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Facebook Messenger may ban mass-forwarding of messages

byLisa VaasFacebook Messenger may ban mass-forwarding of messages in an effort to lasso the runaway forwarding of COVID-19 fake news and rumors, it confirmed on Sunday.Facebook has done this before when its other messaging services have gone berserk with forwarding hysterical misinformation – misinformation that led to people getting lynched in the fak
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European Commission has chosen the Signal app to secure its communications

The popular cross-platform encrypted messaging service Signal has been chosen by the European Commission for its communications. The European Commission has decided to adopt for its staff the popular cross-platform encrypted messaging service Signal for its communications. The news was first reported earlier this month by the Politico website, a messa
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How IT can limit the risk of popular messaging apps

In the fight against shadow IT, CIOs have faced for more significant challenges than modern consumer messaging apps. And the popularity of apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Google Hangouts has, in many cases, led to a more open IT approach to consumer communication tools in enterprise. When IT leaders let employees use their
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Telegram massive hack in Iran, what is happened?

Hackers accessed Telegram accounts in Iran, a security duo investigated the security breach and will present its findings at the Black Hat Conference. 15 million Iranian Telegram accounts have been compromised, users have reportedly had their personal information exposed (phone number, Telegram ID). The security researchers Collin Anderson and Claudio Guarni
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WhatsApp doesn’t properly physically erase user’s deleted messages

WhatsApp doesn’t properly erase your deleted messages, researcher reveals Are you using WhatsApp? There is an interesting news for you, the popular instant messaging app doesn’t properly erase the user’s deleted messages. The issue was reported by the popular iOS security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski who is warning about the risks for the users&
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John McAfee and his crew claim to have hacked a WhatsApp Message, But …

The popular security expert John McAfee and a team of four hackers demonstrated that is is possible to read WhatsApp message. The cybersecurity expert John McAfee and four hackers demonstrated that is is possible to read a WhatsApp message even if it is encrypted. The hacker crew used their servers located in a remote section in the mountains of Colorado McA
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Popular messaging apps present real enterprise threat

Today's mobile device owners commonly use messaging apps to send selfies, command bots to order takeout and collaborate with their coworkers — sometimes simultaneously, and oftentimes via the same app. Nothing in particular precludes messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook's Messenger, Skype or Telegram from being used for work, play and everything in
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Viber follows WhatsApp in adding end-to-end encryption to its messaging service

Viber, a popular instant messaging and Voice-over-IP service provider with more than 700 million users, has implemented end-to-end encryption to protect its customers' communications against snooping.The move comes after Facebook-owned WhatsApp turned on full end-to-end encryption earlier this month, bringing secure and private instant messaging into the
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Tor Messenger is arrived, the secure Tor instant messaging

Today the TorProject has released a new beta version of Tor Messenger, based on Instantbird, an instant messaging client developed in the Mozilla community. It’s official, the Tor Project has launched the first beta version of Tor Messenger, an open source and Encrypted instant messaging client that relies on Tor netwo
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OTR.to — Secure 'Off-the-Record' p2p Encrypted Messaging Service

In this post-Snowden era of mass surveillance, being out-of-reach from the spying eyes really doesn't mean they can not get you. So, if you are concerned about your data privacy and are actually searching for a peer-to-peer encrypted messaging service, then it’s time to get one."Otr.to" — an open-source peer-to-peer browser-based messaging appl
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Whatsapp brings strong end-to-end crypto to the masses

In a coup for privacy advocates, strong end-to-end encryption is coming to Whatsapp, a cross-platform instant messaging app with more than 500 million installations on the Android platform alone.Until now, most popular messaging apps for smartphones have offered woefully inadequate protections against eavesdropping. Whatsapp, which Facebook recently acquir
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TextSecure Private Messenger Vulnerable to Unknown Key-Share Attack

Do you use TextSecure Private Messenger for your private conversations? If yes, then Are you sure you are actually using a Secure messaging app?TextSecure, an Android app developed by Open WhisperSystems, is completely open-source and claims to support end-to-end encryption of text messages. The app is free and designed by keeping privacy in mind.
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BitTorrent Unveiled New Decentralized "Bleep" Instant Messenger

Pretty good news for privacy-oriented people! BitTorrent unwraps its new instant messaging program that doesn’t store your metadata and helps you with encrypted communication to keep your online conversations private, whether its voice or text communications.BitTorrent named its Online chat service as "Bleep", a decentralised peer-to-peer voice and tex
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