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Perpetual Disruption Part 1: What is Good Cybersecurity Governance in Health Care?

Disruption means constant change. This brings benefits to businesses and can improve customer loyalty. But, the costs tend to be new and large security challenges. Which raises the question: What role does the chief information security officer (CISO) hold in this ongoing transformation? In this series, we’ll look at perpetual disruption and its
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Manufacturing Cybersecurity Threats and How To Face Them

With manufacturing cybersecurity threats on the rise, what should companies know about protecting their digital assets in the future?  Risks to Security in Manufacturing The number of ransomware incidents involving the manufacturing sector increased 156% between the first quarters of 2019 and 2020. Later in 2020, ransomware actors demanded $17 million
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For Attackers, Home is Where the Hideout Is

Remember the good ol’ days of playing hide-and-seek? It’s hard to forget the rush of finding the perfect hiding place. I remember crouching into a tiny ball behind the clothes hanging in my mother’s closet, or standing frozen like a statue behind the curtain of our living room window. While it was “just a game” when we were kid
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5 IoT Threats To Look Out for in 2021

As we bring 2020 to a close, it’s time to look at 2021 and a new chapter in the book of cybersecurity. While there are no doubt a multitude of possible attacks, here are six types of attacks that are becoming more popular and more common among attackers using Internet of things (IoT) threats. 1. Built-In IoT Threats As entities embrace the IoT, they s
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7 Cybersecurity Tools On Our Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is upon us. After a difficult year, and facing an even more challenging year ahead, digital defense experts don’t have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. Instead, they dream of cybersecurity tools and other resources to help them cope with a wild threat landscape.  Here’s our ultimate holiday wish list. 
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Sailing in the Sea of IoT

It’s the kind of story many of us grew up hearing: “Someday, your fridge will know what you need from the store before you do.” We didn’t worry about things like firmware or attack surface. Now, the Internet of things (IoT) enables both today’s devices and potential attacks. Today, some fridges do know what food you need to buy
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A New Botnet Attack Just Mozied Into Town

A relatively new player in the threat arena, the Mozi botnet, has spiked among Internet of things (IoT) devices, IBM X-Force has discovered. This malware has been active since late 2019 and has code overlap with Mirai and its variants. Mozi accounted for nearly 90% of the observed IoT network traffic from October 2019 through June 2020. This startling takeo
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Jackpotting Reveals Openings in Proprietary Software

Jackpotting, an older ATM theft technique, could show security operations team members what to look out for when it comes to Internet of things (IoT) attacks in general, and even election machine vulnerabilities.  This technique first entered the U.S. cybersecurity lexicon in 2018, when Brian Krebs warned of attacks at American ATMs. Jackpotting, Krebs
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New Vulnerability Could Put IoT Devices at Risk

Society relies so heavily on technology that the number of internet connected devices used globally is predicted to grow to 55.9 billion by 2025. Many of these devices span parts of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that impact the physical world, assist us in our daily lives at home and monitor and automate everything from energy usage to machine maintenanc
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Securing Travel and Transportation Operations

Transportation networks are foundational to our modern way of life. The current restrictions on global movement and the corresponding reduction in demand for travel and transportation services, while profound, are temporary. Forecasting future demand and capacity requirements is nearly impossible. But, the travel and transportation industries are part of the
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Take a Bite Out of Sweyn

If you work in the healthcare industry, you may have heard about a family of vulnerabilities called “SweynTooth.” Researchers from Singapore first discovered the vulnerabilities in 2019. After waiting 90 days to announce them, which is part of the responsible disclosure process, they published a technical paper. If you are not familiar with the S
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Lock Down Personal Smart Devices to Improve Enterprise IoT Security

The presence of internet of things (IoT) devices in employee’s homes is a neglected item in many enterprise threat models. Caution is certainly warranted here, but it’s entirely possible to improve your risk awareness and secure smart devices in a calm and measured way. Overlooking privacy and security risks has consequences. It’s in everyo
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Crypto-Risk: Your Data Security Blind Spot

For many years — almost since the beginning of secure internet communications — data security professionals have had to face the challenge of using certificates, the mechanism that forms the basis of Transport Layer Security (TLS) communications. Certificates facilitate secure connections to websites (represented by the “s” in “https”
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How Retail Security Can Welcome IoT Innovations Without Putting Customers at Risk

Retail businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to major department stores, are investing heavily in technology to enhance the in-store experience. With the imminent arrival of mainstream 5G, smarter systems are expected to dominate the retail space as the internet of things (IoT) expands. But as we know from connected device deployments in other sectors, such as
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Safeguarding Healthcare for the Future With Zero Trust Security

In 2019, we saw a record number of information security breaches. According to the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020, a total of 8.5 billion records were compromised — three times the number from 2018. The healthcare industry saw its fair share of attacks and was the 10th-most targeted industry, accounting for 3 percent of all attacks last year. Th
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