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Citrix Releases More Patches for Exploited Flaw, Tool to Detect Compromise

Citrix has released a new set of patches for the recently disclosed CVE-2019-19781 vulnerability and partnered with FireEye for a tool that tells users if their systems have been compromised via the security flaw.The vulnerability, disclosed in December 2019, impacts Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Gateway (previously known as NetScaler ADC
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Privacy Firm Finds Unsecured Cannabis Patient Information

An internet privacy firm says it was able to access private personal information of more than 30,000 medical marijuana patients, recreational pot customers or dispensary employees in several states.The privacy firm was searching for unsecured data online and says the database has now been secured.The privacy firm, vpnMentor, said in a report posted on its we
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Some Hackers Take the Ransom and Run: Researchers

Paying off hackers after a ransomware infection could end up being a total loss, according to a study released Thursday which finds some attackers just take the money and run.A survey by researchers at the security firm Proofpoint found that 33 percent of organizations infected with ransomware opted to pay the ransom.But some 22 percent of those who paid a r
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Mastercard Opens New Intelligence and Cyber Center in Vancouver, Canada

New Vancouver Space Becomes One of Six Global Technology Centres for MastercardMastercard on Thursday unveiled a new cyber center in Vancouver, Canada, located at the refurbished Old Stock Exchange Building, where Mastercard subsidiary NuData is also stationed. It becomes one of six global technology centers, and will develop cyber solutions for the global p
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Wednesday is Deadline for Claims in 2017 Equifax Data Breach

Wednesday is the deadline to seek cash payments and claim free services as part of Equifax's $700 million settlement over a massive data breach.The breach in 2017, affecting 147 million people, was one of the largest ever to threaten private information. The compromised data included Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver license numbers, cr
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FBI Plans to Notify States About Local Election Breaches

The FBI, in a change of policy, is committing to inform state officials if local election systems have been breached, federal officials said Thursday.In the past, the FBI would alert local governments about attacks on their electoral systems without automatically sharing that information with the state. That meant state officials, left in the dark, might be
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P&N Bank Data Breach Exposes Trove of User Data

P&N Bank has notifed customers of a data breach that resulted in a large amount of sensitive information being compromised. According to information shared on Twitter by Australian security researcher @vrNicknack, the incident took place on December 12, 2019, during a server upgrade on a third-party hosting provider. P&N has since confirmed
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Christmas Ransomware Attack Hit New York Airport Servers

An upstate New York airport and its computer management provider were attacked by ransomware over Christmas, officials said.Officials at the Albany County Airport Authority announced Thursday that the attack came to light after Schenectady-based LogicalNet reported its own management services network had been breached. From there, the virus spread to the aut
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Travelex Says Financially Unaffected by Hacking

Travelex, the British-based foreign currency company, will not suffer any financial impact from a cyber attack on New Year's Eve, its parent group said Wednesday.Travelex, which detected a software virus on December 31 that compromised some services, stopped the virus spreading, it said in a statement.Travelex had been forced to take its global websites offl
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Are Overlapping Security Tools Adversely Impacting Your Security Posture?

Pruning the Security Technology Tool SprawlIn mid-November 2019, Tanium and Forrester released a study suggesting that the employment of stand-alone or best of breed security solutions -- often one thing for IT and another thing for OT -- could lead to strained relations between the two, and reduced security posture overall.Their conclusion was that organiza
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Cyberattack Forces Currency Exchange Giant Travelex Offline

Foreign currency exchange Travelex has taken its UK website and services offline after malware was found on its systems on New Year’s Eve. Founded by Lloyd Dorfman, Travelex is headquartered in London and company provides international payments, currency exchange services, and prepaid credit cards for travelers. In a statement posted on Twitter tod
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Unprotected Database Leaks Data of Wyze Users

An unprotected database was found to have exposed the data of all Wyze users who created an account before December 26, 2019.Seattle, Washington-based Wyze Labs is the creator of affordable smart home products that aim to provide users with the same capabilities as more expensive systems. The company’s first product was WyzeCam, a remotely-controlled smart h
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Facebook Fined $1.65 Mn by Brazil

Brazil on Monday fined Facebook $1.65 million for improperly sharing users' data in a case linked to the global Cambridge Analytica scandal.Facebook engaged in an "abusive practice" by allowing data from 443,000 users in Brazil to be unduly available to developers of the application "This is Your Digital Life," according to the Ministry of Justice.That appli
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Feds: No Evidence Hackers Disrupted North Carolina Voting

A federal investigation didn’t turn up any evidence that cyber attacks were responsible for computer errors that disrupted voting in a North Carolina county in 2016, according to a report issued Monday.The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s report said it didn’t identify any malware or remote access to the Durham County Board of Elections systems that it
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Hackers Continue to Exploit Cisco ASA Vulnerability Patched Last Year

Cisco has warned customers that a vulnerability patched last year in its Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and Firepower Appliance products continues to be targeted by hackers.The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2018-0296, allows a remote, unauthenticated attacker to gain access to sensitive information through directory traversal techniques. It can also
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