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Jason Q. Ng on China’s censorship of online sexual innuendo

China’s censorship of social media platforms has largely been focused on speech that targets or criticizes the government, until recently. The Cyberspace Administration of China’s (CAC) new regulations will target sexual innuendo, in particular 25 of the most popular “dirty words” in China.Citizen Lab Research Fellow Jason Q. Ng told
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Read this summary in English.Translated by: Kun (Cleo) Zhang and Jason Q. Ng摘要UC浏览器是一种移动浏览器,它目前拥有超过5亿的注册用户,是中国和印度最受欢迎的手机浏览器。在《啰嗦的松鼠:UC浏览器的隐私与安全问题》这一报告中,公民实验室(Citizen Lab)发现中文和英文安卓版UC浏览器中存在多个隐私及安全漏洞, 并讨论了它们的重要性。报告显示安卓版UC浏览器在保护数据方面表现欠佳。报告描述了中文版本在传输数据到其目的地的过程中,对用户的敏感数据保护不足,相关的敏感数据包括装置辨识符、临近无线网络(Wi-Fi)访问点、移动信号塔信息、以及发送给搜索引擎Shenma的搜索问题。 中文版的UC浏览器会永久记忆用户的DNS查询历史,即使
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A Chatty Squirrel: Privacy and Security Issues with UC Browser

Authors: Jakub Dalek (lead), Katie Kleemola (lead), Adam Senft (lead), Christopher Parsons, Andrew Hilts, Sarah McKune, Jason Q. Ng, Masashi Crete-Nishihata, John Scott-Railton, Ronald DeibertMedia coverage: ReutersDownload PDF version.Read the CBC News story.Read The Intercept article.Read our primer on mobile privacy and security.Read the summary: Privacy
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Jason Q. Ng on Apple accommodating Chinese demands

Over the past year, Chinese government officials have been drafting a counterterrorism law intended to open up access to telecommunications and Internet data that passes through the country. Increasingly, this process has involved asking companies that produce this technology to keep their servers within China, and build “backdoors” into their pr
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Jason Q. Ng speaks on China’s real name registration policy

The Chinese government is tightening Internet monitoring by requiring users to register with their real names for services. Similar name registrations were forced on China’s Sina Weibo in 2012, a Twitter like service which features 60 million users on its servers. This has translated to difficulties for businesses that produce circumvention tools for c
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Repository of censored and sensitive Chinese keywords: 13 lists, 9,054 terms

By Jason Q. NgDuring The Citizen Lab’s 2014 Summer Institute on Monitoring Internet Openness and Rights, a researcher expressed desire to test for keyword censorship on a Chinese online service. With limited resources and time, however, the researcher faced difficulty in determining what keywords should be used for these tests.As lists of censored and
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Jason Q. Ng contributes to China censorship discussion

Citizen Lab Research Fellow Jason Q. Ng spoke at a panel organized by Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs regarding censorship in Asia. Panelists considered ways of measuring global censorship, and discussed potential paths forward in combating these issues. Ng was joined by  Meredith Whittaker, who is the Open Source Resea
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Tracing the Path of a Censored Weibo Post and Compiling Keywords that Trigger Automatic Review

By Jason Q. NgSummary:Part 1: Weibo has removed their conventional censorship notice from searches on the site. This may be a bellwether for enhanced censorship on the site due to a particularly sensitive period in Chinese politics or it may mark a shift toward more obscured censorship. Or it may simply be Weibo testing out new tactics.Part 2: Automatic revi
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