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Who's Watching You Sleep?

 Thanks to George Orwell’s classic book 1984, I graduated High School thinking I would eventually live in a world monitored and suppressed by world governments.  In the wake of the PRISM scandal in 2013 I started to get the feeling that Orwell’s dystopian novel was looking like an ill-timed prophesy.  In light of comedian Pete Holm
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Is your webcam or baby monitor video feed being streamed to this website?

In 2013, a cyber creep took over a baby monitor to spy on a 2-year-old Texas girl, to broadcast obscenities at the child, to swivel the camera so as to watch her shocked parents as they came in, and to then call the parents insulting names.Her father was shocked. Both the router and the IP camera were password-protected, he said, and the firewall was enabled
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