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The Crisis of Connected Cars: When Vulnerabilities Affect the CAN Standard

In many instances, researchers and engineers have found ways to hack into modern, internet-capable cars, as has been documented and reported several times. One famous example is the Chrysler Jeep hack that researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek discovered. This hack and those that have come before it have mostly been reliant on specific vulnerabilities
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US, China and the UK are top regions affected by IoT security threats

In the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem today, cyberattacks are becoming more diverse and sophisticated with cybercriminals taking over home network routers to launch attacks on smart home devices.Trend Micro’s recent report shows more than 1.8 million cyberattacks have been conducted through home network routers in the past six months.
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Roughly 175,000 Chinese Internet Connected security cameras can be easily hacked

An estimated 175,000 Internet of Things (IoT) connected security cameras manufactured by Shenzhen Neo Electronics are vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to a new report from security provider Bitdefender, roughly 175,000 connected security cameras are vulnerable to cyber attacks. The vulnerable cameras are manufactured by the Chinese company Shenzhen Neo
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DDoS attacks in Q2 2017

News Overview The second quarter of 2017 saw DDoS attacks being more and more frequently used as a tool for political struggle. The Qatar crisis was accompanied by an attack on the website of Al Jazeera, the largest news network in the area, Le Monde and Le Figaro websites were targeted in the heat of the presidential election in France, and in Great Britain
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SHELLBIND IoT malware targets NAS devices exploiting SambaCry flaw

The seven-year-old remote code execution vulnerability SambaCry was exploited by the SHELLBIND IoT malware to target NAS devices. A new strain of malware dubbed SHELLBIND exploits the recently patched CVE-2017-7494 Samba vulnerability in attacks against Internet of Things devices. SHELLBIND has infected most network-attached storage (NAS) appliances, it exp
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Experts found an unpatched flaw in Humax WiFi Router model HG-100R

Experts found a flaw in Humax WiFi Router model HG-100R that could be triggered to fully compromise the devices. A zero-day vulnerability in Humax WiFi Router model HG-100R could be exploited by attackers to compromise the WiFi credentials and obtain the router console administrative password. Trustwave SpiderLabs researchers discovered. The issue was found
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Honeypots and the Internet of Things

There were a number of incidents in 2016 that triggered increased interest in the security of so-called IoT or ‘smart’ devices. They included, among others, the record-breaking DDoS attacks against the French hosting provider OVH and the US DNS provider Dyn. These attacks are known to have been launched with the help of a massive botnet made up o
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Rapid7 report millions of endpoints exposed via SMB, Telnet Ports

A study conducted by the security firm Rapid7 revealed that millions of devices remain exposed to cyber attacks via  SMB, Telnet, RDP, and other types of improper configurations. Rapid7 published the second report National Exposure Index that provides Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide information about the global exposure of devices. The researche
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Hundred of thousands of IP Cameras Hijacked by Persirai and other thingbots

Thousands of IP cameras have been hijacked by the Persirai IoT botnet that targets more than 1,000 IP camera models, but it isn’t the only one. Thousands of IP cameras have been hijacked by the Persirai IoT botnet that targets more than 1,000 IP camera models. Early May, the researchers at Trend Micro discovered a new attack on internet-based IP camer
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The Reigning King of IP Camera Botnets and its Challengers

Early this month we discussed a new Internet of Things (IoT) botnet called Persirai (detected by Trend Micro as ELF_PERSIRAI.A), which targets over 1000 Internet Protocol (IP) camera models. Currently, through Shodan and our own research, we see that 64% of tracked IP cameras with custom http servers are infected with Persirai. But, because these cameras are
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A new Linux Malware targets Raspberry Pi devices to mine Cryptocurrency

Security researchers at Dr. Web discovered two new Linux Malware, one of them mines for cryptocurrency using Raspberry Pi Devices. Malware researchers at the Russian antivirus maker Dr.Web have discovered a new Linux trojan, tracked as Kinux.MulDrop.14, that is infecting Raspberry Pi devices with the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. According to the Russian
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F-Secure experts found multiple flaws in popular Chinese Internet-connected cameras

Experts at F-Secure discovered tens of vulnerabilities in tens of thousands of Internet-connected cameras from China-based manufacturer Foscam. Security experts at security firm F-Secure discovered tens of vulnerabilities in tens of thousands of Internet-connected cameras from China-based manufacturer Foscam. The flaws could be exploited by attackers to take
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Persirai: New Internet of Things (IoT) Botnet Targets IP Cameras

By Tim Yeh, Dove Chiu and Kenney Lu A new Internet of Things (IoT) botnet called Persirai (Detected by Trend Micro as ELF_PERSIRAI.A) has been discovered targeting over 1,000 Internet Protocol (IP) Camera models based on various Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products. This development comes on the heels of Mirai—an open-source backdoor malware that c
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DDOS attacks in Q1 2017

News Overview Thanks to IoT botnets, DDoS attacks have finally turned from something of a novelty into an everyday occurrence. According to the A10 Networks survey, this year the ‘DDoS of Things’ (DoT) has reached critical mass – in each attack, hundreds of thousands of devices connected to the Internet are being leveraged. The fight against this
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Compromising Industrial Robots: The Fallacy of Industrial Routers in the Industry 4.0 Ecosystem

The increased connectivity of computer and robot systems in the industry 4.0. ecosystem, is, and will be exposing robots to cyber attacks in the future. Indeed, industrial robots—originally conceived to be isolated—have evolved, and are now exposed to corporate networks and the internet. While this provides synergy effects and higher efficiency in production
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