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Smart toy security: How to keep your kids safe this Christmas

Christmas is coming, and so are the smart toys. The ever-present pandemic has meant a lot more staying at home this year. Videogame playing has increased considerably, because why not? Screentime for kids has gone up, because again, it’s bound to. It hasn’t brought about the end of civilisation and the kids are still alright. You’d expect a big surge in s
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Elon Musk’ Starlink to Deliver Relatively Inexpensive Satellite Internet

A new internet provider might be coming to town sooner than later. SpaceX’s Starlink is expanding the number of internet satellites orbiting around the Earth and aims to become a relatively inexpensive satellite internet provider. As a start, Starlink wants to give a better internet solution to the people living in rural areas in North America. Starlin
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The list of sites blocked in MYANMAR includes many websites that did not fall under the categories adult content or fake news Original post at: https://www.qurium.org/alerts/myanmar/internet-blocking-in-myanmar-secret-block-list-and-no-means-to-appeal In March 2020, The Ministry of Telecommunications (MoTC) issued a directive to all operators
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The tech challenges brought by COVID-19

The panic around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to result in disruptions rarely seen before in human history. The forefront challenges caused by the virus are certainly with economic and health flavor. However, the millions of people losing their jobs and the tens of thousands of people already killed by the virus are only one part of the problem
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Massive DDoS attack brought down 25% Iranian Internet connectivity

Iran comes under cyber-attack again, a massive offensive brought down a large portion of the Iranian access to the Internet. Iran infrastructures are under attack, a massive cyberattack brought down a large portion of the Iranian access to the Internet, according to the experts the national connectivity fell to 75%. The NetBlocks internet observatory
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Sir Tim Berners-Lee publishes plan to save the web from ‘digital dystopia’

byJohn E DunnWeb inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee is so worried his 30-year-old creation is turning into a “digital dystopia” that he’s proposed a Contract for the Web to rescue it from a headlong plunge into a moral abyss.It’s not an original worry – Berners-Lee has publicly fretted about the web’s direction many times in recent years – and it’s not
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IoT bills and guidelines: a global response

You may not have noticed, but Internet of Things (IoT) rules and regulations are coming whether manufacturers want them or not. From experience, drafting up laws which are (hopefully) sensible and have some relevance to problems raised by current technology is a time-consuming, frustrating process. However, it’s not that long since we saw IoT devices go main
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As Internet turns 50, more risks and possibilities emerge

This op-ed originally appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 28, 2019. We occupy a richly-connected world. On the Internet, we collapse distance and shift time. But this Internet that delivers mail, connects us with friends, lets us work anywhere, and shop from the palm of the hand, is a mere 50 years old, slightly younger than Jennifer Anisto
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A week in security (October 28 – November 3)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we celebrated the birth of the Internet 50 years ago, highlighted reports about the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filing a case against stalkerware developer Retina-X, issued a PSI on disaster donation scams, looked at the top cybersecurity challenged SMBs face, and provided guidance to journalists on how they can defend t
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Rapid7 report millions of endpoints exposed via SMB, Telnet Ports

A study conducted by the security firm Rapid7 revealed that millions of devices remain exposed to cyber attacks via  SMB, Telnet, RDP, and other types of improper configurations. Rapid7 published the second report National Exposure Index that provides Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide information about the global exposure of devices. The researche
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Goodbye Privacy? The US Has Recently Passed a Bill That Has Everyone Worried

 The US Congress  decided to repeal an Internet privacy regulation passed under the Obama administration. For many, this is unsettling news. Trump has already initialed the controversial repeal, which allows Internet providers to store and sell users’ browsing histories. The previous regulation, however, required these companies to obtain permission fr
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The Deep Web: Myths And Truths You Need To Know

Every now and then the media comes up with a sensational story about the Deep Web. Often these tales are shocking and frightening – but are they true? What is the Dark Web and Deep Web? Before going further, we need to understand what the Deep Web actually is – fortunately the concept is much easier than you might think. Any web page that you can locate from
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Amazon S3 outage. Increased error rates. Amazon AWS is down

An Amazon AWS S3 outage is causing serious problems for a huge number of websites, applications, and Internet of Things devices. The Amazon S3 web-based storage service is experiencing serious widespread issues. Web services and mobile apps leveraging on Amazon S3 suffered a significant outage. According to the company, the Amazon S3 outage was caused by “hi
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The Internet Isn’t Vulnerable – It’s a Weapon

In the United States, there is a basic rule of thumb that at some point after a block of metal undergoes a certain amount of manufacturing, it becomes a rifle. When approximately 80 percent of the manufacturing is complete, the metal is not a weapon; at 81 percent, it is.A weapon is dangerous; it is often regulated, and more often than not, it has safety sta
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Security and Technology Literacy Go Hand in Hand

‘Twas just the season when millions of unsuspecting consumers unwittingly courted disaster by gorging their digital appetites on gadgets, gizmos, and whiz bangs that delight kids of all ages with their digital magic.Which is the point of this nearly bah-humbug introduction. Because Arthur C. Clarke was right when he formulated his three laws, the best
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