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SANS Maturity Model Webinar Describes How to Grow Your Security Strategy

Setting your security strategy is a challenging task that comes with lot of opinions (and vendors!). SANS provides a rationale for growing protection that is logically calibrated to growth and expanding needs. Register for this webinar and even if you can’t make it, we’ll send you the recording (and a whitepaper). With so many security solution
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Virtualization-Based Security is Helping Security Professionals Relax

Virtualization’s continued journey across the enterprise led inevitably to security Enhanced security benefits using virtualization are powerful and compelling Virtualization takes the security responsibility off users and delivers control to IT Detection-based security doesn’t work. It’s an exhausted concept. The battle’s been waged for 30 years and the c
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Breachless Threat Intelligence: A Pain-Free Approach to CyberSecurity

Enterprises need a steady stream of actionable, timely, and accurate threat intelligence on targeted malicious intrusions and attempts into their networks They need this information without suffering breaches and cannot rely solely on post-compromise forensics or sandbox simulations to continuously tighten and adapt their defenses Pre-breach targeted intell
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Disposable Computing is the Essence of Bromium’s Micro-Virtualization

We live in a disposable society, from our ever-present convenience foods in throw-away packaging to online speed-dating tailor-made for today’s low attention-span, instant gratification, swipe-left culture. Why be stuck with the same cruddy old PC filled up with accumulated digital gunk day after day, when you can have a squeaky-clean brand new computer eac
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Disposable Computing is the Answer to Cyber Security for Business

Disposability has become a regular thing in our lives; but you may have taken for granted the value it brings. Cost, convenience and risk are the cornerstones of successful disposability. Disposable computing offers a solution to cyber security and provides you with valuable threat information. This is the first in our two-part series on disposable computi
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Why Bromium Is Not Just Protection, But Also An Enhanced Predictive Analytics Solution

Zero-day attacks exploit vulnerabilities or security holes in software. In the event of a malicious attack on any microVM, malware payloads cannot infiltrate the enterprise network. LAVA provides highly specific details about every malicious breach, identifying external IP addresses, memory exploits, a list of affected files, and covert attempts to connect
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New Approaches to Cybersecurity Drive IT Innovation

A surprising thing happened when organizations around the world got serious about protecting themselves, their data and their customers from sophisticated cyberthreats: They developed new, dynamic approaches to cybersecurity that fueled IT innovation and extended beyond the security realm to make enterprises more effective and competitive. On second thought,
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Why cybersecurity spending will drive business digitization

The days of CEOs regarding data protection technologies and staff as a budget drain and operating tax that stifles innovation are over. Galvanized by high-profile breaches, companies are shelling out more money to shore up corporate defenses. CEOs also recognize that security is table stakes for building digital products and are entrusting their CISOs wi
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Former CSO of AT&T, Dr. Edward Amoroso, talks mobile attackers and how enterprise security teams should innovate

Dr. Amoroso is a former SVP and CSO of AT&T. He is currently on the board of M&T Bank and the CEO of TAG Cyber, which has just released the 2017 TAG Cyber Security Annual, a comprehensive reference guide for cyber security professionals. Lookout: What made you start a project like the 2017 TAG Cyber Security Annual? Dr. Amoroso: A challenging conu
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IDG Contributor Network: MIT hosts the W3C blockchain interoperability workshop

The W3C is presenting the workshop W3C Blockchains and the Web, hosted by the MIT Media Lab.Exploring identity, value exchange, asset recording, consortium frameworks, and reputations systems all fall within the mystic of the blockchain. Blockchain platforms could offer distributed micro-services that can be applied to the web, enabling personali
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Zimperium Named ‘Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company’ by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

While our team is proud of every accolade we’ve received, it is especially humbling to be honored by a group of our cybersecurity professional peers. That is why we’re thrilled to announce that Zimperium was voted Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company in the 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. The awards program is produced in cooperation with the Informat
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Lookout’s new Apple Watch app is your alarm when your iPhone leaves your side

Today we’re releasing a new app for the Apple Watch that gives wearers a real-time look at how far away they are from their iPhone. The app showcases something we call a “distance visualization bar” that effectively plays the “You’re getting warmer, you’re getting colder!” game with you and your iPhone. Before you move out of connection-range from your iPho
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Crypto in the box, stone age edition

IntroductionFirst of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2016 will be a fantastic and healthy year, filled with fun, joy, energy, and lots of pleasant surprises.I remember when all of my data would fit on a single floppy disk. 10 times. The first laptops looked like (and felt like) mainframes on wheels and the ent
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Key Innovators Honored by the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame

On Oct. 29, five leading cybersecurity innovators will be recognized for their contributions to the field with an induction into the Cybersecurity Hall of Fame. Steven B. Lipner, Susan Landau, Jerry Saltzer, Cynthia E. Irvine and Ron Ross will be honored for security technology and awareness service extending across decades. At first glance, the very idea of
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Congress probes Internet of Things privacy, security

With billions of new sensor-enabled devices coming online each year, lawmakers and regulators have been considering a host of security and privacy questions arising from the so-called Internet of Things (IoT).But at a House hearing this week, leading industry representatives urged restraint, cautioning members of Congress against imposing heavy-handed mandat
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