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BlueBorne- the lethal attack to take over your devices

The latest attack Blueborne is taking over by storm , lets read about it in concise, the attack method and the details of this bug. A series of vulnerabilities have been unearthed in the implementation of Bluetooth which allows hackers to take over your computers/ tablets/ smartphones whenever Bluetooth is on. A total of eight critical Bluetooth vulnerabilit
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Hackers can remotely access Smiths Medical Syringe Infusion Pumps to kill patients

The US-CERT is warning of hackers can remotely access Smiths Medical Syringe Infusion Pumps to control them and kill patients. IoT devices continue to enlarge our surface of attack, and in some cases, their lack of security can put our lives in danger. Let’s thinks for example of medical devices that could be hacked by attackers with serious consequenc
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WikiLeaks revealed Project Protego, a secret CIA Missile Control System Project for fighters

WikiLeaks has published a new batch of documents that details the Project Protego, a secret CIA Missile Control System Project for fighters Another week, another batch of CIA Vault7 leaks was published by Wikileaks. This time the documents provide details about the Project Protego, a CIA Secret Missile Control System. WikiLeaks published four secret docume
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Pacemakers prone to getting hacked

Recently the The FDA and Homeland Security have issued alerts about vulnerabilities in 4,65,000 pacemakers. The devices can be remotely “hacked” to increase activity or reduce battery life, potentially endangering patients. Feasible vulnerabilities: Absence of memory and encryption: In such embedded devices there is a lack to support proper cryptographic e
Publish At:2017-09-05 12:30 | Read:152 | Comments:0 | Tags:News cryptography Exploit hacking IOT news pacemaker

More than 1,700 valid Telnet credentials for IoT devices leaked online

Security researchers are warning of the availability online of a list of IoT devices and associated telnet credentials. The list has been available on Pastebin since June, but last week it was also shared via Twitter by the researcher Ankit Anubhav becoming rapidly viral. The original list was posted by someone who has previously published a dump of valid lo
Publish At:2017-08-27 01:10 | Read:322 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Internet of Things botnet data leak Io

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of AI? Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have been debating about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) for quite some time. Last month they continued the conversation by making their debate public. During a Q&A session with Nevada’s governor Brian Sandoval, Elon made a few statements about the dangers of AI. Tesla’s CEO said
Publish At:2017-08-17 11:25 | Read:91 | Comments:0 | Tags:Mobile News Technology AI artificial intelligence cybersecur

Faulty firmware OTA update bricked hundreds of LockState smart locks

Some models of LockState smart locks also used by AirBnB customers were bricked by an OTA firmware update leaving guests unable to access their rentals. At the last Black Hat hacker conference, security experts demonstrated how to hack electronic locks, and the news I’m going to tell you demonstrates how annoying could be an incident to occurred to hun
Publish At:2017-08-16 07:15 | Read:272 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking AirBnB IoT LockState OTA smart locks

Roughly 175,000 Chinese Internet Connected security cameras can be easily hacked

An estimated 175,000 Internet of Things (IoT) connected security cameras manufactured by Shenzhen Neo Electronics are vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to a new report from security provider Bitdefender, roughly 175,000 connected security cameras are vulnerable to cyber attacks. The vulnerable cameras are manufactured by the Chinese company Shenzhen Neo
Publish At:2017-08-02 13:35 | Read:649 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Internet of Things botnet Cybercrime I

Your Roomba wants to sell your home’s map

Earlier this week iRobot CEO Colin Angle shared with Reuters that the data collected by iRobot devices (such as Roomba) over the years may eventually be shared with third parties. Even though iRobot’s robotic vacuum cleaners are not as smart as R2-D2, some of the high-end models, such as the $900 Roomba 980 robotic vacuum cleaner, are known to contain sophis
Publish At:2017-07-28 14:20 | Read:262 | Comments:0 | Tags:Family Safety Technology IoT robotics smarthome

Experts found an unpatched flaw in Humax WiFi Router model HG-100R

Experts found a flaw in Humax WiFi Router model HG-100R that could be triggered to fully compromise the devices. A zero-day vulnerability in Humax WiFi Router model HG-100R could be exploited by attackers to compromise the WiFi credentials and obtain the router console administrative password. Trustwave SpiderLabs researchers discovered. The issue was found
Publish At:2017-07-10 04:15 | Read:345 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Internet of Things Humax WiFi Router m

How to build a safe smart home?

Building a smart home is not hard at all… Coming home to a pre-heated house, being able always to monitor what is going on at home, knowing that if the emergency alarm sets you will not only get a notification on your cell so you can inform the authorities, but you will have a device that will start recording everything that is going on. It all sounds
Publish At:2017-06-13 17:25 | Read:363 | Comments:0 | Tags:Mobile News Technology cybersecurity IoT

The Reigning King of IP Camera Botnets and its Challengers

Early this month we discussed a new Internet of Things (IoT) botnet called Persirai (detected by Trend Micro as ELF_PERSIRAI.A), which targets over 1000 Internet Protocol (IP) camera models. Currently, through Shodan and our own research, we see that 64% of tracked IP cameras with custom http servers are infected with Persirai. But, because these cameras are
Publish At:2017-06-08 23:35 | Read:746 | Comments:0 | Tags:Internet of Things DDoS IOT

A new Linux Malware targets Raspberry Pi devices to mine Cryptocurrency

Security researchers at Dr. Web discovered two new Linux Malware, one of them mines for cryptocurrency using Raspberry Pi Devices. Malware researchers at the Russian antivirus maker Dr.Web have discovered a new Linux trojan, tracked as Kinux.MulDrop.14, that is infecting Raspberry Pi devices with the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. According to the Russian
Publish At:2017-06-08 17:10 | Read:709 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Internet of Things Malware IoT Linux m

F-Secure experts found multiple flaws in popular Chinese Internet-connected cameras

Experts at F-Secure discovered tens of vulnerabilities in tens of thousands of Internet-connected cameras from China-based manufacturer Foscam. Security experts at security firm F-Secure discovered tens of vulnerabilities in tens of thousands of Internet-connected cameras from China-based manufacturer Foscam. The flaws could be exploited by attackers to take
Publish At:2017-06-08 17:10 | Read:463 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Internet of Things Foscam Internet-con

Subtitles hack threatens Millions of PCs, Smart TVs, Tablets and Smartphones

Security experts from security firm Check Point warn of a subtitles hack threatens Millions of devices. According to the experts at Check Point, hackers could exploit a new attack vector that uses malicious subtitles to compromise devices via their media players. Millions of users worldwide can be targeted due to security vulnerabilities in many popular stre
Publish At:2017-05-25 14:40 | Read:351 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking IoT Subtitles hack


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