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The InfoSecond, Week of Jan. 25: Cybercrime Predictions, Health Apps in Trouble & More!

New week, new… news. In our latest InfoSecond edition, we’re revealing the test results of a health care apps study (spoiler: it’s not good), looking at cybercrime predictions for 2016, identifying Android Trojan malware that’s targeting banking apps, “mourning” the end of life of several Internet Explorer versions, and pr
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The InfoSecond, Week of Jan. 18: Hot Hacking Targets, Rovnix and More

Aaaaaaand we’re back, folks. Now that everyone’s had time to settle back into the swing of things and start off the year, we’ve got a brand new edition of the InfoSecond just for you. In this week’s entry, we’re examing hot hacking targets of 2016, exploring a new malware threat targeting the financial sector, delving into how t
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The InfoSecond, Dec. 14–18: Retail Cyberthreats, 2016 Predictions and More!

The year may be nearing its end, but the cybersecurity news doesn’t stop. In this final InfoSecond of 2015 we look into the security vulnerabilities of connected toys, reveal the top cyberthreat for the retail industry, explore the rise of POS malware and loyalty card fraud and, finally, set our sights for 2016 with predictions for the top hacker targe
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The InfoSecond, Dec. 7–11: Crazy Hacks of 2015, Charity Fraud and More!

In this week’s brand new InfoSecond we’re tackling the curious case of charity fraud and how criminals target their victims in the holiday season, sneaking a peek at the all-new infographic on data breaches in the health care industry, looking back at eight of the craziest hacks of the past year, and nerding out over the recent collaborative effo
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The InfoSecond, Nov. 30–Dec. 4: Online Holiday Shopping, Cybercrime Trends and a Kitten?

Everyone full from giving thanks and gorging on copious amounts of food over the Thanksgiving break? Excellent. In this episode of the InfoSecond, we’ve got stories about online holiday shopping and the necessary enterprise security behind it, the topfour cybercrime trends in 2015, steps for ensuring safe employee usage of cloud apps, and a kitten? It&
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The InfoSecond, Nov. 16–20: Hacking Contests and Millennials, 2015 Security Lessons and More!

A new week means a brand new InfoSecond! Get top insights and lessons learned from expert security researchers during 2015, discover how ethical hacking competitions can attract millennials to cybersecurity, learn what features should be included in travel security programs for the enterprise, and find out which day of the week malware distribution peaks – a
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The InfoSecond, Nov. 9–13: Social Engineering, Hacking Medical Devices and More!

We’re back after a short hiatus, and we’re as ready as ever to deliver the top cybersecurity stories of the week. That’s right – it’s time for an all-new InfoSecond! This week’s edition centers on the importance of remaining security-focused in the customer loyalty program industry, how cybercriminals are evolving their social e
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The InfoSecond, Oct. 26–30: Identity Theft, Hacking Cars and More!

We’ve got a brand new edition of the InfoSecond, and it’s full of the cyber security stories you need to know to take on the week ahead! Our entry this week focuses on how organizations can improve their employees’ security awareness, what companies can do to protect themselves and their employees from online fraud, what connected cars owne
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The InfoSecond, Oct. 19–23: Bitcoin, Polymorphic Malware and More!

Ready to get the week started with some of the top news about the InfoSec industry? This week’s edition of the InfoSecond features four stories: how banks have begun to invest in and experiment with Bitcoin and blockchain technology; the utilization of a polymorphic approach for security purposes; what you need to know about the new EMV chip-powered cr
Publish At:2015-10-27 09:15 | Read:3797 | Comments:0 | Tags:Banking & Financial Services Malware Banking Bitcoin Blockch

The InfoSecond, Oct. 12–16: Disaster Fraud, Attack Scenarios and More!

Disasters, SOCs, Attacks, and Dyre straits… it’s time for an all-new InfoSecond! In our latest entry, we touch on criminals capitalizing on disasters – and who they’re targeting, the three questions you should ask before setting up a Security Operations Center (SOC), connecting the data on attack scenarios using the latest findings, and how
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The InfoSecond, Sept. 29–Oct. 2: Shifu, Hammertoss and More!

The web is dark and full of secrets. Like Shifu. And Hammertoss. Welcome to another edition of the InfoSecond! In this week’s entry, we’re tracking the spread of the Shifu Trojan to the United Kingdom, alerting you to the dangers of the clever Hammertoss malware, highlighting lessons that cybersecurity professionals can take from the dark web, an
Publish At:2015-10-04 14:05 | Read:2866 | Comments:0 | Tags:Malware Dark Web Hammertoss IBM Security Guardium InfoSecond

The InfoSecond, Sept. 21–25: Connected Cars, Cloud Enforcer and More!

New Season, New Format Don’t adjust your video player: the format of The InfoSecond has in fact been altered, albeit slightly. While the goal of highlighting key security stories remains, we’ve added a focus on brevity in an effort to deliver you the top infosec and cybersecurity stories even faster! On the docket this week, we’ve got stori
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The InfoSecond, Sept. 14–18: Malvertising, Millennials and More!

Ready to catch up on the latest infosec news for this week? You’ve come to the right place! We’re covering a lot this week, including millennials and cybersecurity, new tactics for malvertising, an update on the evolution of CoreBot, a new (and slightly different) approach to user education, and Apple’s decision to move from 4-digit passcod
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The InfoSecond, Sept. 7–11: A World without Breaches, Deception and More!

What better way to start the week than with a rundown on the biggest information security stories impacting your business and you? My thoughts exactly. In this week’s entry, we’re exploring a world without breaches, taking notice of a rise in malicious email attacks, examining how security policies may create more harm than good, looking at decep
Publish At:2015-09-13 04:50 | Read:3813 | Comments:0 | Tags:Data Protection Security Intelligence & Analytics Ashley Mad

The InfoSecond, Aug. 31–Sept. 4: Shifu, CoreBot, Protecting Universities and More!

Get caught up with the latest information security news in our latest edition of The InfoSecond. This week’s entry features stories on a new banking Trojan discovered in Japan, addressing the myths of obvious malware, how security is protecting students and universities from constant attacks, the discovery of new information-stealing malware, and why o
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