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Computer Forensics Interview Questions

 Computer forensic investigators are in high-demand. Often referred to as digital forensics engineers, computer forensic investigators are expected to know basic IT skills, understand computer architecture and networking, have the ability to collaborate with various teams and write detailed reports. A digital forensics professional must have analy
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Top 25 Security+ Interview Questions

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a good entry-level certification for infosec professionals. Many jobs, including Department of Defense positions, require the Security+ certification. Below are examples of the technical questions you may be asked as a certified Security+ professional. What is the difference between a public key cryptography and a
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Interview with Herbert Lin: “Cybersecurity is a never-ending battle”

Herbert Lin is Senior Research Scholar of Cyber Policy and Security at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC). Lin is also a Hank J. Holland Fellow of Cyber Policy and Security at the Hoover Institution, a prestigious research center for public policy. In addition to working in cyber policy and security, Lin has a PhD
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“Complete security does not exist in any part of life and definitely does not exist on the Internet”

Ten years ago we started celebrating World Information Society Day on May 17th. On this day, we honor the Information Society and the importance of telecommunications by raising awareness about the Internet and its possibilities, as well as other information and communication technologies (ICT). Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs, pointed out some
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Oil and Gas Cyber Security – Interview

In the recent presentation at BlackHat, you mentioned that oil and gas is one of the industries most plagued by cyber-attacks. What makes oil and gas an attractive target?It’s a juicy target for Cyberattacks as oil and gas companies are responsible for a great part of some countries’ economies. Any interference in their work can stop proces
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Luis Corrons (Panda): “Companies should act as if they’ve already been attacked, if they really want to remain safe”

The director of Pandalabs, the laboratory which Panda Security set up to fight against malware, shares with us the main tips that businesses should follow to be safe in the digital, multi-device, and mobile era. Panda Security.: There are more and more security hurdles for businesses these days. The volume of malware is increasing and the threats are getting
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Interview: Patrick Oliver Graf, NCP engineering

Patrick Oliver Graf is CEO, Americas, of NCP Engineering. His company sells its remote-access VPNs to government agencies and other organizations. A total of 24 federal, state and local agencies have equipped themselves with NCP’s technology for fast, secure access to their network resources and communication of sensitive data. The company has U.
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Cryptolocker in Companies – Interview with Juan Santesmases

Cryptolocker is the threat that everyone is talking about. It affects both home users and companies though, in many cases, companies are more exposed due to the amount of confidential information they handle. Juan Santesmases, Vice President Product Management & Business Development, explains what Cryptolocker is and how companies can deal with it. Sinc
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Interview: Darren Guccione, Co-founder of Keeper Security

Darren is the co-inventor of Keeper Security and started the company with extensive experience in product design, engineering and development. At Keeper, Darren leads product vision, global strategy, customer experience and business development.Darren is regularly featured as a mobile- and cyber-security expert in major media outlets including CBS Even
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Interview: Dr. Engin Kirda

Dr. Engin Kirda is the Co-Founder & Chief Architect of Last Line and research professor at Northeastern University and the director of the Northeastern Information Assurance Institute. Before this he has held faculty positions at Institute Eurecom in the French Riviera and the Technical University of Vienna where he co-founded the Secure Systems La
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Interview: Cortney Thompson, Chief Technology Officer at Green House Data

Cortney Thompson is the Chief Technology Officer at Green House Data leading the strategic direction of the company’s cloud hosting and colocation facilities. Before joining Green House Data, Cortney founded C&B Consulting, a technology firm based in Cheyenne that was acquired by Wyoming Professional Services, Inc. (WYOPS), a professional IT
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What are Advanced Persistent Threats? Interview with Fernando Andrés.

On several occasions we have discusses the need for effective protection against Advanced Persistent Threats in corporate environments, however, do companies really know what we are talking about? Are they ready to implement such protection? Fernando Andrés, Global Panda Advanced Protection Service General Manager, helps us clarify the meaning of this conce
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The origins of the new Panda Free Antivirus

The launch of Panda Security’s 2015 product lineup comes with a surprise.Panda Cloud Antivirus has become Panda Free Antivirus. But what are the differences between the products? What can you expect from the best FREE antivirus? What does the future hold in terms of IT security?Our colleague Herve Lambert, Consumer Product Marketing Manager at Panda, has bee
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