScanner and Java fuzzing

A tweet of takesako including a C/C++/Perl/Ruby/Python polyglot got me interested, so I created two follow-up polyglots based on his work and put them on github. Recently I also evaluated the RIPS PHP scanner and I did that with some randomly chosen WordPress plugins. Afterwards I manually looked at the code of the plugins, to see if the scanner missed anyth
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Java Bugs with and without Fuzzing – AFL-based Java fuzzers and the Java Security Manager

In the last half a year I have been doing some fuzzing with AFL-based Java fuzzers, namely Kelinci and JQF. I didn’t really work with java-afl. The contents of this post are: Various AFL-based Java fuzzers are available that can be used to find more or less severe security issues. By combining these with sanitizers provided by the Java Security Manager
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