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Yandex security team caught admin selling access to users’ inboxes

Russian internet and search company Yandex discloses a data breach, a system administrator was selling access to thousands of user mailboxes. Russian search engine and internet provider Yandex discloses a data breach, the company revealed that one of its system administrators was caught selling access to 4,887 user email accounts. The security incident
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Mercy Health Fired Employee Responsible for Insider Breach

Mercy Health revealed that it had fired an employee who was responsible for an insider breach involving its systems.On December 4, Mercy Health posted a notice informing its patients of a medical records incident that had occurred earlier in the year.The bulletin explained that Mercy Health, the fifth largest Catholic health care system in the United States,
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Amazon Discloses Security Incident Involving Customers’ Email Addresses

Amazon informed some of its customers about a security incident that involved the unauthorized disclosure of their email addresses.News of the security incident emerged over the weekend of October 23 when multiple users took to Twitter to voice their confusion over an email they had received from Amazon.In an email notification obtained by Bleeping Computer,
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Former Cisco employee pleads guilty to hacking, damaging company systems

A former Cisco employee has pleaded guilty to hacking charges and intentionally causing damage to the systems of his company. The former Cisco employee Sudhish Kasaba Ramesh (30) pleaded guilty in federal court in San Jose today to intentionally accessing a protected computer of his company without authorization and causing damage. The news was announc
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Former Bupa employee offered 1 million customer records for sale on dark web

Former Employee of the Healthcare giant Bupa offered for sale records of 1 Million clients on Dark Web. A former employee of healthcare giant Bupa was selling between 500,000 and 1 million medical records on the dark web. The former employee whose identity remains undisclosed had sold several batches of hundreds of thousands of medical records managed by Bup
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Company fired an employee, he shut down water utility providers’ networks in 5 cities

A former employee was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for damaging the IT networks of several water utility providers across the US East Coast. Adam Flanagan (42) of Bala Cynwyd, PA was sentenced to one year and one day in prison by a Pennsylvania court for damaging the IT networks of several water utility providers across the US East Coast. The
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Stop the Most Advanced Adversaries

Imagine that you are operating on an old XP, Win98 or Windows Server 2003 system. The system is out-of-support and vulnerable to a raft of possible exploits.However, it would be too disruptive to operations to update these systems since they’re running critical applications and processes. And even if you do upgrade to the latest versions, the list of new exp
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Weaponizing of the insider in the Dark Web, a dangerous phenomenon

A study revealed how hackers in the dark web are arming insiders with the tools and knowledge necessary to help steal corporate secrets. The dark web is the right place where to buy and sell corporate secrets, experts at the risk management firm RedOwl and Israeli threat intelligence firm IntSights made an interesting research titled “Monetizing the In
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Expedia Hacked By Its Own Employee, a case study

The Expedia employee, John Ly, is accused of hacking into executives computers to access corporate confidential information. Its no secret, cyber criminals are constantly looking towards greener pastures – money green that is. The most sought pastures…. insider trading and market manipulation. It’s a perfect storm scenario with almost everyone losing but the
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The accountancy software firm Sage suffered a data breach

The accountancy software firm Sage has suffered a security breach, the law enforcement are investigating the case that appears to be an insider attack. The UK software company Sage is the last victim of a major data breach that might have compromised personal information for employees at 280 UK businesses. On August 11th, 2016 Sage UK Payroll services starte
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Crooks are offering Apple employees up to $23,000 for their login credentials

According to former Apple employees interviewed by the Business Insider, cyber criminals are offering Apple staffers in Ireland up to $23,000 for their login details. Insiders are one of the greatest security problems for any organizations, working from the inside they can operate under the radar for a log time stealing information and sabotaging processes a
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“Onion-Layered” Incidents Among Top Cybercrime Trends Observed by IBM

Security researchers with IBM have named “onion-layered” security incidents one of the top cybercrime trends they are observing in Q4 2015.In their report IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly, 4Q 2015, the researchers explain that an onion-layered security incident involves a second, more damaging and sophisticated attack that follows an ini
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The Malicious Insider

 Financial gain or fraud was the primary driver of the 11,698 instances of insider privilege abuse – defined as any unapproved or malicious use of organization resources – in last year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.Source: 2014 VDBIRA malicious insider can be detected in a number of ways, and there are both non-technical and technica
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Morgan Stanley — latest victim of the nightmare scenario

Morgan Stanley — latest victim of the nightmare scenario Morgan StanleyThe nightmare scenario is so scary and so difficult to contain that it is best ignored. That nightmare is the rogue insider who knows your network and already has authorized access. You cannot function without
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Cost of cybercrime continues to increase for US companies

The Ponemon Institute as published its fifth report on the cost of cybercrime which provides interesting data on impact on the US companies. Which is the cost of cybercrime suffered by US companies? The fifth annual report published by the Ponemon Institute and titled “2014 Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime”
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