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What is Net Neutrality and How to Voice Your Opinion?

What happens when cable and phone companies are left to their own devices? Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will soon stop accepting comments on Net Neutrality. There has been a lot of confusion amongst people who are either not technology savvy or not familiar enough with the ongoing debate. We spent years following the conversation and researching t
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Internet for everyone with Facebook’s drone Aquila

Last month Facebook announced the second successful test of Aquila – a giant sun powered drone. Even though the technology is still in the makes and has a long way to go, Mark Zuckerberg has been very serious about connecting the world– Facebook recently surpassed the 2 billion users mark.  There is an opportunity for Facebook to continue its path of success
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Don’t Let Yahoo Happen To You: How to Protect Your Business from Large-Scale Data Theft

In 2016, the theft of passwords from internet titans is no longer an exception. Just when it seemed like the year was winding down, having left us with the surprising news of what until yesterday was considered the highest magnitude cyberattack in history suffered by Yahoo and reported three months ago, this same company returns to headlines after announcin
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What is a VPN and how it Works?

Watch your favorite shows anywhere, and other useful VPN functions In simple terms, a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a connection between a group of discrete networks that exchanges encrypted data between your computer and a distant server. Sounds like boring technical jargon? Well, VPN’s can actually be used to perform some pretty neat tricks online t
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This palm-sized device will supersize your security.

Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on a tough little device that will boost your business’s security? Meet ORWL, a circular computer device that is engineered to top-off your computer’s security. A great number of companies have been victims of data leaks because of an insider or cybercriminal who had physical access to their computers or devices. Once a cy
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This is why you should “tether” your work phone

The tablets or smartphones at your office connect to either 3G or 4G (which is better than WiFi). When tablets and other connected devices (like smartphones or smartwatches) become essential to an employee’s work, then it is essential these employees are properly trained on using them safely. Surely, workers think that connecting an office device to their d
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Got something to hide? Don’t pixelate it.

Many businesses share documents that are pixelated in order to protect private information, whether they be bank account numbers, photographs or other private information. Although pixelation used to be a simple and sufficient way to hide confidential information, now computers are smart enough to read these distorted images—even when your eye cannot. Pixel
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How the new EU cybersecurity regulations affect businesses

The 28 countries that form the European Union will have a common cybersecurity goal beginning July 6th. The European parliament has approved a new directive in which these countries will have to change their legislation in the next 21 months. The sectors that are listed (energy, transport, banking) will have to guarantee that they are capable of preventing
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Reselling Business and Home User Information

It is important to protect businesses against threats that lurk in the cyberworld. The threats may seem innocent at first, but usually, those are the ones that cause the most damage. Reselling your hard drive, for example, may seem like a simple task, but it could actually open the door for cyber delinquents. A recent investigation found that, out of 200 har
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Social Media, Ranked as One of the Top Threats Aimed at Companies

Long ago, the term “goods” referred to necessities like wheat, milk, sugar, and petroleum, but our necessities have changed.  Now “goods” can refer to broad band or smartphones or computers or–cybercrime? As seen in the RSA’s report about the Current State of Cybercrime, experts confirm what we already know: malware and t
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The Blue Screen of Death Gets a New Look

What a terrible feeling we have when the blue screen of death pops up. Dotted with white letters, this uh oh screen can show up unexpectedly on any old Windows-using computer. Seeing this screen will make anyone think, did my computer just DIE? To fix the problem, the infamous screen of death reads that we should close all programs that could have provoked
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Ranking of Attacks Aimed at Businesses: Protect Your Wallet

In the first article of our series “Ranking of Attacks Aimed at Businesses”, we’ll introduce you to the top security threats aimed at companies and give you some tips on how you can protect yourself! Staying up-to-date with security is an undertaking and requires effort and commitment. As technology develops and evolves, it is easy to fall
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Think Your Fingerprint Sensor is Impervious to Criminals? Think Again.

To swipe or to press? Your fingerprint is the new key that unlocks digital life. Fingerprint recognition is an increasingly popular security barrier that can be found in all sorts of high-end devices that are currently on the market. It’s fast and easy, and can be used as an alternative or a complement to those hard-to-remember passwords. But can we de
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Tech Giants Use Differential Privacy to Extract Your Private Information

Besides the exciting developments Apple presented at its annual WWDC event in San Francisco, there were also some security related announcements that should not go unnoticed.   The Apple brand talked about a new concept that they are beginning to use in all of their services that they say is the future of how users manage personal information on their
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If You Add Extras to Your Web Browser = Extra Danger for You

Web browsers are full of dangerous options that nobody uses. Most computers come with pre-loaded web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari, but these default web browsers are not configured for secure web browsing. Anytime users are surfing the web, there can be a “variety of computer problems caused by anything from s
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