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Is Fileless Malware Really Fileless?

Over the past few weeks I have been seeing quite a few news articles around fileless malware infecting companies around the world. The article from Ars Technica specifically states that the goal of fileless malware is to reside in memory in order to remain nearly invisible. Besides residing in memory, the second aspect of fileless malware is the usage of wid
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LOKI – Indicators Of Compromise Scanner

Loki is a Indicators Of Compromise Scanner, based on 4 main methods (additional checks are available) and will present a report showing GREEN, YELLOW or RED result lines.The compiled scanner may be detected by antivirus engines. This is caused by the fact that the scanner is a compiled python script that implement some file system and process scanning featur
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Can Nature Provide Solutions to Our Cybersecurity Problems?

They lurk in the dark alleys of the Internet; they keep you awake at night; they are relentless and quite successful. They are the agents of cyber crime, cyber espionage, hacktivism and cyber terrorism.They find and share zero-day vulnerabilities; they patiently research your organizations and your employees; they gather and share information; they infiltrat
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What Is The Best Way for a Company to Consume Threat Intelligence?

In the past few years, it has become abundantly clear that enterprises leveraging threat intelligence have a distinct advantage in protecting their critical infrastructure. With CSOs and security teams overwhelmed by massive amounts of threat data, organizations are doing everything they can to collect, analyze and evaluate as much data as they can, not just
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TeslaCrypt 2.0: Cyber Crime Malware Behavior, Capabilities and Communications

Monitoring TeslaCrypt… As part of our normal course of operations as a cyber threat intelligence provider, we monitor the cyber crime underground and provide analysis to our clients on new and emerging threats. As you can imagine, we naturally run into large quantities of malware on a daily basis. From time to time, we release findings to the public in
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Concealed Threats: Preventing a Breach Using Indicators of Compromise

As the recent breaches at the Office of Personnel Management, the Internal Revenue Service, and more recently, the anti-virus firm BitDefender illustrate, attackers are more than ever focused on gaining unauthorized access to organizations in an attempt to steal sensitive corporate and customer information.One tactic that malicious actors commonly employ is
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Back Doors: Are You Prepared?

“Honey… Did you make sure you locked the basement door and activated the security system? I can’t wait to get to the Big Rock Campground, the kids are going to love the waterslide…”Sound familiar? The majority of new homes today have some sort of physical security system protecting the property while the family is away, but are
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Moving from Indicators of Compromise to Actionable Content – Fast

Advanced threats are continuously evolving and so must our ability to detect, understand, and stop them. Indicators of Compromise are vital to this process. At Cisco, our approach to developing Indicators of Compromise and interpreting them is continuously evolving to empower you with the best intelligence to thwart stealthy attacks.Not only the Indicators t
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How AMP Threat Grid Accelerates Incident Response with Artifacts, Content, and Correlation

As a result of Cisco’s acquisition last May, ThreatGRID is now part of the Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) portfolio as AMP Threat Grid. The acquisition expands Cisco AMP capabilities in the areas of dynamic analysis and threat intelligence technology, both on-premise and in the cloud. AMP Threat Grid extends Cisco AMP with even greater visibility, c
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DHS Releases Destover Wiper Malware Indicators of Compromise

US-CERT released a not-so-cryptic advisory this weekend providing enterprises with indicators of compromise and detailed descriptions of the malware used against “a major entertainment company,” the Department of Homeland Security’s description of Sony Pictures Entertainment.DHS describes in great detail a worm capable of moving its way thr
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A Visibility-Driven Approach to Next-Generation Firewalls

Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services has redefined the next-generation firewall (NGFW) as an adaptive, threat-focused platform, delivering superior, multi-layered protection, unparalleled visibility, and reduced security costs and complexity.This innovative new solution addresses three strategic imperatives—being visibility-driven, threat focused, and platform-
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