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3 Zones that Require Network Security for Industrial Remote Access

By now, we have a good understanding of what secure remote access (SRA) is and why organizations might choose to enable it for their OT environments. We also know that securing IT-OT collaboration, leveraging guidance from best practice frameworks and using an automated solution can help organizations to implement this type of access. Even so, we still don’t
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New ‘MontysThree’ Toolset Used in Targeted Industrial Espionage Attacks

Researchers uncovered a new toolset they’ve dubbed “MontysThree” that has played a role in targeted industrial espionage attacks stretching back to 2018.In the summer of 2020, Kaspersky Lab discovered that an unknown actor had been using a modular C++ toolset called “MT3” to conduct targeted industrial espionage campaigns for ye
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Why Asset Visibility Is Essential to the Security of Your Industrial Environment

Threats against industrial environments are on the rise. Near the beginning of 2019, for example, Kaspersky Lab revealed that 47% of industrial control system (ICS) computers on which its software was installed suffered a malware infection in the past year. That was three percent higher than the previous year.These digital threats confronting ICS systems com
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Survey: 93% of ICS Pros Fear Digital Attacks Will Affect Operations

Digital attackers are increasingly targeting industrial environments these days. Take manufacturing organizations, for instance. Back in late-August, FortiGuard Labs discovered a malspam campaign that had targeted a large U.S. manufacturing company with a variant of the LokiBot infostealer family. It wasn’t long thereafter when Bloomberg reported on the effo
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Staying Ahead of the Workplace IoT Security Curve

While the tech world is abuzz with talk of intelligent ovens, soil-sensing herb pots, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are supposed to revolutionize our homes, another IoT revolution is underway in the workplace. Companies are turning to connected devices to improve day-to-day business functions, and just like us, they have little choice but t
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Passively Pilfering Pages: How Beepers Threaten ICS Security

In today’s interconnected world, malicious actors take no issue in targeting industrial control systems (ICS). Just look at what’s happened in the past two years alone.Actors have sent spear-phishing emails to a number of industrial organizations in the Middle East; gained unauthorized access to a dam in upstate New York; leveraged BlackEnergy ma
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Espionage Campaign Targeting Industrial Organizations Worldwide, Warn Researchers

Security researchers are warning of an espionage campaign, dubbed “Operation Ghoul,” heavily targeting organizations in the industrial, engineering and manufacturing sectors, since March 2015.In a blog post, Kaspersky Lab researchers said they had more recently observed new waves of attacks during June 2016. High activity was specifically seen in the Middle
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The Industrial Internet of Things: Fueling a New Industrial Revolution

A transformative event is occurring where countless industrial devices, both old and new, are beginning to use Internet Protocol communication technologies.We refer to these collections of IP-enabled industrial devices and associated networks as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The Industrial IoT is at the very core of disruptive visions, such as In
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How Can We Keep Industrial Internet Systems Secure?

The Industrial Internet is on the verge to becoming the largest disruption to the global economy since the Internet revolution in the 1990s. According to GE, it will have a $32.2 trillion impact, representing 46 percent of today’s GDP.As the Industrial Internet continues to grow and have an impact on the way we work and live, it is imperative that industry p
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