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False Air Raid Sirens in Israel Possibly Triggered by Iranian Cyberattack

Air raid sirens sounded in the Israeli cities of Jerusalem and Eilat on Sunday evening and it appears that they were triggered by a cyberattack, possibly conducted by Iranian hackers.The sirens, which warn the population about rocket attacks, blared for nearly an hour, according to local media reports.An investigation conducted by the Israeli military found
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Schneider Electric, Claroty Launch Cybersecurity Solution for Buildings

Schneider Electric and industrial cybersecurity firm Claroty on Monday announced the launch of a joint solution designed for securing smart buildings.Buildings are becoming increasingly smart, but building management systems (BMS) are often affected by vulnerabilities that can allow threat actors to take control of HVAC, doors, security and other systems. So
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Researcher Shows How Tesla Key Card Feature Can Be Abused to Steal Cars

A researcher has shown how a key card feature introduced by Tesla last year could be abused to add an unauthorized key that allows an attacker to open and start a vehicle.The research was conducted by Martin Herfurt, an Austria-based member of the Trifinite research group, which focuses on Bluetooth security.Herfurt’s analysis targeted a change made by Tesla
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Vulnerabilities in HID Mercury Access Controllers Allow Hackers to Unlock Doors

Access control products using HID Mercury controllers are affected by critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to remotely unlock doors.The vulnerabilities were discovered by researchers at XDR firm Trellix, which launched earlier this year following the merger of McAfee Enterprise and FireEye.The issues were found in products from LenelS2 —
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Threat Actors Start Exploiting Meeting Owl Pro Vulnerability Days After Disclosure

Threat actors have already started exploiting a severe vulnerability that Owl Labs addressed in its video conferencing devices earlier this week.Tracked as CVE-2022-31460 (CVSS score of 7.4), the security bug can be exploited to turn a vulnerable device into a rogue access point to the Wi-Fi network it is connected to.Impacting Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl Pro and
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Owl Labs Patches Severe Vulnerability in Video Conferencing Devices

Video conferencing company Owl Labs has released patches for a severe vulnerability affecting its Meeting Owl Pro and Whiteboard Owl devices.Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl Pro features a 360° lens camera to offer a panoramic view of the conference room. It offers support for various video conferencing solutions, including Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet.Security researc
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Critical U-Boot Vulnerability Allows Rooting of Embedded Systems

A critical vulnerability in the U-Boot boot loader could be exploited to write arbitrary data, which can allow an attacker to root Linux-based embedded systems, according to NCC Group.An open-source boot loader, U-Boot is used in various types of embedded systems, including ChromeOS and Android. It supports multiple architectures, including 68k, ARM, x86, MI
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Ordr Raises $40 Million to Secure Connected Devices

Connected device security firm Ordr today announced that it has raised $40 million in a Series C funding round. To date, the company has raised more than $90 million.The new investment round was co-led by Battery Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures, with participation from Northgate Capital, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Mayo Clinic, Unusual Ventures, Wing Ventur
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Researchers Devise Attack Using IoT and IT to Deliver Ransomware Against OT

Critical industries must prepare themselves for a new wave of ransomware attacks specifically targeting OTRansomware is a category of extortion. Its sole purpose is to extract money from the victim. As industry got better at avoiding ransom demands, the attackers added another level of extortion – data blackmail to create ‘double extortion’.As defenders get
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Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Open Automation Software Platform

Cisco’s Talos research and threat intelligence unit revealed on Wednesday that one of its employees discovered several critical and high-severity vulnerabilities in the Open Automation Software Platform.Open Automation Software is a US-based company that provides connectivity solutions for ICS or IoT devices, databases, and custom applications. The company’s
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Over $1.1 Million Awarded at Pwn2Own Vancouver 2022 for 25 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Participants earned a total of more than $1.15 million at the Pwn2Own Vancouver 2022 hacking contest last week.According to Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), which organizes the event, rewards were paid out for 25 unique zero-day vulnerabilities that were used to target Tesla Model 3, Windows 11, Ubuntu, Microsoft Teams, Safari, Firefox and Oracle Vir
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Defending the Healthcare Security Landscape in the Age of Connected Devices

Articles focused on cybersecurity threats facing the connected medical device market often cite a well-worn statistic: the average hospital bed in the United States has 10 to 15 internet-enabled devices that collect and transmit data.While this number is important, it only tells part of the larger story. For example, the type of data those devices colle
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Hackers Can Abuse Low-Power Mode to Run Malware on Powered-Off iPhones

Researchers from a university in Germany have analyzed the low-power mode (LPM) implementation on iPhones and found that it introduces potentially serious security risks, even allowing attackers to run malware on powered-off devices.LPM is activated when the user switches off the iPhone or when the device shuts down due to low battery. While the device appea
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Hundreds of Thousands of Konica Printers Vulnerable to Hacking via ​​Physical Access

Researchers at Atos-owned cybersecurity consulting firm SEC Consult analyzed Konica Minolta printers to determine what could be achieved by an attacker who has physical access to a device. The answer: a lot!The analysis was conducted in late 2019 and it targeted Konica Minolta bizhub C3300i and C3350i multi-function printers (MFPs).SEC Consult said the vendo
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Webinar Today: Managing IoT/OT Visibility, Protection and Monitoring in a Zero Trust Environment

Live Webinar on May 11th - 1PM ET - Register NowBusinesses are adding more cloud connection requirements to IoT/OT environments that were designed to be closed loops. In a truly air-gapped environment, most if not all communications between devices are considered trustworthy without extensive validation. With increased internet connectivity and the risks tha
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