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Security Startups: Overhyped or Golden Opportunity?

With the issue of security remaining a top priority, company executives have some important decisions to make over how to protect their businesses. As they look to improve upon their security, organizations have plenty of options before them in terms of which security company they want to hire.They can either go with a tried-and-true large company, or take t
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Gameover Zeus Registration Deep Dive

The Data As described in previous bloggings by our very own Dhia, the Gameover Zeus malware has had two known variants, commonly referred to as oldGOZ and newGOZ. Both versions use an algorithm seeded on time to dynamically generate domains to contact for instructions. In this post, we dig deeper into newGOZ’s domain registration history and query volumes to
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The Hacker’s Manifesto Revisited

Another one got caught today, it’s all over the papers. “Teenager Arrested in Computer Crime Scandal”, “Hacker Arrested after Bank Tampering”… Damn kids. They’re all alike. You may have recognized the opening lines of this now legendary text. The Hacker’s Manifesto, first published in Phrack #7 in 1986, was wri
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OpenGraphiti: The open source data visualization engine for busy hackers

Here at OpenDNS we have been working on a next-generation data visualization tool. We have been using this tool extensively to provide new insights into, and unique perspectives of, our intelligence database. The project has now reached a certain level of maturity and we are extremely proud to announce OpenGraphiti! So, what is it ? OpenGraphiti is a new da
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