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How computer security is depicted in movies – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 146

We talk about an update on the Great Twitter Hack of 2020, discuss a ransomware attack on Garmin that shut down the company’s services, and even its assembly lines, and warn listeners about some Netgear devices that have vulnerabilities and can’t be updated. We then discuss the often ridiculous way hacking is portrayed in movies and TV. Cloudflar
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Are smart locks really that smart? – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 145

We follow up on the great Twitter hack of 2020, we discuss how a Cloudflare outage brought down many major websites, and Kirk tells a story of a suspicious email from his local government. We then examine whether smart locks are really safe.Cloudflare had a (non-security) outageIsItDownRightNow?Hackers Tell the Story of the Twitter Attack From the InsideTwit
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The Great Twitter Hack of 2020 – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 144

Apple issues another round of updates, hackers target organizations involved in coronavirus vaccine development, and there was a big Twitter hack where CEOs and politicians had their accounts compromised. Tweets were posted for a cryptocurrency scam, but were there other reasons for the hack?Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.6, iOS 13.6, and moreUK and all
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An actual Mac virus, and 1 in 142 passwords is “123456” – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 143

While there is plenty of malware that affects the Mac, actual viruses are rare; but new malware has been found that does meet that description. We talk about how 1 in 142 passwords is “123456,” and we have a special announcement about new Intego software.Announcing Intego Antivirus for WindowsDownload a FREE trial of Intego Antivirus for WindowsB
Publish At:2020-07-10 14:20 | Read:295 | Comments:0 | Tags:Intego Mac Security Podcast Intego Mac Podcast malware Virus

New Mac Ransomware-wiper-spyware ThiefQuest discovered – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 142

New malware targeting the Mac was discovered this week; it’s a hybrid ransomware-wiper-spyware, but you don’t need to worry if you don’t download pirated software. We also discuss how a journalist’s iPhone was hacked by him visiting a website, look at issues with the TikTok app on iOS, and look at how Google is now auto-deleting new u
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What’s Coming in macOS Big Sur and iOS 14 – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 141

This week, Apple announced the new features for its coming operating system updates: macOS Big Sur, and iOS 14. They also announced a big change to Mac hardware. Josh and Kirk discuss the changes coming, and take a close look at security and privacy features in these operating systems. Apple’s New Plans for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac Unveiled at WWDC 2020Univ
Publish At:2020-06-26 13:26 | Read:169 | Comments:0 | Tags:Intego Mac Security Podcast IOS

We Can’t Be Safe without a Faraday Cage – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 140

Intego has discovered new malware that propagates through poisoned Google search results. Zoom does a couple more u-turns. An App Store controversy is causing people to question Apple’s policies. And spies can eavesdrop by watching the variations in light bulbs. Serious Cryptography – A Practical Introduction to Modern Encryption by Jean-Philipp
Publish At:2020-06-19 13:37 | Read:293 | Comments:0 | Tags:Intego Mac Security Podcast podcast

What Could Apple Switching to ARM Processors on Macs Mean for You? – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 139

Apple has been making its own chips for iOS devices for a while now, and it seems likely that the company will announce a move to the same ARM-based processors for Macs at the coming WorldWide Developer Conference. We discuss how Apple has changed processor architecture twice in the past, and cover some news about Dropbox, Zoom, the Brave web browser, and sm
Publish At:2020-06-13 14:46 | Read:245 | Comments:0 | Tags:Intego Mac Security Podcast

Polymorphic Viruses – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 138

Polymorphic Viruses – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 138We begin by learning how Josh got interesting in computer security. We then discuss Apple patches and flaws, end-to-end encryption, coronavirus scams, a Google lawsuit, and a photo that can crash Android phones. Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution by Mark LudwigZero-day in Sign in with App
Publish At:2020-06-05 07:16 | Read:442 | Comments:0 | Tags:Intego Mac Security Podcast Virus

Apple operating system updates, iPhone & iPad storage, and shooting video on an iPhone – Intego Mac Podcast E

Apple updated all its operating systems again this week, but a jailbreak vulnerability was found quickly. We discuss the new contact tracing feature in iOS, how to free up storage on an iOS device, and give some tips on shooting video on an iPhone.You’re saying it wrong: How to say oft-mispronounced tech termsJailbreak Tool ‘unc0ver’ 5.0 Release
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Tips for using your Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 136

We look at some practical tips for getting more out of your Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch. We take a close look at System Preferences, discuss using the iPad as a second screen for your Mac; and a handful of tips for making the Apple Watch more efficient. Also, Josh and Kirk disagree about Microsoft’s choice to flag two spaces after a period in Word as a
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It’s World Password Day; Why do we still use passwords? – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 134

Passwords are easy to implement, but keeping them secure is not that simple. On World Password Day, Josh and Kirk discuss how passwords might be replaced by other means of authentication. And they discuss the UK’s covid-19 contact tracing app which raises privacy concerns, a Facebook bug that caused lots of apps to fail, why you should always check th
Publish At:2020-05-18 13:21 | Read:205 | Comments:0 | Tags:Intego Mac Security Podcast

iCloud, Thunderbolt, WWDC, and North Korean Malware – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 135

The date for this year’s WWDC has been set (June 22). Many users don’t know that the government can access some of your iCloud data (with a warrant). We look at a new Thunderbolt vulnerability that affects Macs made since 2011 (but you don’t need to worry). And we discuss contact tracing apps and new North Korean malware. If you like what
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Zero Day, Compromised Ad Servers, and the New iPad Magic Keyboard – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 132

Every day is zero day in the security world. Researchers have found some serious vulnerabilities in iOS that affect the Mail app, and a fix is coming. Compromised ad servers allow cybercriminals to serve malware on respected websites. And we discuss the new Magic Keyboard for iPad, which turns the iPad into a new computing device. If you like what you hear,
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Don’t Share Your Apple ID (so a Friend Can Watch Apple TV+) , Intego Mac Podcast Episode 133

Getting a text message on an iOS device can crash your iPhone or iPad; but it can’t do any more harm than that. Apple has released a beta version of iOS with its coronavirus notification API, but Americans don’t trust tech companies. And we talk about Apple TV+, and how you should never share your Apple ID so friends can watch shows with your ac
Publish At:2020-05-03 06:35 | Read:341 | Comments:0 | Tags:Intego Mac Security Podcast


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