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Announcing Intego Antivirus for Windows

Intego has always been a brand that’s closely associated with the Mac.We launched our first antivirus product for Macintosh in 1997; back then it was called Rival, rather than VirusBarrier, and the operating system of the day was Mac OS 8.At Intego, we love Apple products, and we enjoy the opportunity to make them even better by developing the best too
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Intego interviewed about home-centric shift in cybersecurity

SafetyDetectives recently published an interview about Intego, in which I was asked about how the world of cybersecurity has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.In the interview, I talked about:how organizations have had to change their approach to cybersecurityhow end-users are rethinking security and privacy in light of the pandemicwhat Intego is
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How Kids’ Screen Time Interferes with Daily Activities [Infographic]

Mobile devices can be used almost anywhere and everywhere. And with the Internet more accessible than ever, kids are now bombarded with ways in which to avoid the real world and sink into the online realm — a challenge for parents that is multiplied exponentially as mobile devices are always-connected.In many cases, as many parents are well aware, kids' scre
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Intego Software Updated for OS X El Capitan Compatibility

Thanks to nearly 18 years of experience and dedication to protecting Apple products, Intego has had amazing success in the consumer Mac anti-virus market. Intego products are the optimum solutions for protecting, cleaning, and organizing Macs, because we build our software from the ground up for OS X. Today we're keeping our promise to our customers with all
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Family Protector Is iOS 9 Compatible

Apple has released iOS 9, hurray! This also means your iOS apps will need compatibility updates themselves to run smoothly. Intego is happy to announce that Family Protector, our iOS parental controls app, is already iOS 9 compatible.The following Family Protector apps are fully compatible with iOS 9:Family Protector 1.0.3 (admin app)Rook 1.0.7 and 1.1KidSet
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Intego Updates Flextivity, Improves Security and Productivity for SMBs

Intego has updated Flextivity to version 1.5 with improvements to device management and network security for businesses. This update offers several new features, including bulk approval of devices for greater efficiency, and improves application firewall rules for better control over network security.According to the National Small Business Association, 40 p
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Back to School Promo: Save 50% on Intego Software

It seems like summer just started, but parents and students are already preparing for back to school — and you know what that means: Time to organize and fortify your Macs!Whether you're going back to school or to work, it's a good time to make sure your Macs are protected from the dangers of the Internet. This means getting protected from viruses, malware a
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Intego Enhances Its VirusBarrier X8 Mac Antivirus Software

Intego knows Mac users have unique security needs, and for over 18 years we've had amazing success in the business and consumer Mac antivirus market, making the Internet a safer place. Our award-winning X8 products have done an excellent job protecting our customers and keeping Macs free of malware and other nasty threats, but like all technology, things can
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Getting Started with Family Protector

When you install Family Protector for the first time, you will be asked to create an account using the Family Protector Web Admin. After you create an account, we will send you an email with your user name and a link you need to click to confirm your new account.If you don't have a Family Protector account yet, you can create one here: https://fp.intego.com/
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Introducing Rook, Intego’s Kid Safe Browser

When you install Family Protector, you will notice a new app installed along with it, called Rook.Rook is Intego's kid safe web browser and is only available with Family Protector. Once you install Family Protector on your kid's device, the Rook web browser will automatically install along with it, and allows you to monitor the web browsing activities of you
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Use KidSet with Family Protector to Avoid Child Meltdowns

Every parent can relate — you’re at a grocery store with your kid and, of course, they start to get bored. They want their iPhone to help pass time, but something's wrong. A storm is brewing. They left their iPhone at home. So, what does your kid do? Starts to throw a fit, because they want — no, they need — to play their favorite game! They want LeapFrog an
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Block In-App Purchases on iPhone and iPad with Family Protector

You've heard the horror stories about parents whose children rack up thousands in bills due to inadvertent in-app purchases. But not you, not today. You refuse to be a victim.Parents of children among all age ranges are not alone in the never-ending quest to maintain control of their family's iOS mobile devices. Many parents have had "the talk" with their ki
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Restrict iOS Mobile Device Use with Family Protector’s Time Out Action

Here's some parenting wisdom making the rounds: If you ever want to call a family meeting, just turn off the Wi-Fi router and wait in the room in which it's located.Mobile device usage is a privilege. If your children are behaving badly or if it becomes a struggle to get your children to put down their phones, Family Protector gives you control to put their
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Enjoy Device-Free Dinnertime with Family Protector’s Meal Time Action

Have you ever wondered if mobile devices cause temporary deafness in children?You spend the day cooking a fancy dinner while your kids are off in their own worlds, staring into the depths of a high-resolution Retina display on their iPhones or iPads. "Come to dinner!" you holler, and your voice trails off, falling on deaf ears. And in that moment, in a flash
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Get Your Kids to Call Back with Family Protector’s Call Me Action

Tired of your children ignoring your calls? Sometimes kids need a little more than a missed call or text to call you back.Family Protector includes a Call Me action that allows you to freeze your children's devices remotely, and then unlock once they call back.Call Me sends a message with your number to your child and locks the device. This action turns off
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