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Types of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is vastly growing in the world of tech today. Criminals of the World Wide Web exploit internet users’ personal information for their own gain. They dive deep into the dark web to buy and sell illegal products and services. They even gain access to classified government information. Cybercrimes are at an all time high, costing companies and indiv
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1/3 of Americans Suffer from Digital Amnesia (Survey)

Are digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers diminishing our memory? We asked Americans which important phone numbers they can remember and the results were alarming—it’s not a lot. Perhaps the most frightening finding from our survey is that over 82 percent of parents wouldn’t be able to remember their children’s phone number if they had to.
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43 COVID-19 Cybersecurity Statistics

In January 2020, the Coronavirus outbreak started to garner international headlines. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic. That week, life around the world changed. Bustling streets became empty, hospital beds overflowed, and businesses were faced with the impossible decision of whether or not to close their
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Should I Turn My Computer Off at Night? [Flowchart]

As a benchmark, turn new computers off once daily and leave older devices turned on. Although it’s widely accepted that all computers and laptops should be turned off every night, there are some caveats that point to a daily shutdown not being necessary. Even still, when surveying 1,000 Americans about how often they power down their work computer, 37% respo
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10 Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Most of us have been introduced to a remote lifestyle by this point. Meetings, classes, and workouts are now being hosted virtually. Fortunately, that means greater access for more people and scheduling flexibility. Unfortunately, it also means screen time is at an all-time high. The average adult gets 63.5 notifications per day, many of which are viewed wit
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