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October Mumbai power outage may have been caused by a cyber attack

Authorities in India believe that a major power outage that occurred in October in Mumbai may have been caused by hackers. On October 13, a major power outage occurred in the metropolitan area of Mumbai causing the partial disruption of the traffic management systems and the paralysis of the rail traffic and also impacted work at the stock exchange. Th
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The Twitter account of Indian Prime Minister Modi was hacked

The Twitter account of the Indian Prime Minister Modi was hacked, attackers sent a series of tweets asking followers to donate cryptocurrency to a relief fund. The Twitter account for the personal website of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (@narendramodi_in) has been hacked. The hackers have sent a series of tweets asking the followers to donate c
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TikTok is being discouraged and the app may be banned

In recent news retail giant Amazon sent a memo to employees telling them to delete the popular social media app TikTok from their phones. In the memo it stated that the app would pose a security risk without going into details. Later the memo was withdrawn without an explanation except that it was sent in error. Are we curious yet, my dear Watson? What is
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A week in security (July 20 – 26)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, our Lock and Code podcast delved into Bluetooth and beacon technology. We also dug into APT groups targeting India and Hong Kong, covered a law enforcement bust, and tried to figure out when, exactly, a Deepfake is a Deepfake. Other cybersecurity news Insecure email addresses resulted in big-bucks sporting targets (Sourc
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Chinese APT group targets India and Hong Kong using new variant of MgBot malware

This blog post was authored by Hossein Jazi and Jérôme Segura On July 2, we found an archive file with an embedded document pretending to be from the government of India. This file used template injection to drop a malicious template which loaded a variant of Cobalt Strike. One day later, the same threat actor changed their template and dropped a load
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A flaw in India Digilocker could’ve been exploited to bypass authentication

Any Indian DigiLocker Account Could’ve Been Accessed Without Password The Indian Government fixed a flaw in the secure document wallet service Digilocker that could have potentially allowed anyone’s access without password. The Indian Government announced to have fixed a critical vulnerability in its secure document wallet service Digilock
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GDPR: An impact around the world

A little more than one month after the European Union enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to extend new data privacy rights to its people, the governor of California signed a separate, sweeping data protection law that borrowed several ideas from GDPR, sparking a torch in a legislative data privacy trend that has now spanned at least 10 cou
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Exclusive: Pakistan and India to armaments: Operation Transparent Tribe is back 4 years later

Exclusive: Pakistan and India to armaments. Researchers from Cybaze-Yoroi ZLab gathered intelligence on the return of Operation Transparent Tribe is back 4 years later Introduction The Operation Transparent Tribe was first spotted by Proofpoint Researchers in Feb 2016, in a series of espionages operations against Indian diplomats and mil
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Can You Guess the Cost of a Data Breach in the Asia-Pacific?

The Asia-Pacific is a region of unique contracts — rules, customs, cultures, languages, food and more. However, there is a common thread that glues the region together: On the whole, it is growing. Per capita income is rising, and so is consumerism. Markets are growing at a remarkable rate and show no signs of slowing. Organizations are embracing cloud, mobi
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In India, Personal Data of Millions Exposed by Gov’t Mistake

Around 1 billion citizens registered with a twelve-digit number and recorded in a database with their biometric and personal information. India has scanned the iris and fingerprint of its citizens as part of the Aadhaar initiative, the largest biometric project on the planet, for identification purposes upon accessing social security and other services. Sinc
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Information Security Practices of Aadhaar – 135 Million Indian government payment card details leaked

A CIS study estimated number of Aadhaar numbers leaked through 4 gov portals could be around 135 million and 100M bank account numbers. The Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric ID system, with over 1.123 billion enrolled members as of 28 February 2017. The role of the system is crucial for both authenticating and authorizing transactions and is a pillar
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The Changing Fintech Landscape in Asia-Pacific and Its Security Implications

The definition of fintech, or financial technology, has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to all the disruption it has brought. Any services, aside from mainstream banking and financial tools, that aim to improve personal or commercial finance through innovation, education, banking, investment, payment, advisory or blockchain can be classified as subsets of
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Indian Banking Customers, Beware! Hackers Have an Eye on Your Money

A couple months back, I received a phone call from a man claiming to represent my bank. He menacingly asked me to share my debit card details so he could stop my account from being blocked. I panicked for a few seconds, then asked him some probing questions. The caller hung up the phone. A call to my bank about the security of my account did not provide very
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Employee’s Provident Fund organisation, India website found INSECURE

Security firm’ Eioneus Systems’ claims to have found a serious security flaw in Universal Account Number(UAN) website (India). In a recent incident an information security firm’ Eioneus Systems’ claims to have found a serious security flaw in Universal Account Number(UAN) website (India) which could have led to the theft of millions of user’s data. Eioneus S
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Where Are We on Cybersecurity in India?

Cybersecurity is most certainly the hot topic of the year. A look at the open cybersecurity positions in India and around the world can help you understand the dearth of IT professionals worldwide. According to the Cybersecurity Ventures “Cybersecurity Jobs Report,” there were 1 million cybersecurity job openings in 2016. That number is expected
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